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  1. Hi sorry to interupt but i noticed your housing situation and have been in those circumstances. heres how we got rehoused A) go to doctor get letter of support for housng officer at council- wifes depression needs highlighting/letter from health visitor too B) similtaneously, report your damp problems and any other health and safety issues to your council health and safety officer-send copy with application for housing-and ask for an inspection and report this should help you when you ask your landlord to address damp problems which cannot be just from lack of heat(they sound too severe;plus she may offer to supply dehumidifier/help with heating costs til the problem is rectified, which the H&S officer may put pressure on her to do) You can reject a property in a bad area and not be refused another only with a very good reason. I managed to get letters to say my first 2 offers would have ended up with mental health problems escalating in a return to hospital ,meaning there would be noone to look after my daughter.(this genuinely terrified me and i was finally offered my first choice area, quiet and safe) You may have to swallow your pride but if the landlord fails to respond to your requests then let them evict you. it will take months, you have rights to withhold rent if the repairs are not carried out which is why you need the councils support and medical support. They are likely to offer appropiate accomodation temporarily for 2 years, but not until they can class you as homeless which wont happen until you receive an actual eviction date(it could take literally months and frequently does) but with constant support and self assertion i managed to get a 3 bed house in nice area while i sat out the 2 years(most councils require a surplus of properties ready for families in circumstances like this- you may get a flat with the promise of a house later on- refuse-i said this would make me a recluse living in a third floor flat-it worked) I realy wish you success after your troubles. But please try to keep calm. Explain to the housing officer about the bond money you may find they are able to accept it at a later date or in small amounts. there are some good knowlegable people on here. I hope that there is something in my post you can use.i cant help with the rest but have had a fair few dodgy landlords in the past.Please at least get health and safety onto it. good luck
  2. Hi thanks good idea. they took out a prepayment meter 2 years ago that was there when i moved in. its definately metric. The bill mentions a correction factor does not show workings out altho it does have cubic metres in brackets after units used . Ionly have central heating on a few hours and its about 300 a quarter. before that it was around 45 a month.no cooker. its got to the point they want 800 but i still need to know how long i have to negotiate, before they insist on prepay meter. Also as i only cancelled my direct debit of 75 pm in nov lastyear, cannot understand how its got so high.ta all.
  3. hi all havent been on here for a while. quick question, just got a letter from npower to say they have applied for a warrant from the courts to fit prepayment meter. will i still get 28 days notice? wanted to avoid this but their gas bills are crippling me. saw watchdog programme about overcharging and think it may have happened to me, just about ready to confront them but needed to check this out as it has realy worried me . thanks in anticipation.
  4. i think this is correct although morally outrageous. i would ask if your brother came second on an account then perhaps this no longer applies,as he would not be the main account holder although you need to check T & Cs from the time the account was opened.good luck.
  5. well thats what i thought but apparently its open for paying in due to the overdraft.They tell me i must take ID into the local branch to withdraw the extra as i sent my cards back when i tried to close the acct in December!!
  6. gosh this is an interesting one, will be rooting for you, and popping in to see what happens.Best of luck.
  7. Update; Still no money in the account. Have to accept this apparently due to the overdraft. will pm a mod when its finally sorted. update ; i have to add to this as i obviously didnt get round to it. i did get money paid into account and drew out every penny the day it cleared.now 2 years on im in another battle with natwest and about to start new thread, seems there has been a few changes since then.
  8. Hi D1.I settled with inga on thursday and was told it can take 7-10 days for the money to clear in my(old) account.I told her i would check this friday.I would phone the solicitors direct if i were you ask for a date when you can draw it out.Ingas tel no is 0207756 4332,but shes back tomorrow. try her colleague ronan coyle on 02077564306 or louise jacobs same number.WEll done by the way what great news . when you get the cash PM a mod and let them have the details(also they can change your title to WON) best wishes for the future, petcat.
