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  1. yeah I get that, but there should be more parking available...or clearer signs!
  2. hi, yes it was a saturday. the contravention on the ticket reads: "parked in a residents or shared use parking place or zone displaying an invalid permit, an invalid voucher or an invalid pay and display ticket shared use bay" its all so bloody confusing...i paid for the parking, and there was absolutely nowhere wlse to park - the earls court car park was full and turning people away. i really thought this was a proper car space and I had complied. thanks
  3. Hiya, thanks for your reply. I do have a picture of the sign, its on my husband's phone, and I will upload it tomorrow. Its a yellow sticker the size of a laptop screen on the back/side of the meter. But you wouldn't think to look for another sign, its confusing. Its as if they do it on purpose to make money. The location is Ongar Road, Earls Court. Thanks for your help
  4. hi, i received a pcn in hammersmith and fulham after putting £7.20 into the meter. The signs were really misleading. the panel on the meter said that parking was controlled 8 -8pm, however on the top of the meter it said pay and display 10am - 12pm and then 2pm - 4.30pm. I assumed that that meant you needn't pay between 2pm -4pm perhaps??? however I did pay for a period of 4 hours from 1pm - 5pm and left my car. On return to my car, 15 minutes early I saw the wretched pcn!!! it said i should have had a resident permit for between 2-4.30pm in addition to the pay and display. I have no idea and searched for clues!!! On the back of the meter there was a sticker saying that between the specified hours your need a permit as well, however I didn't see that sign when I parked my car - i was on the back or side - I had no reason to lok there! My mistake, I accept that, but I have already paid £7.20 into the machine, can I request for that amount to be discounted from the £40 fine? Its the principle, and also indicates that I didn't mean to incur a fine, it was a genuine mistake. What do you think I should do? Thanks!
  5. she's sent them in a SAR, but would a Spanish company comply?
  6. hi, my friend bought a timeshare in goa, india...when signing up out there it was made clear that there would be zero interest on the cost and she would be written to by the finance company when back in the uk. However when the finance company did get in touch she could see that the interest rate was high (4000 euros for a 7000 euro loan). also the cost of her taking a holiday is extortionate. these figures are completely different to what they advised her at the time of sale. sha doesn't have any financial paperwork from india though, only a credit agreement from this finance company who are based in spain. it doesn't have the interest rate on it, and doesn't look like a usual credit agreement. has anyone got any suggestions about what she can do? or contact? many thanks
  7. thanks, will do - are there any templates for a complaint to the OFT? AM I reporting them for failing to supply a CCA and chasing me for an unenforceable debt? Thanks!
  8. hi, moorcroft and various other agencies have acknowledged that lloyds don't have a cca for a credit card i had back in 2004. the debt has been passed around to about 10 different agencies and then they usually give up when they realise there isn't a cca, however moorcroft won't!!! they threaten doorstep visits, so i sent them the template for that, but still they persist with the letters. can someone tell me what i should do next? who do i complain to? thanks
  9. they used to ring me twice a day too, I told them I wanted my phone number removed from their records and they did it. haven't rec'd a call since!!!
  10. thank you everyone, i've prepared the letter and posting ot first class tomorrow.
  11. Love it! really hope he sees all these messages, i love him!
  12. hello all, i have had a letter from moorcroft stating that Lloyds don't have a CCA for a credit card I took out sometime ago. I have been requesting this CCA for about 18 months and the debt just keeps getting passed around. However Moorcroft are persisting to harrass me within daily phone calls and threatening letters. I have written to them with templates from this site but they are still threatening me. Can I complain to the OFT or Financial Ombudsman? Whats more appropiate this time? Are there any final letters i can send moorcroft and to ask them to stop ringing me? many thanks
  13. thanks for this. is there also a letter i can send them telling them that in the absence of the cca i find the debt unenforceable and to stop contacting me? thanks!
  14. Hi all, I need to know what step to take next against the lousy Moorcroft Group! I had a debt from Lloyds (a credit card). I applied for a consumer credit agreement when the debt was with BLS Collections, they ignored me and this debt has been passed to various collection agencies. Now Moorcroft have admitted that Lloyds are unable to provide me with a CCA as the debt is over 6 years old. I used to make payments on this until about 2 years ago to BLS. Moorcroft continue however to demand the money and keep phoning me. I ahve told them that I do not intend to make any payment and never admit to the debt. they are now threatening a house visit! Is there a letter I can send them warning them that I will take action for harrassment? Who do I complain to? Should I make a payment proposal? Pls help...many thanks!
  15. hi, i have received a letter from the above company chasing £73 for HSBC from an old current account. I left this balance unpaid in 2006 as it is made up of just charges. HSBC sent the other 2 debts I had with them to another agency and I pay them monthly. But this one was ignored by HSBC for years. I asked Robinson Way to provide me with a copy of the default and they haven't done this yet, but acknowledged that there is a default. Should I ask them for the deed of assignment, is that the document that proves that HSBA sold the debt to them? Is there anything else I could do? Thanks
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