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  1. Well 10 months later and still nothing , I have had no contact form either claimant or court , I know it was transferred to my local court but they were awaiting certain documents from the claimant which they had sent a reminder . Is there a process where I can apply for this to be kicked out due to time , its been 10 nearly 11 months and I'm guessing the claim is technically still live. Surely they cant leave it like this indefinately
  2. Still nothing , now 7 months , local court have the case but still no reply from BW
  3. Thanks Andy , will do , although I do have a N271 notice of transfer of proceedings that was received in February
  4. Just another update .... no news at all , no contact from the local court , no contact from BW, is it best let sleeping dogs lie ?
  5. I did receive a copy of their DQ but I think it came from them and not the court, they had declined mediation on it which I thought was a bit odd but never the less. As I received the original I should receive the replacement (not sure if there is anything on this which if changed could effect the case )Back to waiting it is then .. is there a timescale after which I can apply to get things quashed or kicked out . on 6 months now
  6. After 2 emails to the local court I today received a letter from the local court:"On looking at the court file it appears the original copy of the claimants Directions Questionaire has gone astray , Northampton contacted them asking for a further copy prior to transfer to the local court. This has still not arrived . The local court has contacted the claimant asking for an email copy to be sent. On receipt this will be passed to a judge for directions and an order prepaired and sent tio both parties"Any comments? , seems a little shoddy to me as I bet if any of my documents had " gone astray"
  7. Ok , this period of nothing happening makes me a little nervous , it's over 2 months since I received the transfer
  8. To be exact the letter was N271 notice of transfer of proceedings , that was all that was sent
  9. No the allocation was one sheet of paper , just informing both sides which court it was allocated to and nothing else , this was dated 11th of february
  10. Just an update ,DQ completed and returned , BW refused mediation when I ticked I would, received an allocation to my local court 4 weeks ago but nothing else since , no contact from the local court , nothing from BW or Lowells ........does it always take so long or is this unusual considering the original claim was November last year,
  11. I kind of miss my daily calls off 'Mike the MMF doorstep collector' over the months I think that we have bonded although I know that he cant hear my voice (being just a digital recording) but I think there is definately a connection between us ... I wait patiently for his appearence to collect my doorstep but yet to meet him yet( I do understand that if he is THE doorstep collector then his round is only a little smaller than santa)
  12. I wonder ha ha, that's the thing that baffled me, in 80% of the similar situations to mine with the same 2 highly reputable company's the method of action has been aSD , just wondering why I'm so special
  13. I sent them a copy just to be compliant and I did receive one back from them. Now I guess its just a case of sit back and wait. Still no reply to either of my requests but I am aware that now the proposed allocation is for small claims that my CPR request is out of the window , and serves no purpose other than to demonstrate a reluctance to communicate with me I have done as much reading on similar situations not only on this site but with others, one thing that slightly baffels me is that they have come after me with a claim rather than go down the SD route which on what I can gather seems to
  14. UpdateI have received Notice of N149 proposed allocation plus N180 Directions Questionaire to be returned by 5th of FebruaryApart from a notice of intend to continue with the claim from BW there have been a reasonable number of automated messages asking for me to get intouch I have ticked yes to mediation, agreed with proposed track , entered my local court as venue and signed , I am sending this tomorrow by first class recorded to Northampton Cout office (address they provided for return). The N149 says about serving copies on all other parties .... Do i take it that I photocopy the forms aft
  15. defence submitted after requesting an extention as neither of my requests have been complied with , response from bw was no extension as they have no record of receiving a request ??? I have proof it was delivered on the 18th. Defence = non compliant to S78 request
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