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  1. I was out of the country for a few weeks and stupidly forgot all about setting up a Direct Debit for council tax. Came back and immediately paid the 2 months owing before checking my mail to discover a summons to court for non-payment. It's on Monday but I won't be attending (I'm working at the other end of the country). I'm planning to pay the outstanding balance on Friday when I get paid, but is there anything I need to worry about or speak to? I don't want any CCJs or debt collection nonsense! Thanks in advance. (I'm absolutely rubbish at being a grown-up)
  2. Halfords recognised that the bike was faulty right away and offered to "put a bit towards" an upgrade, but I opted for a full refund, trouble free. I can't argue with that for customer service tbh.
  3. Sorry yes Halfords, I have no idea why I planted Argos in my head and posted in completely the wrong sub-forum. My bad. If a mod could kindly move to a relevant sub-forum.
  4. Hi, I paid for it by credit card. I can't imagine they'd be able to re-sell it, it's completely defective!
  5. I bought a cheap mountain bike to ride the 1.5 miles to work every day from [edit: not Argos] Halfords last weekend. It was a red Apollo Feud one which you assembled the front wheel, seat and pedals at home. http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/mountain-bikes/apollo-feud-mens-mountain-bike In one journey the rear wheel had slipped forward knocking it out of alignment. I tightened it up again and the same happened. On closer inspection, the nut on the sprocket is a rounded one so by tightening it it's literally pushing the bracket holding the wheel on apart. Anyway, I returned it two days later, and while the manager was reluctant at first she was quickly made aware by the bike maintenance bloke that it was a known defect with the bike and they replaced it (this time it has the correct nut as we checked). I've done one journey on the new one, and the same happened, accelerate in a low gear and I felt it slip and the rear wheel is out of alignment, putting the brakes and gears out with it. Having spent an hour playing with it and re-aligning it all I've noticed the frame is completely twisted at the rear forks and no matter how I position the wheel the brake or gears will be out of alignment. And even with what seemed to be the correct nut tightening the wheel is pushing the bracket apart again and the wheel slips forward. To top it off some of the teeth on the pedal gears have split already! I've ridden 2.5 miles on it!! This is marketed as a £260 bike and it is absolutely junk. Unfortunately I pulled all the stickers off when I was building it (they made it look even cheaper than it is), should this matter? Am I within my rights to return it a second time for a full refund? I can't afford to upgrade, I just want my money back and rid of this absolutely terrible quality bike. It isn't fit for purpose, and I'm someone who never returns things as I almost blame myself.
  6. Intradesting.... so I should be able to go about getting this amount knocked back down to a reasonable amount then if I go about it right? I need to do some reading up.
  7. Should I email Wonga and see if they will drop the figure to £1k if I agree to give them that in full and close the account? Or will that be a waste of time?
  8. Ok thanks. I can't make any F&F payments yet, certainly not for all 3. Wonga: I wish they'd just defaulted it straight away, it's currently going from unaffordable to impossibly unaffordable.
  9. I just checked my Wonga account, despite the fact I didn't repay on my "promise" date of Friday 17th Feb 2012(!!) the account it still open and accruing charges on a monthly basis. I have no idea how long they will let that rack up before they default it!
  10. I presume it looks better settled than left unpaid though, or not? Yeah I've had all the vultures try chasing me; Mack Hall and various others. They are on the reject list on my phone so I don't even know when they contact any more. You say here that a default on the payday loan will only be on file for 18 months? Why less than other defaults? No CCJs or anything, just a lot of defaults, 2 in the past which are now "settled", one outstanding as above, and then these 2 payday loans which are outstanding but not defaulted yet. I know the righteous brigade will tell me otherwise, but I'd rather not pay the payday loan **** if I can help it, but I do want to get my finances in order once and for all and if that's what it takes then I probably will.
  11. I've got a rather dirty credit history, done over royally back in the day and defaulted on some things but they're all showing as "settled" on my Equifax report now. In fact my Equifax made for better reading than I expected. More recently (2010-2011) I fell into a pay loan trap and I owe Wonga about a grand and Pounds2Pocket ~£600 but I've not even been in contact with them for about 18 months. Neither are showing as defaulted on my report though, can that still happen at a later date? One other outstanding item is a default on a Halifax overdraft, ~£900. This is the only thing on my credit file that is outstanding. I have a phone contract and a credit card which are both in the green and helping rebuild a good history. I'm keen to get my rating back on track, I'm in a well paid job nowadays and can actually afford credit, but obviously I can't get any. Am I best focusing on getting the Halifax default sorted first, as that is showing on my report? Once I pay that in full and it's showing as "settled", how long roughly until I can expect my credit rating to be "good" and well priced credit be available to me again? 6 months? A year? 5 years? Thanks for the help.
