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  1. lol sorry Norwich Union Direct. if its an international veh, then whilst the liability is clear the insurance company could still ask for the xs. Best bet is to follow the proceedure thru as normal (legal expense cover ought to deal with that aspect if it hasn't been waived) then go thru my same veh, similar mileage option!
  2. if its non fault, and the circumstances are clear cut the xs should have been waived. go thru the 2 or more similar cars at the same price option. I've just been speaking to the NUD total loss team (which is about 10 feet away from where i'm currently sat) and they said that would bump the offer up DA - i know! I was kiddin around! Jeez
  3. best bet is to get 2 quotes for the same veh (and model) with a similar mileage. Remember insurance companies don't use parker's guide they use Glasses (sp)
  4. LOL seems like theres a few people working for NU here then! Howdy Becca, I work in the liability section of Incident care in manchester!
  5. I've sent in the letter detailing the charges and the dates on the charges (i sadly have every bank statement since i opened the account) and that was the reply....*checks link* no LBA is the next step...sorry i work for norwich union i tend not in engage my brain Lisa, whilst I might be somewhat of a pussy I'm not ur moggy lol
  6. I put a claim in for charges from the last 4 yrs (only £99 but i'm off to ibiza and its a night out!) sent the letter late last week, and have just recieved a letter saying "i have carried out an investigation of your complaint and i am satisfied that the charges have been correctly applied to your account. this letter explains the reasons behind my decision". Then the standard if u had that extra 20p in we wouldn't charge u £36 spiel. What do i now? straight to court claim???
  7. consider yourselfs lucky to be gettin that bonus, us former RAC staff who have been doin seconded NU work for the last 4 years still don't get any yearly bonus....that said though I'm goin for an interview at NU underwriting tomorrow in manchester,,,,fingers crossed
  8. Nelly, same as red death the treatment they give you internally is just as bad. I have to deal with the initial stages of liability for the direct policies and IB claims, and the amount of blind call transfers i get it quite stupid, then when u get a claim number you find the previous handler locked in the claim so it next to impossible to view the claim. From personal experience I would always avoid insuring any product with NU and have found directline to be incredibly good in the job they do.
  9. Benjee, did u get the position?? No one that applied at clubline seems to have been accepted, its been filled with ppl for NUI life, in distribution
  10. I've applied for a coachin secondment to Norwich Union in india, so fingers crossed I'll kick give em in the arse for u!
  11. it is very easily amended but its also leaves a trace of the last activity but which user. PM me your claim number (should be a 9 digit number beginning with a 1 (theres been a new system in since august so i haven't used the old system much)
  12. friendgeorge i work for norwich union if there's anything i can do pm (can u send pm's on this board???) your claim number and i'll have a look into it. As for the not accepting fault, tesco/direct line have the final decision with regards to liability, they would and should deal without an admission of liability with a hit in rear case such as yours. A hit in rear on the approach to a roundabout is a very common accident (i deal with at least 2 daily) and i'm surprised that any company would drag their feet. As for the norwich union customer service...all i can say is sorry.
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