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  1. katsbubb

    ICY -v- Abbey

    If its any consoluation when Abbey ignored my latest e-mail I reveived a letter approx 10 days later saying they will pay up. It's Ronan who refuses to change the name on my cheque as well!!
  2. Hi thanks, I still have a reserve account in the company name which I can pay the cheque into but when I rang abbey and asked how I withdraw money from it they said you can't unless you transfer it to your current account of which of course i can't. I feel well and truely shafted and need the money to pay off business debts. Any advise appreciated and thants for the responses.
  3. Hi , it was in the company name but I was the only signotory on the account and the only shareholder. All correspondance was addressed to me with the company name underneath and sent to my home address. I asked for the cheque to be made payable to me but they just refused. Have I lost the money?
  4. Help please, Abbey paid in full plus charges plus interest the week before my hearing date. I still had to atend my hearing date as I hadn't received my cheque. The judge had gone home when I got to court as he said he didn't need to see me as abbey had wrote and said they would pay. Anyway to cut a long story short I received the cheque in my old complany name which has ceased trading. Abbey closed my business account due to being overdrawn (the full o/d amount was charges). I asked for the cheque to be in my name, the company was ltd but I was the sole director and a one man band. The cheque came in the company name which is useless as I can't cash it. Abbey will not change this as they say the debt was due to my company and not to me even though it was only me and refuse to change the cheque. I have even gone to high street cheque cashing places who won't touch it. My personal bank who I have been with for 18year won't cash it even though I have correspondance ect with my name and home address on it. The cheque if for just over £2500 and after all the pain of the last few months I really don't know what to do. Could someone please help??????
  5. Hi it was when I got judgement and they still refused to pay that got my back up. My legal advisor (partner) rang up my branch and spoke to the manager and informed her that if they didn't pay up we had ITV on 24 hour standby to film the baliffs going in to the branch and seizing goods. With this she suddendly gave us the legal dept number-the one she couldn't give us before. Nicola Caldwell 0141 2423 3719. My legal advisor told her the same thing. Within an hour they had contacted MCOL put a stop on my judgement and as if by magic they had proof they had acknowledged. Again my partner contacted them and said not good enough we were sending ITV in. Their independant solicitor (not in house) then rang and asked my partner was he a qualified solicitor he said he had never claimed he was he was my advisor. He also stressed we knew this was common practice with Yb and we were compiling a letter to the court as they always have judgements set aside. Later that day Nicola rang back to say she was checking the statements to see if the charges were correct. Less than a week later we had the cheques. I am not saying the route we took was the corrct one but it worked for us and if nothing else I beleive it showed the bank we weren't just going to accept their actions. Good luck to everyone still in the process you will get your money back.
  6. katsbubb

    ICY -v- Abbey

    Same response as mine word for word. It seems to be pot luck at what her response will be. Be interesting to see who gets their money first. Good luck
  7. katsbubb

    ICY -v- Abbey

    Has Inga responded to your last letter? I am at exactly same stage as you and sent her an almost identical letter. She will not negotiatiate on her origanal offer with me and says she can no longer help me!!! I am a bit stuck now. Just curious what she has said to you
  8. Congratulations and well done, it's a great feeling isn't it
  9. Hi judge Dredd just picked up your message. I will post details tomorrow can't lay my hands on them at the moment. Cheques paid in now and just waiting for them to clear, next weekend should be a good won. If a moderator is reading can you change my title to won please
  10. E-mailed Inga back after I found a letter on here saying I would be happy to pay charges if they would disclose there true value up until then I want full amount. She read my e-mail at 6.07pm but has not replied, hope bewcause she has read it she doesn't forget about it and it gets lost amongst all her others!!!
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