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  1. I emailed MCOL in informal language. YB had entered a defence and my claim had been halted and transferred to my local court. When I saw it had been halted I sent my email. They defended on the 30th May and I got my judgement issued on the 31st May after MCOl had investigated. On my other claim which I am still awailting a reply from MCOL I had got my judgement issued then YB had it set aside as they say they have proof they acknowledged. Basically I am appealing this as I don't see whay 'proof' they have when the court didn't receive an acknowledgement for either of my claims. Ask as many questions as you like and hopefully we will get through this together.
  2. Thanks for responding to my thread, yours makes interesting reading, I'll be watching with interest as we are at similar stages although I have a pre hearing date. Good luck
  3. Hi Icy, My offer is approx £600 short so I wanted to respond thanks but no thanks but i am sure I have seen a letter somewhere on here regarding 'there must be a charge for the transactions that have occurred on your account' I should have saved the letter I previously read as I can't find it now. Have you replied? Does anyone else know the letter I mean? Any help appreciated
  4. After reading the threads on this site I e-mailed Inga last night asking for payment as they had asked for a month stay on the AQ. I have copied her response. I think it is pretty standard. I am sure I have previuosly read a letter to respond to this on here regarding they have to make charges ect, could someone please forward me the link. My pre-hearing date is set for 2nd July. "Without prejudice" Dear Sir, Thank you for your email. If a settlement in full is what you require I am unable to assist. There must be a charge for the transactions that have occurred on your account. I am prepared to offer you the sum of £1824.97. Any payment would be made without admission of liability by Abbey. Payment would be in full and final settlement of your claim. Should you wish to accept this offer please advise by return in order that payment can be processed. Kind regards, Inga Kirkman
  5. I sent an e-mail with my claim number and complaint in the title with all the facts and received a letter back from their complaints manager saying they were looking into it and would be back in touch in 5 days. In a seperate envelope on the same day was a letter saying my judgement had been entered. When I rang them they said they had thrown out YB defence and I could execute a warrent which I have. I have learn't from my other claim with YB that even if judgement is enterered they will try to wriggle out of it. I am now waiting instructions re the warrent and waiting for MCOl to get back to me re my other complaint on my other case. Confused--you will be!!!! But I have found if you e-mail MCOL they respond quickly and listen to your case.
  6. Hi Lucy, I am in the same position I have a pre-hearing date of 2nd July with no directions from the judge. I e-mailed inga kirkman last night so we'll see if she reply's. I am not sure what to do either as it is not a court date. I'll watch your thread with interest
  7. Hi rootytoot, I have just sent you a pm re the questions you raised, if you need any further help just ask, I am not an expert but will let you know what has worked for me. Thanks
  8. Hi rootytoot, I'll copy you in on my letters and where I sent them to tonight just popping out. I did send covering letters for both and I'll look at my defence too I'm sure it's just standard but I'll let you know
  9. Hi rootytoot, I am in exactly the same postion apart from the fact that I did have the acoount number on my claim but I didn't send schedule with my claim. I too issued judgement that the bank have now had set aside as they say they have proof that they acknowledged (how I don't know as the court have no record). I have sent all the info to the court and YB as requested and the court have accpted this. I have also e-mailed MCOL regarding YB setting aside the judgement as they appear to to do this often and am waiting their reply. On a positive note YB put in a defence on my claim 2 that MCOL have sruck out and entered judgement at my request as there was a fault and I couldn't do it on line. As we are at similar stages I will watch your claim and we could try to help each other along the way.
  10. Hi Judge dredd, good luck and keep me updated. MCOL responded to my claim 2 and have entered judgement so I too have issued a warrent just have to sit tight now and wait I guess. It's frustrating when you have won by default and they still dont pay up!!!!
  11. Rang MCOL re claim 2 this morning they have thrown out YB defence and enterered my judgement. I have now executed a warrent. Still a feeling they will contest this. Still looking to write to MCOL re claim one and YB appealing the judgement has anyone done this before? Is there a template anywhere? Small victory on my part. Any advise/help appreciated.
