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  1. Just a quick update. I received another letter from MDB last Tuesday asking me to contact them as my account may be eligible for an early settlement figure by reducing the balance!! I then received the following e mail on Friday from the EE Executive Office. "Thank you for your email received by the Executive Office, I have been asked to respond on behalf of EE. I am sorry to read you have received conflicting information regarding the closure of the above account. I could not find a request to close the account and charges have been accruing as a result of this. Due to the ci
  2. Thanks for clarifying that Oleg. Just a quick update for everyone. I have sent an e mail to the address that fkofilee recommended which is the EE Executive Office. They have replied that they are going to assign a Case Manager who will contact me directly. Hopefully it will be a successful outcome. I will keep you informed. Many thanks once more.
  3. Lesson learned BankFodder. I did send every letter recorded delivery and have a copy of the signatures. I never thought about recording calls. Thank you.
  4. Thank you Oleg, Not really sure what you mean about the debt, sorry. In a letter from Orange of 25th September Orange asked for full outstanding balance and said that if they didn't hear from me then my account would be sent to a Debt Collection Agency to recover the debt. On 13th November I received the first letter from dlc which said:- We have been instructed by Orange Personal Communications to obtain payment of your balance of £435.06. Unless contact is made, we will pass your file to our Litigation Department. Solicitors may then be instructed to issue proceedings in the Coun
  5. Hi Oleg. I did read once that I would be wasting my time dealing with debt collectors that is why I have been trying to sort it through Orange. The letter I received from dlc stated:- We note we have not received any recent contact from you relating to the above account and this balance remains outstanding. Due to the above, we have instructed Mercantile Data Bureau Ld, a subsidiary of Willesden Securities Ld. to manage your account effective from the date of this letter. Mercantile Data Bureau Ltd would like to give you the opportunity to discuss your account with them before they
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. Will email him the details now and let you know the outcome. Hope its a speedy conclusion.
  7. My son came over from Australia at the end of July 2013 for his annual visit. We visited an Orange store and took out a sim only 28 / 30 day rolling contract in order that we could cancel it as soon as he went back. We cancelled it at the same store and I also rang Orange to confirm cancellation. £59.58 was paid by direct debit on 2d September which I then cancelled. I never gave it another thought until I received a letter dated 3rd April 2014 saying there were changes being made to my Orange account regarding price. I wrote back immediately saying I had no account with Orange and wo
  8. Many thanks both of you for your advice. I am not happy with the total amount offered but life at present is stressful enough so I have decided to accept Thomson's offer. I am sure the situation will happen again and again but that was definitely my first and last holiday with Thomson.
  9. I will keep my experience with Thomson holiday as brief as I possibly can. My husband and I booked a week’s holiday for 2 in Lake Garda for w/c 25th June. My sister had flown over from Australia to allow me to go as I look after my 93 year old mum so I wanted this to be a holiday to remember. I paid £2108 for a deluxe room for one week, which according to the hotel when I e mailed them prior to booking was classified as a junior suite on their website. When we arrived at the hotel the minute the receptionist showed us into the room I told her it was not a suite and was unacceptabl
  10. I just wanted to thank you all for your advice with this problem. My son sent the cheque to the dentist and has now received a receipt and the cheque has cleared through his bank account so I guess they called off the DCA who hopefully will lose out on their £50.24! I can now happily send my letter of complaint to Integrated Dental Holdings and to the GDC and we, as a family, are in the process of moving over to another dental practice in the town. Without your help it could have been an entirely different outcome. Thank you once more.
  11. Many thanks to all of you. You are right Scarlet Pimpernel when you say "Ruminating upon what a patient-unfriendly dentist and a second-rate DCA might do over £50 really isn't worth it" but my stomach is in knots thinking about it. I have made a decision and will go with mathmagician and take my time over the process. The cheque will be sent to the dentist tomorrow and I will await the outcome. Once the cheque has been cashed (hopefully) I will be sending the GDC a letter and copy it to Integrated Dental Holdings. Thank you all once more and I will keep you updated.
  12. Many thanks. We have made 3 verbal offers of payment to the dentist on 19th / 20th December but they wouldn't accept it that is why I thought we should make the cheque out to the dentist but send it to the DCA. However if you don't think they will pass it on then it would be pointless. If we did send it to the dentist should I state that payment was refused 3 times and that we will not deal with the DCA pointing out that we believe it is their responsibility to sort it out with them (or something to that effect). If the DCA keep trying to get their £50.24 and my son refuses to pay, will i
  13. Hi, I would like to send the letter off tomorrow, can someone please advise me if I should make the cheque out to the DCA or to the dentist. I am just a bit concerned that if I send it to the DCA and it is in their name then they may keep their percentage and only pass the remainder on to the dentist. This mean that my son will still owe the dentist some money. Thanks
  14. Sorry, one more question before I send the letter off. Shall I make the cheque out to the DCA or to the dentist?
  15. That thought had crosssed my mind. I will wait until my son's cheque has cleared first though. Thanks.
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