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  1. Hi all, It's been a while since I last posted here but here I am again. I'm pretty much 'almost' debt free now. I've not got any bank charges in about 3 years now until last month. To cut a long story short my husband and I split. He's not paying child maintenance and I'm supposed to be going away soon and have come to a cash shortfall and attempted to get an ongoing overdraft and was declined. I signed up to creditexpert for a 30 free trial and was looking at my file when I noticed that I have a few defaults. As I said before, it's been years but there are ones. I'll post some info on it so that anyone in the know can help me as much as possible. - I have 7 green satisfactory records where I have either paid loans up to date/paid off/kept up to date on credit. - I have 4 red defaults, according to the file scoring system on all 4 of these defaults 'you (I) have failed to keep your credit agreement and have not responded satisfactorily to requests to put your account in order. As a result the credit agreement has ended'. Now, I agree with 2 of them which I recognise dated in 2007. However, there are 2 more dated in 2009 and 2010 which I'm not sure who they are.... - Credit account management (is this my bank?) - LOWELL PORTFOLIO I LTD - no clue who they are. Looking closer, the account says it was 'updated' in 2010 but I 'defaulted' in 2006 on the credit management one. So I assume that in 6 years after (2012) it will be removed. Is that correct? I don't have many searches on there. Only insurance ones when I was looking for car/home insurance and the others are unrecorded enquiries. How would I improve on my credit file from here? I have a mobile phone contract at the moment. Never missed a payment since it started in April (which shows on my credit file) as does Next and some old catalogues I have which I do not use anymore. I don't really want to take any further credit out nor use the catalogues. What would anyone suggest? Sorry this is so long. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.
  2. Hi all, Just a quick Q. When is the best time to call the tax credits hotline (0800 300 3900) number and actually get an answer? It answers then hangs up on me, which has got my blood boiling. Argghh! Not sure why they ditched the call waiting system! :-| Thanks in advance. -Lisa
  3. Hi all, another month gone, another year older still nothing from the courts, no contact what-so-ever. I don't want to wait anymore, it's driving me insane (literally!) nothing seems to be happening. My dad said that the consumers won at the commercial court. Is this true? If so, why aren't claims being paid and the ball rolling?
  4. First of all congratulations on your win. Very nice. How did you win so fast? I've been doing my claim with NW for over a year now and I got my claim put on hold. I've not heard anything from them.
  5. Thanks for posting that. However, I do not spend over 10% (or 15%) of my income on energy bills. I would not be entitled to it. Why? Maybe I claim too many benefits?! *enter sarcasm for being penalised for that too lol* Although, I still pay more than 'average joe' with a stair lift and electronic toilet and other means. I was thinking of even buying an electronic scooter to improve mobility however, I'm sat here worrying about the costs of the electricity rise in recharging it. I thought energy companies might offer lower rates since they abolished the 'winter' electricity benefit from young people (only over 60's can apply!) It just seems silly that disabled people have to worry about affording their bills just to keep their mobility! *sigh*
  6. Hi all, If you are too lazy to read the 'detailed' part skip down to the bold red LAZY part Atlantic Gas And Electricity have put up my electricity bill again. Quite frankly I cannot afford it so I phoned them up all worried asking if there is anything they can do to help me. I am disabled and have a stair lift which I need to use on a daily basis because of my disability. I do not work, my husband does not work. We have 3 children together, but they are in school all day and we do not have anything switched on in the day other than our laptop and the washing machine now and again when needed. I was currently paying £44 in March pcm (which I couldn't afford then, so I changed every single lightbulb in the entire house with energy saving ones in the hope it would bring down the electricity. Making sure appliances were fully switched off at night etc), now it's gone up to £55pcm even after all my attempts. I called them and he tried to bring it down to £40pcm which is what I said I could afford. My gas is absolutely fine and I'm in credit with that. He could not bring it down that far. (LAZY) He said because of my disability and living off just benefits he would recommend me going on the "Plus Care" tariff. You get a lower amount per unit on it. But he did say that you only get it if you use 10% or more of your annual income on fuel bills. I asked him what my annual is but he gave me last years. I'm not happy about that because obviously last year was OK. He said last yr I paid £480 in electric and £260 in gas, plus they would add on 15% because thats what its going up by. So with them taking last years charges into account maybe I should give them last years income then, yes? Would you do that? How would you do it? I'm confused. I want/need this. I really cannot afford their amounts. They also said they take ALL of my benefits into account except DLA which I think that means I will not quality for it Any help welcomed on what to do.