  12. Hi Caro, I am in the same position re judgement to be set aside and want to write to the court as you suggested on this thread, where do i find the list in the litigation section? Sorry have tried to find it and am probably being thick.
  13. After filling in the AQ for abbey they have asked for a one month stay, even though I have left 8 messages on there answerphone and written to them to try and resolve- no answer. I have been given a pre- hearing court date do I need to prepare the court bundle for this date or do i wait for judges directions. Thanks
  14. Quick update Claim 2 - received letter from Northanpton County Court stating looking into my complaint and will get back to me within 5 days. Seperate letter received again from Northampton for the same claim saying judgement had been issued on 31may. This is the day after YB had filed their defence. I am now confused? Re claim 1 is there by any chance a draft letter anywhere that I could send to the court requesting that my judgement stands as looking at other threads yorkshire bank appear to have the majority of judgements set aside for differing reasons and this just appears to be a delaying tactic. Any help welcomed. I got £4K worth of charges back from Halifax within days of getting a court date and thought this would be similar, how wrong can you be.
  15. Thanks twoofus, have you won against YB? I'm not giving up, it infuriates me how I have done everything by the book and always been polite but then I have had nothing but attitude and rudeness from them.
  16. Hi Judge dredd, They are saying with my claim that they acknowledged service on the 4th and can prove that, how I dont know. I would issue the warrent if I were you as they have now stopped me doing so. It was the bank manager that got my back up saying send in the bailiffs to seize goods. Let me know how you get on as to me this is no longer just about the money!!!!
  17. I have two claims on going with YB. Claim 1 for £4019, claim 2 for £5239. Court proceedings were issued with MCOL on the 1st May. On the 15th May I received a letter from YB for claim 2 asking for account number charges ect as these weren't supplied with claim. Wrote back and copied the court with all correspondance as the account number was on the claim form. On the 22nd I entered judgement on claim 1 as this hadn't been acknowledged. I also rang MCOL and asked if I could enter judgement on claim 2 as they had been in contact with me but i hadn't heard from the court they said I could. When trying to enter judgement the amounts were coming up zero and I was told there was a technical fault but could send off a manual judgemet which i did. On the 30th May YB entered a defence for claim 2 when speaking to MCOL and stating I have been trying to enter judgement since the 22nd but couldn't as there was a problem with there system they said its unfortunate but it is whoever gets in there first but I could lodge a complaint which I did and am waiting for a reply. In the meantime I rang my branch (leeds city) asking for payment of claim 1. I was told by the manager it was with legel services department who were deciding whether to pay me or not. When I pointed out it was not if but how and the next stage was to send in bailiffs she said thats fine send them in to seize goods. yesterday I received a phone call from YB stating my MCOL had put a stop on my account as they are asking for the judgement to be set aside as they tried to acknowledge the claim on the 4th but the system wouldn't let them. Surely they should have sent in a manual request like I was told to do with my judgemet and in the words of MCOl it's whoever gets there first. I have now been told my casr has been put in front of the judge and it could be another 4-5 weeks before a decision is made on whether my judgement stands or if a court date will be issued. Reading other claims it seems YB quite often get judgements set aside and I feel like sceaming. Sorry for the long story but i had to get it off my chest!!!
  18. I had the same response as you, YB wrote to me to say they were going to defend but didn,t acknowledge or defend in the allocated time. I entered judgement on the 22 May. I have been in contact with YB for payment who told me to send in the bailiffs they were happy for them to seize goods. When I went back to MCOL a stop has been put on my account as YB are now asking for the judgement to be set aside saying they acknowledged the claim on the 4 th May. This seems quite commom practice for YB and very frustrating as they seem to think they are above the system.
  19. I am having exactly the same problem with yorkshire. A judgement was issued on the 22nd May. I rang up and spoke to Leeds city branch manager who firstly told me their legal dept were deciding whether to pay me or not. When i pointed out it was how not if they were going to pay and my next step was to send in the bailiffs she said thats fine send them in to seize goods. Since this I received a phone call from Yorkshire saying they acknowledged on the 4th and they have sent an appeal to the court. the court have no record of the appeal. So even when you win the fight is not over to get your money. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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