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  1. Hi My court date for lifting of stay is next Thurs 29th, I too have had Wragge's witness statement regarding Mark Heynes v HSBC and A & L. So any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks kp
  2. Hi All Had a large package from Wragges today - their witness statement that they have filed with the court today (have hearing to lift stay on 29 Nov). They have just referred to all the points in my letter relating to my request for the lifting of the stay and sent me all the paperwork for Mark Heynes v HSBC and Mark Heynes v A & L at Winchester Court, looks like a nice lot of bedtime reading... Do I need to respond to this or just turn up at the Court? Has anyone else had this? Thanks kp:confused:
  3. Hi there Sorry to hear it didnt turn out how we all hoped today, like you say not long til January. We've waited this long. It doesn't sound as scary as I am imagining it to be though. Chin up kp:) ps I dont know what arradite means either..
  4. Hi there;) Just to say good luck as well for Monday, I'll be biting my nails for you. Lots of positive thinking, I'm sure you'll be fine. Take care and have a good weekend. kp x:)
  5. Hi there Chubs:) Hope you are ok, I've had probs logging on as well, could read everything but not post. Not long now for your case, just want to say Good luck in case I have any more probs. with the site. Mine is on 29 Nov so I'll probably be desperate for some advice soon. Are you taking any paperwork with you? Kp x:confused:
  6. Hi All Hope everything is ok with everyone. Havent been around much lately as nothing seems to be happening, I have had a letter from the Courts today to say that the hearing of the claimant's application for Stay to be Lifted will take place on 29 November, so after a few months of not bothering it looks like its back to swotting up on everything again... Is there much I have to do, my court bundle was sent off in early August. The letter states that it is ordered that this matter be listed on notice to all parties on the first open date with a time estimate of 1 hour? Anyone have a
  7. Thanks for the info Jan makes interesting reading. Havent read up on the OFt dropping the claim yet don't know how that is going to affect all of us with stays on our cases.
  8. Hi Jansus Many thanks for your message and well done on your success that is excellent news. I sent my N244 form of today, so the waiting begins again. Will keep you posted.
  9. Hi there I also started around February and filed MCOL in May. I had to have my bundle in by 22 August, and refer back to the judge on 29 August for a Court date - which I did a week earlier as I was going away. Strangely enough Wragges have never submitted theirs. Unfortunately I havent got a date either as on my return I had a letter to say the case had been stayed, so like you I didnt actually have a date. Yesterday I filled in N244 form regarding lifting of the stay. So we seem to be at the same stage, hope you hear something soon. It is hard to stay focused though isnt it.
  10. Hi Everyone Been away on hols and it seems really quiet here. Put my court bundle in before holiday and had to refer back to the judge on 29 Aug. for a date. Waiting for me on my return was a letter from CC to say case had been stayed. About to fill in N244 with additional notes on removal of stay. Reading through threads I noticed someone said that if the stay was lifted and you lost the case at court you then became liable for costs? Anyone else know anything about this? PS Where is everybody;)
  11. Hi Squarebob I know what you mean about the court bundle, i want mine in on Monday too, it just seems to take forever doesnt it! I have all 3 copies of paperwork surrounding me, now got to try and get motivated to put in ring binders but the sunshine is calling..
  12. Hi Jess Excellent news - Well Done!!!!
  13. Hi there I'm also in the same situation. I'm on hols from 10 - 24 August. Have informed everyone.I have to have my court bundle in by 22 Aug so am busy copying, pasting and typing up everything. to take to court early next week before I go away. At the bottom of court letter it states refer back to the judge after 29 August. I emailed Wragges last week about settling but so far have had no response. Have a good holiday, I'm going to get everything tied up and just forget about it for 2 weeks - (I wish)
  14. This is absolutely fantastic news Mimi, all the hard work has finally paid off. Best wishes to your SIL and many thanks for all the help and support you have given me and many others. Take care xx:D
  15. Thought this was better sorry about the size couldnt make it any smaller..
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