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  1. This topic was closed on 08 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi there, I just read your thread. Did you get anywhere with the police investigating the fraud for you, or find anyone else to look into the matter for you? I ask as the same thinghappened to me, and I am still hoping to get my situation dealt with. How have you left yours now?
  3. Yes, it seems to be a national problem rather than unique to those who experience it, although you feel it's so personal to you when your the victim. It's a disgrace..
  4. Hey found the link in The Times, it didn't shock or surprise me in fact it strengthened my case...grateful...
  5. I cant find the link on The Times for Wills, do you have a direct link?
  6. dax

    The Halifax

    The Abbey gave me backdated data to 1991, in 2006, but has anyone managed to obtain data from the Leeds Permanent Building Society at all within this forum, and if so who supplied it?
  7. dax

    The Halifax

    Yes rebel11, I am aware of the 6 year rule, still, has anyone gained access to data from a Mortgage account dating back to 1993? I mean can we commonly assume it likely most banks, building societys, still hold that info somewhere (in truth), or do we presume since all the bank reclaims started, the banks had a deliberate clear out to avoid having to produce it? Bookworm to the rescue please!
  8. dax

    The Halifax

    Can anyone tell me whether the Halifax can access Mortgage account details dating back to 1993 when the account was paid off and closed. Would it be archived on microfiche, and if so where? I have contacted them and they can not trace the account via any reference I give. The account was taken out with the Leeds Permanent Building Society but they merged, and were taken over by the Halifax 15 years ago. Been from pillar to post, any thoughts?
  9. Thats a lot of money for a bank to lend in a recesssion, did you not wonder why you hadnt been asked to sign anything, at any stage, not to open the account, not to borrow money, nothing? I'd be amazed already! Alarm bells would ring loud and clear..How come you didnt think to ask what interest rate you would be intending to pay on the loan when accounting, planning for your business, applying for the loan? I mean what attracted you to that lender, were loans being advertised for the taking? Anymore details, dieing to know..it beggars belief. By law, you may very well get away with keeping it if you keep your nerve, as a Judge would probably think very dimly of a Bank erring to that degree and teach them an example, its very debateable but black and white in law I think, dependent on the Judge you get. You must stay around to let us know what happens and keep us all updated, it's classic!
  10. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?609-Can-t-find-the-letter-you-want-Look-here you didnt say whether it was a preliminary enquiry you were making on behalf of someone after you, or a preliminary hearing in court? In the Library on the right hand side there are links you can look through and hopefully find what you want. If it to difficult, use this http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/bank-charges#reclaim and here for advice through the journey...
  11. Yes you are supposed to place an advert so that people can claim anything they may be owed, due etc from the estate if applicable. It covers you, so you gave others the opportunity to claim from the estate and express their interest before you dispose of any assets to the legal beneficiaries.
  12. Police and the LSC, ignoring fraud reported..
  13. Has anyone any updates with their cases, i'm looking in here after an absence, should I assume Blemain lost/won or are still hanging? In my case it's the latter, is it the same for you?
  14. If you have absolutely no money at all to pay a parking fine, can it be written off?
  15. Its the same old, same old with Blemain and they use the same tactics on everyone. Crime pay's, because their getting away with it and have been for years, we are after all, the gullable public, vulnerable or desperate, to have enlisted their services in the first place. I know I was, im a whooole lot wiser now! Just need my money back and to watch them get screwed. I hate seeing new arrivals here because I know what Blemain put me through and someone else is having that experience, which no one should.
  16. Ok was just about to suggest these guys but then I heard a review from someone else..link here Cartel Client Review. Has anybody used this to claim money from lenders?_Credit Does anyone here have any experience of them at all?
  17. I thought so, according to Sprouty's message? However the link above Midge added refers to a differant case scenario im gathering?
  18. Midge, thats made my day and the best news ive heard. I am so happy that someone eventually got them to Court and WON!!!!!! About time.....makes me feel I must never give up and get cracking again myself over what they did to me...FANTASTIC. BIG congratulations to Peter Bently, terrific result!
  19. Have they taken this on Pro-bono for individuals or are the people involved having to pay fees to get this to court through Capital law. You say they are selecting 17 cases, so where do they get the cases from out of interest. Is it that more than that number of people have approached Capital Law specifically, individually and coincidentaly. Do you have details of who is dealing with that matter also as I would like to make contact with them too. I know I can google and contact them, but if youve any prior knowledge to assist. I would really appreciate it. I really NEED a professional to tackle what they did to me.
  20. Just looked at the bill btw and its broken down as: £125 clamp release fee £45 penalty notice ( never got one) £45 call out charge £45 tow call out £165 tow away fee funny, the signed name on the receipt for having taken my payment over the phone with the time I paid it today. Is the same person ive been speaking to all along. Only his names changed as he said he was someone else yesterday. Joker!
  21. Thanks for all the advise above and ive got to get on the case to try to get the money back. I'll add it to my 'stitch up Merchants' file, which is turning into a social encyclopedia.
  22. Just got my car back and had to pay the £425. It was left on a disused garage forecourt owned by Texaco in Walthamstow. I had contacted the police who said it wasn't a criminal offence, but a civil one so they wouldn't act on the theft point, that there was no contact details available to retrieve my car, so its whereabouts where unknown to me to get it back. I asked the bloke today how he managed to get away with that and he insisted that the number on the sign automatically connected to his mobile number so was a valid contact. However, I tried calling it Monday evening and Tuesday morning and it was unobtainable, so hes telling lies. The man clearly operates from his sofa too as every time I have spoken to him ive heard small children or a child in the background. He probably sits all day watching out the window for someone to park their car on his spot. Yesterday I said to him that he must make lots of money daily from this, asking when the last person he ensnared at the same spot was. He said actually no one has been caught parking there for a while. Today he said , he knew the number on the sign worked as it had been ringing all day. When I then said, but I thought you said no one had been caught parking there for a while, he said, well its not the only place we tow people from is it, theres loads of them. So like I said, he's raking in silly money daily and the sign is designed not to be seen, so he can do, just that!
  23. The car was removed in my absence. The police can't intervene on private property to do with these offences. As it stands, it is a civil matter. The SIA have already been informed and are investigating. I spoke to the Director of the company today, Sanga Securities Ltd, and he's found a loophole that covers him. Lest of course the Government get involved and make him accountable, which is on the cards. Heres how its broken down: Clamp release fee £125, penalty notice £45, call out charge £45, total release fee £215. or Tow away £165, Tow truck call out £45, plus storage. I dont know how my £425 was worked out. (((((((UNBELIEVEABLE)))))))
  24. The Heres the thing, the amount to pay will rise daily and I have to find the money to pay to get it back.
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