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  1. still no word from Inga.I half expected this .will call her in the morning and update when i know more.
  2. Dont worry i did the same by using the MSE template and didnt know about this then.So long as you are willing to accept any settlement for charges before you file your claim you should be ok.
  3. They do, im still amazed that they can defend when benefits have been taken as well.And offer just some of them back when its NOT THEIR MONEY!!! xsorry.
  4. cheers Icy.Just spoke to inga she is waiting for confirmation to pay me at the % i asked for and assures me she will let me know today.fingers crossed. its only 1% more than her offer ,it sounds daft but every penny makes a differnce at the moment.Am i being daft?Maybe but im a girl with principals and no money.
  5. reka you are a star. this is something I coulnt open from your website link.(my pc i think)ta very much.
  6. miss S- hi just to let you know that if they have refered any debt to the DCA, then the DCA cannot chase you if your account is in dispute.There are laws governing this and they have to adhere to them.Best wishes.
  7. Wicked. These are such great emails especially the bit about the broom cupboard!well done for your sheer determination.
  8. no. Im pretty sure that abbey have to apply to have the judgement set aside and have good reason for the delay(bank hol etc) the judge should allow judgement for you upon your request.Depends how late they are. You can always ring the court and double check.
  9. Jules- 1)you have to request judgement on the 3rd july- it may still be reversed if abbey sends it in late. 2)they will ask for a stay at the AQ stage almost guaranteed. 3) yes - but i cant remember who Have a read of the success stories time consuming but worth it.Also they ususally do EVERYTHING at the last possible minute.
  10. hi westy there are two good threads on this, Abbey abuse orders-keeping thed pressure on and New strategy CPR part18 requests both by GARYH - take a read it should clarify your options.(dont know how to paste links sorry)
  11. dizzy, use N1- you are more likely to have it dealt with by your local court and not transfered like the bulk cases we keep hearing about.good luck.
  12. well done this is good news.I was checking the tel. no on my thread and you gave me SHUCKS -getting as bad as Abbey!!
  13. well thanks everyone. Got through by phone upped offer a bit more-just waiting for her to call me back to confirm my acceptance and finalities.It might not be the full 100% like lucky toni,but its a figure im happy with.Will know after lunch and post a bit more info on here.To be honest its been wearing me down and making me quite manic,so i shall be glad to reach a con clusion.This site is invaluable and i will definately donate when its sorted.Keep thinking of all the poor sods who dont have the resources,ie pc etc, and arnt able to get such fantastic advice.Thinking of volunteering at CAB.
  14. well you obviusly didnt want to settle for any less than the full amount so i think you have to be firm.Mediation will delay things further, the same as requesting a stay, which abbey will almost certainly do.See the thread, Abbey abuse Orders, putting the pressure on by gary H and also New strategy for AQ and the new strat CPRpart 18, do a search cos I dont know how to post links.Have a look at my thread if you like, im using most of these tactics.(petcat v Abbey)Ultimately its up to you but keep reading others threads;knowledge is power. Yes i agree the who are fantastic, didnt realise they were there.Mind you im an old fart now not been since 1990/1991?Going to the cornbury festival soon, taking my six year old cant wait.
  15. hi thats great, ive asked for 92, she only upped mine to 72%.where do they get these random figures from.Just typed out my cpr18 request hoping to put pressure on them .Will email it later. Pathfinder what tel no do you have for inga ive been trying today but just on answerphone.
  16. I will be thinking of u all. best of luck, heres to a sensible judge.
  17. thankyou to all who have replied. Today im giving inga chance to reply to the last email,but filling in the aq and considering the cpr18 request, must hurry on this one though, before allocation.feel stronger today nice to know people are following the saga and hopefully will make comment if i do something stupid.Good luck to us all.I cant wait to get this money back and take my little girl to disneyland, shes six and it will be our first holiday, so i intend to send them lot at ashursts a postcard!!!
  18. Wow your brave.Hope they get struck out x
  19. Hi I received one too.Do not want mediation they have had plenty of time to sort it out.Dont let them delay you further.How was Glastonbury?did you get wet?!....
  20. gosh good luck. stay calm and do as you have been advised. ask for more time and show him the letter.
  21. Arr thankyou so much, thats nice to know.
  22. hi alonso,i received my AQ today in the same envelope as the copy of abbeys defence from the court not sure if thats unusual though.
  23. well i feel like im talking to myself but anyway..... She has replied and upped offer by a paltry few percent.I have replied and declined and asked for more suitalble amount just less than the full amount. awaiting the next installment.Hope its sorted soon,just dont have the energy time or money that i need!however if she dont agree then il put the aq in this week with the new strategy for section g.Bring it on.
  24. petcat

    Toni V Abbey

    hi me again just to let you know i got a reply from inga- upped the offer by 7%-very odd. sent one back asking for Odd amount too, just to be awkward, if they dont in goes the AQ,new strat, and up goes the cost to abbey.thans again toni for the email address.Enjoy your refund and ritzy business! x
  25. petcat

    Toni V Abbey

    hi again i think you have to PM a mod to get them to do it.someone will sort it out im sure.
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