  7. Thank you to the both of you. It's just... frustrating, isn't it? I mean, it feels like forever already. Well maybe that is overkill but since they said Jan/Feb and your sat here waiting, time moves slow. I'm certainly hoping that the catchphrase "Good things come to those that wait" comes true for me. I seem to have lost hope that I am going to win this after all the waiting. I'm hoping my confidence will come back when things get moving again..... 'when' being the word.
  8. Hi, I'm no the best person to answer this. But they have found you on the electoral roll. I would say you would need to pay all these back. It is important that you realise that you must not ignore debt collectors and companies in the hope they will go away, or not find you when you move. I believe this is most peoples flaws. They won't go away if you ignore them and they have means to find you again if you move, and by then you will have court fees + interest, so in the long run you will owe far more... doing more harm than good. I would definitely pay off/arrange repayments to ALL of them, except Virgin Media. If the account is not in your name, then why are they chasing you and not your partner? I would call them and state that. They won't be able to talk to you about the account due to the data protection act, but you should be able to state this. You also say "started in your partners name" who's name is on the account now? If it's yours, then yes they will chase you and follow you, and yes you will have to pay it, you won't be able to get out of it by saying that it was started in your partners name then moved you yours, they won't care. I was in the same predicament a few years back. I did the same thing, ignoring them and hoping they would just disappear, then moving and putting my name on the 'limited electoral roll' business aren't allowed to search you on that one, needless to say they found me and I owed more because of my actions. I then vowed to take care of me credit. I budget every single month now for everything, meal planner too. I am almost debt free now, with the exception of 2 loans that I cannot just pay off. It's a good feeling to feel like this. I am now able to take myself and my family on holiday again (something I had not done for many, many years). I do hope you are able to sort this out. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. Thanks Paul. I've not received anything yet from them sadly. I just got paid today (on 8th) from them too, same amount, so I assume the new amounts will come in on my next 4 weekly payment, next month That is brilliant. Thank you ever so much for your time and your breakdown, I had just automatically assumed that the website hadn't been updated as of yet. Duh me! Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  10. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, so feel free to move it should there be a better area. I will try and explain as best as possible, but I'm not the best person to explain things so as through as possible. I have been been claiming DLA since Jan 05. I am severely disabled with Psoriatic Arthritis. Presently am now on Medium Care and High Mobility. In May 05, I bought my own car using the Motability services at Hartwell Ford. At the time, I was surrendering ALL my Mobility to pay for the car. At that time surrendering it all was £169.20 per 4 weekly. It states that on the receipt for the car contract that £169.20 will be paid every 4 weekly for 52 weeks. OK, that's fine by me. As I said above, I get High Mobility and Med Care. On this website. It states... * Mobility - £46.75 pw (£187 per 4 weekly payments) * Care - £44.85 pw (£179.40 per 4 weekly payments). -- Both added up to make grand total of £366.40 -- The strange thing though is that if you take that grand 4 weekly total amount of £366.40 and remove the car payment of £169.20 it leaves me with £197.20. OK? I'm not getting that though. They're paying me £183. Where is the rest of my money going? Are they allowed to take it? Is there something I'm missing? Are they allowed to take more than the £169.20 for the car to make it pay off faster? I'm confused where my money is going. Please could someone help me, is this normal? It must have been going on quite some time, but I have always trusted them to work it out, until now. -Lisa
  11. Wow still nothing. I'm hoping something can decided soon with this commercial court case. I need this money more than ever. Really struggling at the moment after my dog had an accident and had to have most of her tail amputated
  12. When is this commerical court going to make a decision? I thought it was supposed to be in January? I've not heard anything about it, nor my court about my court case, nor cobbetts. Anyone please? I really need my money back from these leaches! Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi guys, Just wanted to update that I didn't get my stay lifted in December So waiting for the commercial courts to do their thing and hopefully will get my money back then. A pain in the arse but oh well.
  14. Thanks Steven, yes they're a rubbish bank. Wish I'd have never signed up with them. They all are. As the saying goes... make the poor, poorer and the rich richer. It really does apply... so sad I'm really poor at writing letters so could you check if this is OK and straight to the point? Thanks... I've now ran into problems as I have an income support letter which is dated in Sept 07 but when disability write to you it's only when I got it in 2005 so I have absolutely nothing from them since then. I will have to call them and get them to write to me as proof but that will delay this letter.