  9. have a great time to all who attend the picnic. Wish i could be there, no transport but would love to meet some of you good people.got my driving test in 2 weeks,so maybe il be able to get to the next one.Please can someone try to post a few piccies?Hope the weather is good for a change.hvae fun x
  10. Hi Di, the thread i told you of earlier is not on rekas website - he had so many requests for that year he typed them all out in full on this site - under Abbey t& cs 1997. Try clicking on rekas name and then view all threads started by reka , it was just a couple of days ago.(still dont know how to post a link?!-durr..)
  11. hopefully disneyland france with my 6 yr old for a couple of days and the cornbury festival, depends when they pay me! Trying to pressure them into paing me a check instead of in my act where half goes to the overdraft!!Then il pay them five pound a month,if they get shirty.... got my fingers crossed for you(and I)
  12. thankyou for confirming what i thought i already knew. I have emailed both inga and Her colleague with a cpr18 request and a request for payment by check.My overdraft like yours was only there due to charges and interest and i only asked for the 8% so why should they take it at their leisure when ive been deprived of that money for years!!? well done for holding your ground, ingas away until tuesday so im hoping her pal gets it sorted out quickly.Thanks again, will let you know the result.
  13. PLEASE CAN ANYONE ADVISE?-can i insist on payment by check?even though im overdrawn ? Ar well its not over yet.Sent a request for payment via check and a copy of the cprpart 18 request as a bit of pressure. Advised them i will not be withdrawing claim until full payment received by check and cleared. "i will try my utmost"(Hee Hee)
  14. hi gezzer well done. Ive got the same problem as you.Just reached settlement by phone but they wont remove default as its not on the POC(it was also on my first request letter)Ive got big o/d which will be cleared when payment goes in but was told i coulnt have a chq because the acct was still open for paying in!!What would you suggest?
  15. Jules your letter sounds fine.Good luck, will keep popping in to see how your doing.
  16. hi I truly feel for you. Please also see the citizens advice bureau- they are very sympathetic, have a lot of 'weight' and also im pretty sure they have a free solicitor which you can make an appointment to see.Best wishes for a brighter future.
  17. this is superb, what a dear! Ive just settled for 80% but already regret it as part of my POC was the bit about benefits.The offer and acceptance were by email marked without prejudice. Is it too late to pursue on the benefits issue, I am short by almost 600pound still and never tried for CI as it was so complicated.Like the idea of a collective suit against them,in theory that sounds like a good route to take.
  18. thanks ds, will do that.I know how you and toni feel, next week when im in cred theyll probably try to offer my cards back!! changed my act back in dec so dont think the abbey one will remain open for long. best wishes to you and everyone else.
  19. Gosh thanks all. That puppy is ace!! Also Reef(?)Do you mean the drink ,Rowans gran?Did I realy Post that! Anyway what i realy want to know is CAN I STILL GO AFTER THE COMPOUND INTEREST? also, answers to the above please please.Just sold our car for scrap-40 quid- also had threatening letter off the water people so this has to be a good time to settle,but i am serious about the compound interest.eleven hundred to clear the overdraft....I must have a chance surely(?)
  20. Thankyou i feel better now.was starting to feel like id let the side down. Wish someone would get all the way to the high court and force them to stop this disgusting behaviour. My offers even by email have always been marked without prejudice which i find incredible.especially when they include them with a full defence.
  21. Hi reka has posted a thread yesterday called Abbeyterms and conditions 1997 with all the relevant t&c s you need. cant post link try searching for reka and viewing all threads ny him.good luck
  22. hi- finally SETTLED!!! Realy happy got 80% which is what i always had in my mind as acceptable before i started claim.Although i feel a bit sad knowing it would have been 100% if i had held out.She says that they have to put the money in my act. even though i tried to close it last dec. and it only stays open until the overdraft is paid off.(this will give me a large credit which she says can be drawn at the counter a week tomorrow) I did ask for a chq. for all of it but this was refused.thanks everyone, any comments welcomed. Do i still need to give litigation details to a mod?Also shall I still email my cprpart18request which is ready to go. The AQ has to be in my 12th july so ill hold on that till the cash arrives. Can i change the title on my thread or does someone else have to do it? Sorry for all the questions
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