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  1. Hi Jo That does help thank-you. I will definitely look at Direct.gov.uk and ACAS. It is good to know that if my contract is ended I may be able to do something about it. Looks like I'll be doing a bit more research into this afterall knowledge is power!! Appreciate your comments Many Thanks Chesham5
  2. Thank-you again and definitely fingers crossed!! Many Thanks Chesham5
  3. Dear Sidewinder Thank-you for the response. I did think that may be the case about 4 years but wasn't sure. I do get exactly the same treatment so that's not a problem. The last letter I received says That my contract has been extended until March 2008 or until the substantive postholder wishes to return. So looks like they've covered their bases and I would get the standard 4 weeks notice. Many Thanks for your help Chesham5
  4. Dear All Hope you can help me with some advice. I took over someone's substantive post in November 2005 whilst they went on Secondment. Initially my contract was for until March 2006. It was then extended until March 2007 and then again until March 2008. Do I have have any claim on the job as I have been in post over 2 years. I have been told my contract will end in March 2008 or if the substantive post holder wishes to return. However based on past experience the contract may be extended again but it is not a very nice position to be in. Can anyone help Many Thanks Chesham35
  5. Hi Happyolddog Thank-you so much for the info. Will read all the FAQ's and other people experience. Also keep everyone updated on progress. Thanks again:)
  6. I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hello. Already got rid of PPI from Northern Rock, ordered my bank statements and about to claim back my orderpaid Repayment Admin fee from Halifax Mortage. This is a great site and I'm glad to have found you
  7. Thanks for the advice diskmandave. Just concerned that it may affect my credit rating and want it removed from my report. Will wait and see if anything else happens
  8. Hi Everyone, new to the site and wanted some advice. Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else. Got my Equifax credit file and found two searches at two previous addresses for an outstanding debt by Target Professional Services. I think this must be because of the person I lived with at the time who had CCJs and would be his debt not mine. What to do next? Should I contact the DCA directly and ask for details or just ignore? I lived at the addresses between 2000 and 2002 and the searches where carried out in 2005. Any advice welcome
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