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  1. Hi Sal. Whats this all about going back further than the 6 years, has something changed. Bolton1
  2. By my calculations the original 40 days are up on Monday.Give the cal centre a ring on 08457 212212 and ask them for an update.
  3. Hi, you seem a bit confused as to what to send and when. If you sent the SAR for your statements on the 17th April, they have 40 days to give you the information. You should also have sent a cheque or postal order for £10. After you have received the statements you should send them the preliminary letter requesting your money back and giving them 14 days to do it. after this you should send them the LBA - Letter Before Action giving them another 14 days. You probably won't have got your money back at this stage. The next step is to file in court, this gives them 14 days to say if they are going to defend the claim which they normally say they are going to do and if so they have a further 14 days to put in their defence. From experience the co-op pay out before having to put in a defence.The bit about having 8 weeks to look in to your original letter is a bit confusing. Normally this is sent out when they receive the preliminary letter and under FSA rules they have 8 weeks to deal with a complaint although this does not supercede the 14 day blocks as outlined above. As your request for statements is not a complaint I think that they have sent you those letters in error. They only have 40 days in which to give you the statements otherwise you can report them to the information commisioner. When you do get your statements follow the procedure abocve. Also always send communications by recorded delivery. Hope it helps. If you need more info give me a shout.
  4. Hi Barbara. To be honest it is virtually impossible to claim back the debit interest as it is to hard to work out which part of it apllies to the charges. My claim was for £3,700 and the debit interest in total only came to £100 without working out what % of that was for the interest on the charges. I wouldn't bother with the interest just go for the big stuff!! If you are unsure what to claim, have a look at my threads or give me a 'shout'.
  5. Have a look at my threads, it will go through the procedures for you. If you need any help give me a shout.
  6. Congratulations Chelsea, it feels really good doesn't it. Enjoy your money
  7. PM a Mod with claim number, bank username and amount
  8. Its 40 earth days so weekends and B/H are included. Phone them up and ask them to confirm that you will receive them as if not they are in breach of the DPA.
  9. The claim should be in your friends name as you have no legal right to be claiming the money. There are no issues under the human rights act and you the need to separate the amount claimed and the interest claimed, 2 separate boxes on document. Total amount claimed will be charges plus interest plus court fees.
  10. Stick to your timetable. Send the LBA after the 14 days is up from the prelim letter with the correct spreadsheet attached.
  11. Just a quick update, Co-op have settled in full, see my other thread for info.
  12. Hi Chelsea, I don't think that it makes any difference if you phone or not. From what they told me, they do not want to get into having to put in a defence therefore they settle before the 28 days even though they do say at the beginning they will defend the claim. If you take my situation as an example, I would contact them one week before the 28 days are up, they then seem more than happy to agree settlement over the phone followed up by a letter from you agreeing that it is full and final settlement of the claim you have put into the court. Hope it helps Gareth
  13. I've got the bug now Sal, Cap One, Barclaycard and Forthright Finance next.
  14. Cheers Bud, I am over the moon. Really nice guy that I spoke to. Anyway further to talking to them on Friday, I phoned again today bloke was REALLy apologetic about delays, said that the co-op didnt want to enter into any court stuff and asked if I was happy with full settlement. Didn't use MCOL filed in Manchester Court cos I live near there and they are based there To be honest, they are a decent bunch and a lot better than the others. However they react a damn site better when they know you have filed in court, I didnt send the prelim and saved myself two weeks although I know that it is not the best way to do it. Anyway, had a good few slurps toniht, CHEERS CO_OP. Gareth
  15. The Co-op have just settled for the full amount!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. WHHHHOOOOOOPPPPPEEEEEEE. They won't go to court and have just settled with me over the phone for full amount plus 8% interest plus court fees plus an extra £43 quid accrued interest since I put the claim in which I didn't even ask for. Money will be in account tomorrow. Havin a bloody good few drinks tonight. Thanks Everyone. Gonna stay on this site though to help any others. I just love it. Gareth
  16. Hi, welcome to the forum. Hav a look at the various threads and it will you a good idea about timescales etc and how the co-op are dealing with the claims. if you need help feel free to give me a shout
  17. Hi, have a look at my threads.
  18. No you can't. When you send the LBA ( Letter Before Action) amend the charges etc that you have made a mistake on, with a new spreadsheet. You must deduct the commission refunded and the fees refunded as well as the other stuff that we 'spoke' about. Do not include the 8% interest at this stage. When they do not pay up after the LBA, then you add the interest when you file in court, plus the court fees of course:) . Hope it helps. Have a great B/H Weekend . Hold the CAG faith!!
  19. From the figures you have quoted the £2467 seems correct. You need to put them onto the spreadsheet and send off your preliminary letter by recorded delivery. BTW does the 414.50 include any fees refunded as this seems quite high just for charges on the privilege account unless you have had the account for quite a while.
  20. Calm Down, it's only a claim!! LOL. They will amend it anyway however if it's just the prelim you have sent, put the correct figures on the LBA after the14 days with an explanatory note. Remember that the statutory interest isn't added until you file in court
  21. Strange things are happening!!! Just phoned the bank (team 560) who informed me that my claim had been transferred to their managed accounts section as I had filed in court, even though that was three weeks ago and they only have one week left to put in a defence. So, I phoned managed claims and spoke to a lovely lady called Anita who told me that as I had filed in court they had less time than the FSA 8 week complaint period to deal with ( at last somebody who knows what they are talking about!!!) and it would be sorted out before the 4 week legal period is up ie next Friday. So Folks, it looks like they do not put in a defence in court although don't hold your breath as I haven't got it back yet.
  22. Just PM'd u Blue, go onto my thread to give me an update rather than acky's
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