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  1. Hi guys! Got a response from the court who have confirmed to me the case is still stayed! So what is the best thing for me to do now? Should I withdraw the case and send on to the FOS (who is about as useful as a chocolate teapot!), or just forget about it altogether?? I am still unemployed, and TBH if I got any kind of result, it would be a real Godsend. Any and all advice welcome. Thanks Guys! The Cat
  2. Well, I'm still awaiting a response from the court, which I assume will be next week. Watch this space!
  3. I'm awaiting a response from the court. If it HAS been struck out, then I would be interested to know where any relevant paperwork was sent!!
  4. Hi Freaky! How are you? Any advice or help you could give would be great - thanks very much!!
  5. Yes, I know Welcome are no more (Wonder why? Is it because they are robbing ********??). And I know that the FSCS are dealing with all Welcome claims from their offices. No - the loans were all separate. All have now been settled in full. The PPI's been settled. Looks as though I also have a claim WEG the insurance the sneaky gits added on without my knowledge. My question was: Is anyone else in the same position? And have they received paperwork to facilitate their claim?? Just wondering when to apply the thumbscrews!
  6. Did you mean the original paperwork sent for the claim? I got some forms from FSCS, completed them and sent them back. On the section where it asked did I know about the PPI, I stated I did not know, and that Home Emergency cover had been added on, even though I distinctly remember it being offered, and I did tell them at the time I already had similar cover with Direct Line. The Life Insurance I didn't even know about until I called to query whether the money deducted for the HE had been included in my settlement. It was the FSCS who told me!
  7. Hi all - MODS - If this isn't the correct forum, please feel free to move. Thanks!! I had a PPI claim with Welcome which I have just had settled (after 4 months!). On a couple of the loans, life insurance and home emergency insurance were added to the loans without my permission or knowledge which only came to light as I was beginning my PPI claim. I called the FSCS to ask why the insurance wasn't added to my claim amount, even though I had mentioned it in the paperwork I sent. Was told that I wasn't the first one to ask about this and that a database was being compiled to which my name and details had been added, and that paperwork would be sent about it at a later date. Is anyone else in this position? TIA
  8. Hi all - The Cat is back! Just musing. Haven't heard anything from anyone about the claim. It might well have been struck out, and will need to check with the court tomorrow. I am still unemployed, and have heard that my claim might well be allowed by the Financial Ombudsman if I can go down that route claiming hardship. Is anyone able to shed light on this please? TIA
  9. Quick update for you all... This morning, I received in the post a copy of Hillesden's complaints procedure - If you could call it that. It was actually a flow chart which was cut off at the edge....I'll scan & post up later. It was sent together with a copy of the letter they sent me earlier this week. I reckon they realised they dropped a ricket and dispatched a copy of the requested 'procedures' ASAP before I complained. I wonder if the Signguard I used on the letter gave a clue?
  10. No copy of the complaints procedure. To be fair to them, it did state in the letter the procedures were enclosed but they were not like I say. Should I still go ahead and complain, or do the decent thing and allow them to send? I've also sent another mail to the court just to clarify that the stay is still in force. That's what I surmised from the original mail, but wanted to make sure.
  11. Morning all! Quick update for you.... Got a letter from Hillesden this morning. Basically they confirm the following: They were passed the account from HSBC who remain the legal owner of my account They did not know my claim was still subject to court proceedings They claim a copy of the complaints procedure is enclosed. Of course, no such copy was sent! They have returned my PO, and placed my account on hold pending confirmation from HSBC that the case is still stayed... Oh dear, oh dear -Looks as though HSBC were in such a hurry to get their hands on my (non-existant) dough, they clean forgot I still had a case against them! I await the next instalment with interest (excuse the pun!)
  12. Yup! That's what I thought.... Ah well - I wish them joy of that. Given the situation here, I guess they'll be in for a LOONNNGGGG wait!!!
  13. Just found this on the Intrum Justitia website.... http://www.intrum.co.uk/debt-collection-and-surveillance.asp It makes me wonder if my letter WAS received before they sent the last missive.
  14. Ha ha! Yes - I noticed that too. Never heard of this before... Meanwhile, I checked with Royal Mail as to when my letter was delivered. Seems it was delivered 11th Feb, but the signature's like nothing you've ever seen - I kid you not, my 3 YO nephew's got better writing than that!! Anyway, I'll print off the proof, scan and add to my files. Give them a chance to reply (oops I meant ignore). What has been your experience with DLC/Hillesden?
  15. I've re-sent the attachments. Hopefully, you'll get them this time!
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