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  1. Cheers for your replies guys, I rang the bank and got them to transfer the money back to the account it came from. I have also reported it to the police who took all the details. I also tried to report it to HMRC, crimewatch and action fruad after being bounced around on the phone for a while. All of whom said that it wasn't their department. HMRC only deal with people who have transferred the money via western union but are not interested in organisations trying but without success for some reason. Surely people trying to money launder are of as much interes
  2. Hi, I think I might have got myself into some kind of [problem] and an very concerned. I'll try and make describe my situation as simple as possible, please ask if you need any additional information. I am currently looking for work and was emailed by a company called tech innovations who found my CV an a jobsite offering me a job. I signed an online contract( don't know the validity of this). They asked me to receive money into my personal account and then transfer it via western union. They make many claims than this is all legal and just want to transfer mo
  3. Twas a secret msg for lateralus.
  4. Cheers, Priliminary sorted p.s. Tool and Spiders rock
  5. thanks, i got an account but i cant still cant find it, could you be more spacific on the location?
  6. Hello, I have got my charge details from the internet and am up to using the spreadsheets to work out the interest but i cant seem to get the link to work. Is there any other way I can get the spreadsheet?
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