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  1. I know about the new 7-day switching service to a new bank account, but don't know what would happen if I stayed with the co-op and it went under.
  2. Thanks both, though I've still no idea of the answer to my original question and can find nothing re. this by reading about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. I know I'm covered up to £85k, but don't know what would happen to the DD's and SO's in the event of the bank going under.
  3. I have a current account with the Co-op and am seriously thinking of switching banks soon for obvious reasons! All my DD's and SO's come out of this account and I'm wondering what would happen is I remain with them and they go belly-up. What would happen to all the DD's/SO's associated with the account? Would I have to manually sort it myself, or would I have the time/chance to use a switching service to another bank/building society? I don't have a lot of money in the account and know I'd be covered for this. Any advice welcome.
  4. Thanks for this Tried this one. Not bad and better than many of the G/F breads, but very small thin slices (like most)
  5. Well, it's a bit longer than four months since I posted,:rolleyes:but still keeping an eye on the forums. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and fingers crossed with the test case! Hope everyone gets the money due to them early this year. Mimi x
  6. Not posted for ages, but still keeping an eye on the forum ... Just to wish Chubbas, Jen, Janus and everyone else a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for 2008! Do hope the test case goes well and everyone gets the monies due to them early in the new year. Love, Mimi x
  7. Hi there, Just checking into the forum and found your thread. My partner has been diagnosed as gluten and wheat intolerant and I've been trying for the last couple of years to find some decent bread. All to no avail I'm afraid ... all seem to be dry and taste like cardboard! I've at last found a lovely recipe on the BBC site (tomato bread), which tastes great and is lovely and moist. It doesn't rise a great deal, but is very easy to make, the ingredients are easy to find and it freezes well. In case you're interested, it's here :- BBC Good Food | Recipes | Gluten-free sundried tomato bread Your mention of "not smoking" has touched a nerve:rolleyes: Really must try to go smoke free in the new year and noticed the great new forum. I'll take a look ... Mimi x
  8. Hi Kay, Good to hear from you! Yes, back from my hols. a couple of weeks ago. Been keeping a vague eye on the forums, but not contributed much recently as I don't feel I can at the moment with all these stays Sorry to hear you had your application thrown out ... it just doesn't seem fair. My SIL had a letter from the court about a week ago rejecting the information application and stating that she can apply formally if she wishes (no detail was given in the letter as to how she should do this). I rang the court and did my homework on this site. Apparently it now costs £65 to apply on the N244 form according to the court. There would be a definite court appearance, no guarantee of anything back and quite a bit more work for me from the looks of things. We agreed we'd leave it and put the whole thing to bed ... there's no way I could put SIL through a court appearance and expect her to "learn" everything we submitted to put forward her case. It is a shame as I spent some time on the informal application, but there's a lot going on in her life at the moment as a result of her husband's death and she's really not up to it. Like you though, I'm delighted I managed to get her the money just before the stays were put in place and the fact she got some charges back we shouldn't have gone for goes some way towards making up for not claiming for wasted costs. Good to know I'm missed ... Mimi xx
  9. Hi all, Just back from my hols., so in the process of trying to catch up. Hope everyone's fine and dandy and cases are still being won, in spite of some stays. squarebob ... I just blame the other half when things go wrong, less complicated that way Mimi x
  11. Fortunately, no, just got in at the 11th hour! Got judgement by default and cheque arrived morning of the court hearing:rolleyes: Didn't know judgment had been awarded for definite though 'til a week after the court hearing was due when my SIL got a letter from the court! All very tense ... we later realised Wragge HAD to get the cheque to her before court, hence the arrival of a DHL courier at her door the same morning! The "test case" was announced the following day ...
  12. Hi there, Settled claims link is here :- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=138&Itemid=82 Schroll down to "Show results for", find A&L and it will show you the details. Good luck
  13. I agree ... would one of the mods. please move me please. Mimi
  14. So pleased for you Kay ... Congratulations That's you and Janus in the last couple of days ... wonderful news! Don't spend it all at once! Mimi x
  15. FANTASTIC NEWS JAN You deserve this sooo much with all the hard work you've put in, as well as finding the time to help others. Now don't forget that wasted costs application ... (not that I think for one moment you will!) Mimi x
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