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  1. Hi Renegotiation. The court hearing for the C.O (egg) now DLC is this week. Long story but was given a date last week and had day off work only to be told by court receptionist that the judge had adjourned it to this week and had let solicitors know 18 days ago,and that they in turn should of notified us. Incidently, solicitor turned up as well and knew nothing about the adjournment either. He rang his office (in front of us), and they told him, conveniently, they had received it that very morning! So went home, me in tears only to go through it again this week. DLC have always stated
  2. Loved your letter, on a stressful day it really made me laugh. I wish I had your confidence. Good luck and thanks again for advice you have given meX
  3. Thank you Rory32 and all who have answered questions. So if they don't send the agreement they can't go for a CCJ and therefore C.O or force us to sell?. If they still try what do we need to do once we hear they are going to give us a CCJ or even forthwith judgement. Do we go to court and tell judge 1st credit haven't complied and sent us this information? If they do send it to us, then we have to hope that payments we have already made over past six months will be accepted by judge.
  4. Sorry to be a pain, but because we have been and still are paying a monthly amount via Payplan does this make any difference or do 1st Credit still have to provide a true copy of the credit agreement if we ask for it before taking us to court.
  5. Wow, Ok so we will request this just in case they don't have it. Maybe they have lost it! Its worth a try, I am learning something new every day. Thanks very much, can't stop worrying about loosing the house. X
  6. Hi, MTAR (sorry abbreviated as bit long)! Thanks for your response. Payplan told us that yes Citi Bank did accept payments via them and I have all statements showing interest was stopped. So when you say that 1st Credit can't do anything is that really true! just hoping it is. Also what is a CCA request and is there a template letter for this. Would this help us in our case not sure what it is or how it will help. Is it about agreement my husband would have signed, if so, if they have it surely there would be nothing we could do and they must have it I guess. Sorry to babble
  7. Hi all, I havn't posted on this part of the forum before. Don't know whether anyone can help. My husband and I have been in a DMP with payplan since January this year. Most creditors have stopped interest. One of which was Citi Bank £4,522.00 (who had accepted our payment and stopped interest). They have now passed on debt to 1st Credit who have written to my husband today saying that "we are passing your account to our solicitors with instructions to secure a County Court Judgement to enforce a Charging Order. Should we succeed, we will give serious consideration to applying to
  8. Thank you so much both of you. Good luck to everyone. Will keep you posted!
  9. Thank you to all of you have replied. I am going to sit down and start claim tonight. Dar£n mentioned alink to look on Moneyclaim on-line particulars of claim on this site. It mentions using N1 form, what is this. Is it part of the MCOL or a different way of claiming. Just wondered what is the best way to do this.
  10. Thanks for reply Saint. Think I need to stop worrying and go for it.
  11. Can anyone help please, perhaps its wrong time of day and better to wait until this evening. Thanks
  12. Just to add, the letter states " Sorry I am to learn that you feel the bank charges you have incurred are unfair, Barclays is aware of the information you have drawn to our attention. I must inform you, however, that we disagree with your view" They then go on to mention their T&C's relating to the use of their account and details of their charges and "in view of above points we are unwilling to refund charges you have incurred as requested".
  13. Hi, Have just received a response to my LBA from Barclays. Basically saying that they do not agree with my letter and are not refunding my charges and have not offered to refund part of them. This was a shock as I thought that Barclays were offering part of the charges back to everyone. Is there anyone who has not had an offer after their LBA. My worry is that my account was closed by Barclays because I am on a DMP and am paying back a set amount each month to clear my overdraft of around £500. Do you think this is the reason why they are acting this way, because they know that
  14. Thank you so much dar£n, I am going start MCOL. I have a horrid feeling I will have lots more stupid questions to ask you! Hope thats OK
  15. Hi all, very fed up today. Story so far: 20th March: Received 6 years statements from Barclays. 3rd April: Sent of letter asking for refund of charges 11th April: Letter from Barclays saying usual **** and they will respond no later than 4th May. 3rd May: Letter from Barclays saying still unable to respond, will respond by 5th June. 5th May: LBA letter sent giving them until 25th May to refund charges. Today: Letter from Barclays saying still unable to respond will contact me again by 29th June! I am surely being fobbed off now so I guess now is the time to start proce
  16. Hi, I have just read an article in the Mail which quotes "A first request for a refund will be rebuffed. A second requests leads the bank to offer half the charges. On the third attempt, the bank will offer three-quarters. If the customer isn't worn down and takes their case to the Ombudsman then the bank pays up in full". I have sent of my LBA letter and am waiting for a response, but get the feeling they are not going to reply by my deadline. I am just wondering what you all think of above quote and if anyone has complained to the Ombudsman. I am just wondering at what stage of
  17. Thanks again, all a bit scary at the moment.
  18. Thanks for quick response. I have sent LBA letter to Leicester, am I correct in saying that once the time is up for them to respond and I start court proceedings, I should then use Churchill Place address, or continue to use the address I have been using so far.
  19. Hi I have sent my LBA letter to Barclays at Customer Services, Leicester as this is where I have been receiving all correspondence from. Should I have sent my LBA letter to Churchill Place or am I OK so far? Also one technical question, sorry! I had posted a previous message on this site and was asked to start a new thread. I did this, does this mean I have to add any updates etc to this as I can't seem to find it. Not really sure whether I have to post a new thread with each question. Sorry, did a night shift last night and not with it at the moment.
  20. Thank you to both of you for your quick response. Will post on here updates as they happen.
  21. Hi, I am new to this forum. I am in a DMP with Payplan due to severe financial difficulties. I owe Barclays £450 which is part of my DMP. I have decided to try and claim back bank charges over the past six years, which in a way put me in the position I am now in. I was sent my statements free of charge (twice!) and the charges are over 3,000 without interest! I have written to Barclays asking for refund of charges and I stated that this would more than clear the amount I owe them. I have received a letter from them saying that they will respond no later than 8th May which is
  22. Hi, I am newto this forum. I am in a DMP with Payplan due to severe financial difficulties. I owe Barclays £450 which is part of my DMP. I have decided to try and claim back charges over the past six years, which have in a way put me in the position I am now in. I was sent my statements free of charge and unbelieveably the charges are over 3,000 without interest! I have written to Barclays asking for payment to this amount and I stated this would clear the money I owe them. I have received a letter from them saying that they need more time to look into this! and maybe stupidly I
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