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  1. Rotherham huh..... Well...who am I to cast aspersions on such heady delights as Rotherham..lol Aint it a small world!! I once went to Corfu and literally one of the first people I bumped into when I arrived was the boyfriend who finished with me just before I met the new boyfriend I was on holiday with! lol Twas a very interesting situation. Old boyfriend looking a bit put out that I was OVER him in a big way and looking really chilled and happy...funny how things turn out! Oh...am rambling..not exactly what this forums about..but there ya go. Will post once I am starting to tango with the Halifax! Calam x
  2. OMG..are you from Sheffield????? lol I'm afraid sunny Donny is where I'm at unfortunately!! At least Sheffield has its very own cultural quarter!! lolol..well of sorts anyway! Calam
  3. Hi There Owl..! I have every intention of taking back what's mine!! I got the last lot of bank charges due to monies not going into my account when they should have done - then 6 DD coming out immediately after...OUCH !! I rang Halifax and had 2 refunded immediately..went into branch and got another 1 refunded, but they refused to refund the other 3. I was NOT impressed!!!! And the lady(?) who dealt with it in branch was a snooty so and so!! I don't take to being spoken to like a naughty child..especially when it wasn't my fault the DD's weren't covered!! So, I am gonna go for a full refund for these - plus previous charges. One of the DD was for around £2.78 - so wasn't impressed with the huge charge they levied for paying it! Thanks for the quick response Owl..nice to hear from a fellow Yorky! Calam
  4. Hi There All, I am starting on the rocky road to bank charge refund bliss! I don't think my charges amount to much more than £200-300, but thats a couple of hundred quid of MY hard earned money. So, am gonna go for it anyway. That is unless anyone thinks its not worth the time and effort for such a small amount?? Am going to read through all the relevant posts and start the ball rolling tomorrow! Hi to Bolton Pauly if he's around... Deb (Lil'Calam)
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