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  1. Thanks Mimi and JonCris - I hope I've got everything, only just realised I've left my copies of bank statements out so printing those out now!
  2. Its finally printed out - all 259 pages of it! I've got to pay to get it copied out, so can I charge the bank for that if i win? Thanks.
  3. I've just spent the day getting my Court Bundle together, and wondered if you could take a look at it and see if I've got everything - its massive! Contents: Witness Statement Latest Schedule of Charges Correspondence Relevant Case Law Summary Early Day Motion OFT's Action on Credit Card Charges The Competition Commission Report The McNamara Interview Australian Default Fees Report BBC Commission Conclusion Dunlop V New Garage UTCCR 1999 UCTA 1977 SOGA 1982 I'm going to the Small Claims Court in August.
  4. I'm still putting together my bundle. Just out of interest can I claim for charges which I made since I began this procedure?
  5. Thanks everyone, I'm just getting the court bundle together now. I'm having difficulty finding settled cases I can use as examples - can anyone give me a link to them?
  6. Hi MimiJane, I've just been reading your thread and sounds like you are just as stressed as I am! The letter says; 'Deputy District Judge Brown has considered the statements of case and allocation questionnaires filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track. The hearing of the claim will take place at 14:00 on the 17th August and should take no longer than an hour. Witness statements should be included in the documents filed and served including those of any individual party. Witnesses must attend unless advised otherwise. Court may disregard document etc if directions not complied with. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including any experts report) on which he intends to rely at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing. The original documents shall be brought to the hearing' So what are all these documents they are referring to?
  7. Right, I've finally got my day in court in August, which seems like ages away but I know I've got a lot of preparation to do before then! So any tips for what I need to do? I know I need to get some papers ready for A and L and the court in advance, and assume I'll need to take some on the day too. Also what happens if A and L turn up at court???!!!
  8. Just another update. I haven't heard from the court following my Draft Direction letter. However, A and L have responded to my nudge letter by repeating their previous offer of £198. They have responded to my Schedule of Charges by saying 'it does not deal with the issue in relation to the Particulars of Claim, which would require a formal amendment under order of the Court, or where you will need to introduce these details into evidence for the Court (by way of a witness statement or otherwise) during the course of the proceedings. We say this not to be difficult, but only as a comment on the Court rules' Can anyone put this into English for me?!!!
  9. Thanks BlimeyBoy! Its all starting to become a bit clearer now! I've now sent out a Schedule of Charges to both the court and Wragge and Co. Also because the court have chosen to dispense with the Allocation Questionnairre, as suggested in another thread I have sent to Wragge and Co a 'nudge' letter suggesting they call it a day, and I have sent the court a Draft Direction letter suggesting we all provide information within 14 days etc. So now I just have to wait to hear from somebody! I'm just thinking about the information I will have to prepare and I'm not sure I have all of the information for the court. I have my Schedule of Charges, my statements (can they be Internet Banking printoffs? and do I need to highlight the charges?). I'm not sure which Statement of Evidence applies to my case (post 55); http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/53570-new-strategy-allocation-questionnaires-3.html Then I have the Basic Court Bundle. Is this all I need?
  10. I am just reading through the defence and under the section on the charges, they justify each one of the charges I am claiming for. These are Paid Item Fee, Failed Transaction Fee and Unauthroised Overdraft Fee. They state that each of these is reasonable and I agreed to them when I opened the account. How am I supposed to respond to this?
  11. Thanks JonCris - I have now read through the FAQ and created a Schedule. I actually started off on the Daily Mail website and followed their steps to start with - they then send you over to this website when things get nasty which is why I seem to be doing things the wrong way round! Will it harm my claim that I'm sending in my Schedule at such a late stage? I will send a copy to Wragge and Co and the courts with a covering letter.
  12. Will the schedule of charges be my past statements with the charges highlighted? I came to this forum from another website and seem to have missed out a lot of the steps, so when I read other people's posts they don't really make sense!
  13. Ok, I have now received 2 copies of the defense - one from Wragge and Co and one from the court. Whats this AQ I'm waiting for? Also as yet nothing has been mentioned about a court date - will this happen? Lastly, I'm panicking that I haven't sent a particular claim to anyone - all I did was send letters to A&L asking for the total amount and fill out the MCOL - I haven't been asked for the total amount to be broken down, or for a more detailed breakdown of my claim, or why I think its unfair! I've got this horrible image of me in court being ripped to pieces by a nasty A&L solicitor!
  14. Right I am panicking now because I'm not sure what my next move is. A and L have filed a defence from their solicitors but I haven't received this questionnaire from the courts - do i need to wait for this or do I need to do something???
  15. So do I need to reply to their defense?
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