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  1. Hi all, I have just called RBOS to get an update on my claim (£1862). After holing for 30 mins it turns out that they are offing me £1384 in a full and final settlement. If i dont accept this offer they say that i will have to take it to the small claims court. However they will not be sending out an offer letter to me for another 2 weeks which is the final insult really. I am unsere if I should take the money and run or if i should fight for the rest of the money! Suppose i have 2 weeks to think about it!. Anyway if anybody else wants to chase their claim up the number to ring is 0800 0155035. But prepare yourself to be on hold for a long time!
  2. Hi, This is my first post so i would be very grateful for any help or advice you guys can give me! I am currently in the process of trying to claim back £1852 in bank charges from the RBOS. I got my copy bank statements from them no problem and calculated the ammount i was owed. I sent my local branch a letter on 21st March to request they repaid me all of the charges, however I received no reply. So I wrote to them again on 4th April, enclosing a copy of my letter from 21st March, asking them again to refund all of my charges. I still didnt get a reply so I rang my branch last Friday and they advised me to ring a freephone number and somebody there would be able to help me. However, after holding for 25 minutes I was advised that RBOS had received my claim on 24th March but they were taking 8 weeks to process. So i wondering if anybody else has been fobbed off with this excuse from the RBOS as it appears to me that they are stalling for time and im unsure if i should leave it till the end of May for a reply from them or should I pressure them for an answer now?
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