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  1. This topic was closed on 08 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Dear All, If this has been answered before then I apologise in advance. I have a card with egg with a balance of roughly 4k on it. I want to know from egg how this breaks down, i.e. £3500 purchases and £500 cash. They said they dont have this information (which they have to, to be able to charge for it). Before I go off on a big rant at them has anyone had similar experiences and how do you get the information out of them. I know I could work it out give the two interest rates but they have the information why dont they just supply it? I have been given this information from other c
  3. Dear All, Last November I had my laptop stolen, the insurers replaced it (via iVal and PC World). This was delivered with no documentation etc. Just the laptop. Now fast forward to June this year, the laptop has developed a fault, the power socket has become loose and it will not now charge. The PSU is working fine - I have tested it. I spoke to iVal they got pc world to send me a letter about the guarantee etc. I have now spoke to PC world and I didnt actually order the laptop - the insurers did. They are refusing to even speak to me as it isnt my name on the purchase. I have
  4. Hi Dave, This thread is fantastic, I requested my CCA with MBNA back at the begining of the year and completely forgot about it, although the card is about 10 years old now. I think I had better follow this up as they have been hassling me for the past few months etc. I will be following this thread with interest to see how you get on with MBNA. Good Luck PC
  5. Dear All, You help is much appreciated with a problem I have; I have a loan with first national (GE Money) variable rate, in the past they have always written to me to say the rate was changing and payments will change accordingly. About 2 years ago they offered me a better rate than we were on and we signed up. Since then I have had no letters from to say the interest rate on the account has gone up etc. I have phoned them today and the rate is 1.5% higher than what it was. There expaination for this was because my monthly hasnt changed they dont need to write to me, although t
  6. I have some bad news and ome good news, frst the bad news - I have to keep paying, but the good news is that they hae to honour the guarantee, whilst the finance is in place. If we have a problem we just have to phone them, they will send us a form we fill it in and they send somebody out, apparently. I have asked for confirmation in writting for this from them just to makesure. So thats that wrapped up, errr for now. Thanks for you help. Paul
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I am going to give them a call next week, I have found the original contract / documentation and it says whilst you are paying finance we will honour the guarantee, or words to that effect. I will call the as I say I have a problem with one of the windows and I need someone to come and sort and see what they do. If they do not honour this, are they in breach of contract then? thanks, Paul
  8. The guarantee is provided by both st helens glass and in the finance contract is says they guaranteed whilst still paying the finance (I think). I have just found this article on the web which kind of explains stuff with the finance, ST HELENS GLASS LIMITED. It looks like I will have to keep paying, but I will take it up with first national next week. Thanks
  9. Dear All, I would like some advice we got some windows around 6 years ago from st helens glass on a 10 year term (yes - I know it was stupid). I am still paying for them, as people may known st helens glass went bust around 6 months ago. The finance was with first national arranged through st helens glass, in the contract it says whilst you are still paying you get insurance on your windows etc. Now they have gone bust, where does that leave my guarantee? Do I have to keep paying the finance? Not that I am being cheap or anything (I have borrowed the money I should pay it back)
  10. Dear All, I have done a credit check on line with creditexpert, and some of my informaiton, i.e. debtors are missing? Is this normal? Also the amounts which are on here - well some of the them are incorrect? I had a default a couple years ago on an account, that account is missing from the report. Although the account is still active. Hope you can help Thanks, Paul
  11. Dear All, Whilst ignoring my current debt problem the nasty wet monster issued a defatult for £250 against on 13th with 2 weeks to pay. Although I paid £120 towards it and I am going to pay the rest when the banks open on Tuesday, what is going to happen. I would claim all my bank charges back with them but when it comes to the crunch I dont have the spare cash to take them to court. Many Thanks for any advice, Paul
  12. I have considered using one of these companies, a local solicitor was advertisiing in the local paper for it. I just dont have a money to take the abbey to court - i got to this stage last time and I didnt have the money for the court fees - therefore my thinking was if they was paying for it all let them take there cut, although I have lost the contact details of the local company and it didnt state its feees, my claim was for roughly £1500. Paul
  13. Dear All, I started the process of claiming all my charges back around 6 months ago and I got to the stage where I needed to take them to court, but I didnt have the money to do it. Can I restart this claim and try and get the money again? Many Thanks, Paul
  14. Thanks for you help, looks like I will have to wait until payday!! damm! Paul
  15. I am just about to issue a claim against shabby, but before doing so I wanted to know the ough costs from the money claim wesbite - my claim is for £1400 ish inc interest. Any help much appreciated Paul
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