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  1. Thanks for your replies guys much appreciated. Will send updates when and if I hear anything back. thanks
  2. Hi DX really sorry but I can’t see the red stuff below . What am I meant to be looking at? I will send the statute barred letter updated Nov 19 but is there something else I should be looking at? thanjs for your time much appreciated
  3. Thanks for your reply dx100uk appreciate your help. Is this the barred letter Updated Nov 19? I not need to wait for agreement or send correspondence to Resolvecall? thanks
  4. Hi All, wondering if anyone can help with my situation. Had a card left through the letterbox yesterday from resolvecall saying they tried to visit me regarding my account. called them and asked what the account is referring to, they said a loan with MBNA taken out in 2007 with the last payment being received in October 2009. The loan has since been sold to Arrow global and instructed resolvecall to try and collect. I was silly when I turned 18 credit cards Loans etc and defaulted on a lot of my accounts. Paid some companies back, had a CCJ against me which is also cleared but I’m finally this last year improving my credit score and looking to get a mortgage in 6 months time. currently living with mother in law so I’m glad she wasn’t in when they knocked otherwise would be very embarrassing. On the phone I asked for the original agreement as I don’t recall the debt and they said they will contact arrow global to get this and send it in the post to me, they will also put the account on hold in the meantime. is there anything I can do from here? I thought after 6 years they cannot chase payments. I’ve checked credit file and there’s nothing showing on there for this debt. many help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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