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  1. Fair wear and tear is a bit subjective? The car is 9 years old with nearly 13000 on the clock. If I disagree with any damage that they claim is not down to normal wear and tear is there anything I can do? Thanks for the responses.
  2. Hi dx thanks for the reply. No arrears, I have the agreement and it has the 50% clause in. Took out GAP insurance which was one months payment paid as the first payment. The car has 18 months left on finance which will amount to the best part of £4,500, I reckon the car is worth about £1,200 now and probably will fetch £600 at auction. I would like to get out of this millstone finance agreement and know I can get a better car much cheaper.
  3. Hi, long time since I've visited this site! I have a car the is financed by British Credit Trust. The car was financed over 6 years!! There is 18 months left of the agreement which has been extortionate in the cost, I now want out of it and wish to voluntary terminate the agreement. What are the steps i need to take? Is there a template? What can I expect from BCT with regards to hidden charges? Will they try and claim any damage to the vehicle? Many thanks for any help and advice offered.
  4. i am changing my car and changing finance companies. the old company took payments via my debit card. barclays have told me that they can't stop any payment on the card....so if the company chose to do so they can continue to take payments even if the debt is settled, barclays wont stop the payments, just start a dispute procedure with the company! i find it worrying that barclays would not stop a card transaction not made with a signature or pin number when i ask them to....any thoughts?
  5. Wife spoke to barclays yesterday about a couple of charges that were applied to her account. They always refunded her in the past. But this time they point blank refused. Her wages went in the same day as they deducted a direct debit, the payments must have been within hours of each other but the £30 charge was applied. The girl at barclays even admited that it was a penalty charge! Says she will put terms and conditions in the post to show that when the account was opened wife agreed that barclays can apply these charges. barclays seem very arrogant now and I now think it's because of the OFT
  6. Got a cheque today for full amount and a letter saying here is cheque for claim for unfair charges! so can someone show this as won please and thanks to all who have helped......now onto barclays:D
  7. thanks a lot slickwilly, guess we file a claim and just wait until the OFT case is heard.....ostrich hibernate?...I guess I did over the summer,,,filed a claim against a finance company with MCOL and out of interest checked up on it thinking they would defend and go onto hearing, but they forgot to defend. I won the claim without any of the court stuff....lucky i think
  8. Read a bit more and am I right in the fact that not all courts are staying the hearings? MCOL not a route to take now? Seems from a list that I read that my local cc is proceeding as normal...sorry for sounding confused but County court route still viable?
  9. Sorry to be an Ostrich:) but have been out of this stuff since the biggining of the summer(?!!). Wish i had taken on B's when I first got my statements now. Ombudsman route? read that this was the way that the companies that charge 25% get your charges back, and that the bank always pays this way. Any thoughts? Am i going to be throwing away my court fee by going down the small claims route? Where can I read about this OFT case? (forgive bad spelling )
  10. I have read somewhere about going down the banking ombudsman route. What is this and is it a viable option for myself?
  11. Have sent prelim letter asking for charges back recorded delivery today. If they add any more charges to my account from now can I still claim them back? What's all this I read about some ppl getting claims stayed awaiting for an OFT court judgement? Is this happening to all bank small claims cases?
  12. Returning to the Barclays claim now having successfully won back £755 from online finance. Had the statments and done the calculations and Barclays owe me £2345 in charges over the last 5 years... What is the best address to send the letter requesting them to send back the charges? Head office? I now know it is very important to get the right address for the MCOL (box numbers cannot be used as you can't send round a bailiff to a box No!!)_
  13. Update and important advice for anyone taking on online or gmac. They promised me a cheque by friday last week - didn't arrive despite lots of phone calls to try and avoid issuing a warrant. Advice...with regards to online finance and making a money claim on line (MCOL) do not use the PO Box address as this prolongs the claim and warrant process and the CCJ cannot be registered against a PO Box ( I am filling in a registry trust document to have it registered). The address is: HEOL-Y-GAMLAS, PARC NANTGARW, TREFOREST INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, TREFOREST, CARDIFF CF15 7QU. Spoken to court today an
  14. I think I am nearly there, after many phone calls to olf. Today is the last chance for them to send me a cheque then i issue a warrant. They keep saying that they are processing the cheque but still one hasn't arrived, some kind of authorising mix up they said today.
  15. yeah i put in to be paid imediately. The lady i spoke to today said her manager was dealing with it, she was going to e-mail him and ring me back. Should I ring again tomorow?
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