  15. Aww thank you and thank you for replying and your efforts into helping. I haven't communicated with the courts and will leave it as is as I've decided to stop taking my medicines after I've been really really badly affected and very ill for longer than just 'the day after' for quite some time. But that's a whole different story which I won't go into detail. I will be asking for more info when the time comes... I'm really scared and I've not replied to Cobbetts about what they've asked. Hi Steven. All they sent me was the statements and that was it. I suppose I should phone them and demand the rest of the S.A.R then? I feel silly now. Don't know what I'm doing. All LTSB gave me was copy of print ofs of charges only too
  16. Thanks for helping me so much, it is really appreciated. Ignore my stupidity and ignorance in this as I'm new to this all really but is it good that they've cashed it? Am I supposed to be receiving this CCA within 12 days that they've cashed it now in the legal eyes? Is there any time that passes by where they cannot legally chase me for this debt and I can consider that I don't owe it anymore? *blush*
  17. Bumping this up as you can see they failed to provide me with my CCA when I wrote to them ages ago back in JUNE... yes June. Well guess what? I was doing my banking budgetting today and they've taken the £1 cheque. I know I should of cancelled the cheque but I forgot. It seems silly to demand my £1 back since it would cost me more than that to write the letter Shall I report them for failing to provide my CCA in that time and then unlawfully cashing the cheque after the legal time limit?
  18. Thank you to the two above posters. No I don't get it paid into that account. Everything that goes into that account goes directly to the loan people. I don't think anyone understands what I'm trying to get at/say/mean. I apologise if I haven't typed it in an understandable way. What I mean is.... They've accepted £100 a month repayment (it was £266 at the normal rate before I was ill etc) Anyway, I cannot afford even that. I don't want it being reduced further as we'll be paying it off for bloody forever. So what I'm trying to say is because our income is purely 100% benefits and I'm entitled to 100% of that money by law and the social law, that means that they can't take payments from me because my money is purely benefits which I'm entitled to and cannot be taken into consideration? Is that right?
  19. Hi all (please read this all as I need help), Just an update and help needed. Court has got back to me regarding the stay thing and they've requested a hearing even though I put I don't want a hearing as I'm really ill lately. The date of the hearing is the 17th December, which just happens to be a Monday and the day after I take my meds and therefore will be ill I also received a letter this morning from Cobbetts. I'm confused as I have a very suspicious mind. They must have received a copy of everything I sent to the court including the letter I sent to the court. They have noted the hardship and also my disbility and asking for evidence of this. They also say have I contacted the bank prior in regard of the hardship. I will copy the letter below for your readings.... Thing is I did contact NatWest many times on the phone in regard to not being able to pay the loan. All they gave me down the phone was crap on how I have to pay it. They didn't care that we was on benefits, nor the fact I was disabled and hubby had just gave up his job to care for me full time. They still tried to take their money. I even broke down on the phone a few times crying but did no good. I never took down details if when or who it was though :? I feel they're gathering evidence so they can show up at the hearing in December and make out that I did nothing, I didn't phone etc and that I'm lying. Help please.
  20. Thanks ever so much for that link. Does this work the same way since my case is slightly different? I have an account with the bank but its closed and any payments that go in there go direct transferred to the loan. I'm thinking that most of my benefit income is protected in my favour so an expenditure form I still write them down? Does anyone know what this laws legal name is?
  21. Thanks Steven. I had already sent it off but i got it back because I forgot to sign one of the many forms (duh!) so I edited the bottom and put hardship on there I'm so glad your getting somewhere with yours ------------------------------- Not heard anything at all well apart from sending back because of the non-signing but sent off straight after and nothing since.
  22. Hi all, please could anyone tell me or link me etc to this benefit law where banks cannot take your money from you from certain benefits. My husband got a loan before I became disabled and the insurance have paid him 1 year back and saying he can claim again but only if he goes to work for 6 months which is impossible due to him being my carer. We only live off benefits and therefore cannot afford to pay this loan and they keep bullying us into paying even though repeatedly told them we cannot afford to. Anyway, all our money consists of is; * Income support, * Disability, * Child tax (not the working one), * Child benefit, * Carers allowance to my hubby. I'm pretty sure most of those (DLA, IS and CA) are protected by law and cannot be taken into consideration as expendable money but would like more information. Please tell me about this law, what to quote etc. Been trying to get through to the citizens advice for days but it's always engaged or closed and I'm too sick recently to go down... ugh ugh ugh!!! Thank you.
  23. Hi Steven, thanks for replying. Umm I don't know to be honest. I haven't put that. I copied the info into the part C from the thread I linked from. I didn't know that you could apply for it on hard ship since if you are then you are assuming that you're automatically going to win lol.
  24. Nevermind, I found this thread and have followed instructions. I have wrote this letter (below) attached with both the EX160 and the application notice and the evidence of my benefits. Does that look OK? I will be sending it later at about 4pm Thanks, Lisa
  25. OK back and having thought about it, I'm deciding to continue as is and apply to get the stay lifted with the application and the application to dismiss the fee together. If anyone is looking, whats the best method? I want to check "without a hearing" at the top but is that silly and they'll just say no anyway? Which is best?
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