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  1. Well done! I have to say that I'm tempted to proceed full steam ahead with a claim. Lynn, if you don't mind me asking what was your defence? Thanks
  2. I parked in a Vistors Parking bay on a private development, which was clearly marked for visitors. The signage in the car-park made no reference to visitors parking in designated bays to have permits to do so. I found that my car clamped at 11:20pm on a Sunday night and it was subsequently towed at 1:45am. I was told that I had to pay £427.00 to get the car released!!! I attended the depot and very relecutantly paid the amount due, to release the car (I had little choice). Before I was allowed to take posession of my car I was asked to sign a Damage Report Sheet. The clampers had checked the car presumably at some point between clamping, towing and storage and found there only to be 3 small scratches on the paintwork. However, when I inspected the vehicle i found the front bonnet to be cracked and grease hand prints all over the front of the car. I told them that this damage was caused by them due to their negligence and carelessness, they disagreed (no surprises there!). I asked them for their insurance details and they told me I had to write in and 'appeal' within 14 days. How on earth to do these [edit] get away with this sort of operation? I have written to them stating my point and requesting their insurer details, but I am not holding my breathe for a favourable response. I am considering taking them to a County Court over this. Has anyone had any experience with this Company or indeed the likely chance of success (they apparently are a frequent feature on watchdog and local north london newspapers!!) If it does go to Court, I could possibly make them a Part 36 Offer to settle, i.e. refund those fees incurred and I will drop the insurance claim?!
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