  12. Yeah got a new card and cancelled the DD once I cottoned onto what they were up to. Will place CARS and FF on iggy now, I'm sick of the backward and forward emails with them trying to sort it now. Thanks for the help.
  13. I've read a couple of threads relating to these but the issues within are slightly different to mine. I relocated and legitimately cancelled my membership as per the T&Cs. Due to the logistics of it all it took me a while to send them proof of a new address, largely my own doing to be fair. Now CARS are on my back asking for money, and FF claim I owe them £130. I notified cancellation on the 11th March 2013 and they continued to take payments from my card until 5/4/13, theoretically entitling me to use the gym until 5/5/13 (I didn't as I'd moved). I emailed FF again to ask them to please call off CARS as I didn't believe I had a debt with them, to which I got the reply: "Thank you for your email. I am writing in regards to your membership account, as although the future commitment of your membership has been cleared, you are still required to clear any outstanding arrears due before the cancellation. Our records show that there are arrears outstanding of £132.85 on your membership account.. Please call our customer support centre on 01202 233813 to make payment. Alternatively you can make a direct balance transfer through your bank to: Account number: 56594321 Sort code: 56-00-35 Reference: C....... If you should require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely," Should I just ignore until it goes away or reply denying being accountable for the debt? I wouldn't mind but I've genuinely moved on this one, not just got bored and gone somewhere else like I normally do! If relevant, I cancelled membership with them before problem free at the end of a 12 month contract when I worked away for 3 months, before signing up again on my return. I also insisted on a rolling contract when I rejoined which I was under the illusion I was on, and was paying an extra £1 a month for. I obviously cannot prove this and likely got conned into it by someone wanting to make a sale.
  14. Pure chance I came back to this today! Crazy! Friday gone was my first pay day into my new account; Halifax have caught on as I've had a couple of calls (which I don't answer) from them. I'm in an unusual predicament in that I'm going through a transitional period on my apprenticeship, that is: I've moved onto the next stage which gets a small pay rise, I'm also now entitled to a south east living allowance, I get a bonus "either in July or August"
  15. I've had a £1000 overdraft with Halifax for years, gradually got further and further into it until I basically accepted I was going to be in it for the foreseeable! The charges are £1 a day for being in it, but if I go over the agreed £1000 limit I get charged £5 a day. After redundancy, then a heart infection putting me out of work for 8 weeks, then taking a new job at a pay cut for an engineering apprenticeship (it is a step back for 2 steps forward long term) I'm really feeling it now. Every month for the last 6 or so months I've been going over the agreed limit, then using Wonga to pick up the gap and slowly using more each time, the gap getting bigger, the slice out of the next pay a little larger... you get the picture. My question is this: I've open a new current account with NatWest; if I transfer everything over to that (wages in/bills out) and effectively cut the Halifax one off, then write to them explaining my circumstances and ask them to freeze the debt and let me repay it at a reasonable rate, are they likely to let me do this? I really don't care for my credit rating, it is about as bad as it can get without CCJs and it will be years before I can recover it properly anyway. For info, the only other debt I have now is a credit card with Halifax, £450 into a £500 limit and paying off a little over the bare minimum a month. I've had debt problems in the past, defaulted on a loan and embarrassingly my parents bailed me out. At the moment I get paid £580 net every 4 weeks and I claim Working Tax Credits (I'm 27) to the tune of £30 a week. My pay will rise to approx £850 net when I move onto the next stage of my apprenticeship in June (+ the potential for overtime).
  16. Magic, that will do for me, thanks. I'm off to write my letter now...!!
  17. Ooooops. LOL Now removed if you'd also do the honours DX?
  18. Observed 'to' and 'from' is the same time... mistake?
  19. Trying to find a way out of this parking ticket, so far looks solid but can any expert eyes see anything to get me off it? I was parked on the left as you look at the link below, late on a Friday night, roughly where the red, dropped curb starts. The whole road down that side was full of cars, I parallel parked into the space. I didn't even notice at the time, but the restriction is double-yellows, but loading allowed between 8am & 6pm GOOGLEMAPS LINK: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=willis+road+portsmouth&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=17.078368,46.538086&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Willis+Rd,+Portsmouth+PO1+1,+United+Kingdom&ll=50.799835,-1.092396&spn=0.001112,0.00284&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=50.799835,-1.092396&panoid=9jMjuZUd4jP5LfGHG3_L5Q&cbp=12,96.15,,0,8.5 PHOTOS: TICKET: Took this picture on my phone so quality isn't great, can scan if need be. Blacked out the reg. Anything at all to get out of it? Many thanks.
  20. I think I might just take the default on the chin, I've no intention of giving them money whatsoever. Cnuts.
  21. LOL @ login name! Thanks for the reply! I did have a their T&Cs on a yellow form stating that if I moved an 'unreasonable distance' away I could cancel the agreement but since moving house I can't find it!! So far I have not made contact with them.
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