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  1. hi overflow...hey hey..got letter this morning saying money going in bank next 5 days..full amount..just posted a thankyou on another thread..but thanks to you too......
  2. helloooooo..letter this morning from halifax saying there putting the money in my account in the next 5 days.... .as of everyone on here a big thanks to all thats helped....keep at it everyone..started in april so 4 month its taken...but worth it..once again thankyou all....
  3. hi..the letter reads defendant filed acknowledgement of service on 13 july the defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of claim. the defendant has 28 days from date of service of the claim or particulars of claim to file a defence.
  4. hi sanand. my file was deemed served 4 july.bank ack of service on 13 july.says they have 28 days to file a defence.that gives em till 10 aug..do i have to get in touch with court or just wait to see wat happens. anyone?..cheers
  5. hi sanand.got mine today..ack of service file.saying they gonna defend claim..got an address on mine..hbos plc legal services trinity road halifax
  6. ok.got letter from bank via the court today(acknowledgement of service file) saying they intend to defend all of the claim (28 days).anyone know what will happen?
  7. ok..thecourt sent to halifax 2 july.deemed served on 4 july.they have until 18 july to reply.meantime theyve taken another 196 pound over the last 5 week..looks like another claim then...
  8. sent court letter 21 june..my mrs got her money from loyds tsb yest..she only sent 1 letter and shes only been doing it a month...ive been on with my claim 3 month..
  9. been on with claim from halifax now 3 month..sent court letter thurs 21 june..my mrs sent 1 letter to loyds tsb..ive sent 4.....shes been doing it for a month..guess wat..she gets payed out straight away...she was claiming 845 pounds..they payed her 750 pound so she took that....:o .me still waiting..
  10. ive sent 3 lba off but keep fobbing me off so court action this week...
  11. hi there..not been on for a while due to been away,anyway when i got back i had a letter from halifax bank saying they have looked into my claim and they say it is fair and are rejecting my claim..i started this in march 2007..i have all the forms sorted so now im taking the forms to court this week.anyone had the same thing?.
  12. ok guys thanks..just one more thing..ive got all the paper work but which court do i use..my local one or the one in northampton...im claiming 616 pound so how much is the court cost...
  13. sent my 2nd lba 24 april so times up on 8th of may..as of yet heard nothing..can i do the court action on line or with me doing this by letters do i have to go to my local court. i will be doing this 8 or 9th may so is it a good idea to ring the halifax on the 8th to tell them...thankyou..
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