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  1. Lilal, the insurance company (Cardif Pinnacle) told me today I was not sent anything with regards to the insurance and also they say they did not tell me I was only covered for first 5 years. This seems to me to be an admission of mis-selling but will have to wait and see what the ombudsman says. By the way I am a she!
  2. Well I can't recall anything or cant find any paperwork. The insurance company as I said, today told me that no confirmation was sent to us with regards to the policy, she also said they did not inform us the policy was for first 5 years, and told me to let FOS know this. To me it appears I am not the first person they have spoken to about this and I am sure, not the last. She said she would put this in writing for me to forward to the ombudsman.
  3. Johnny, should we have been told this insurance was only for 5 years. We would never of known until we tried to claim as insurance Co. have said they sent us no comfirmation. Quite unbelievable really, what do you think.
  4. Hi, after what BigMark had said I contacted the insurance company who was used for the PPI by Loans.Co.UK and can't quite believe what they told me: They said that although the loan was for 20 years odd, we were only covered for first 5 years. She also said "we sent you no confirmation to advise you of this and therefore you need to tell the FOS this" So basically if the worst had happened and we had to make a claim after 5 years we would not have been covered, therefore would of lost our house as it was a secured loan. They didn't think of telling us this when we took out the PPI. I
  5. Thanks Olive.Family, hope it goes wellwith you. Let us know how it is going X
  6. Thanks Mark, Johnny and Big G, Hopefully FOS will agree to take it on, would be great and will really help finances. Tracey
  7. Thanks Johnny, will let you know how it goes X
  8. Unfortunately the loan was taken out in 2003 over 20 years and paid off after 4 years (Oct 2007). Not sure how I stand with it being before 2005. But worth a try. Wonder whether mine was only for first 5 years - I didn't look into that, and so didn't mention it to the FOS
  9. Sorry, I forgot to say thank you to everyone who as responded to me, I haven't been on this site for a while and am touched that you have taken the trouble to help. I will keep you all posted. I have decided it's worth a try to go the ombudsman route anyway X
  10. Thank you Big G! To be honest I had a response from Loans.co.uk saying that I accepted the loan and as far as they are concerned that is that, so I was going to give up. But reading your response I have now sent of my forms to the ombudsman this morning, as the time I took out the loan I was in severe financial difficulty and would of accepted any insurance and with a pushy sales person I just agreed. Anyway I will let you know how it goes, the ombudsman are good and the fact that Loans.CO.UK have already been fined by the FSA must be a bonus. Thanks again, and am pleased that
  11. Hi, from what I understand from reading through this site and others, the only way creditors are likely to accept a reduced full and final settlement is if you have defaulted and have been paying a reduced amount ie. on a DMP. I was in a DMP for 12 months, by this time all cc debts had been passed to debt collection agencies who at first accepted payments on a DMP, but then out of the blue started to threaten charging orders, which Egg successfully obtained. Further on, I was able to offer all creditors an equal percentage (in my case 65%) to settle the account and all but one accept
  12. Hi, have just received a final response from Loans.co.uk saying "we pride ourselves on the high levels of service that we provide to our clients..." "The loan agreement was issued to you along with the terms of the PPI, and provided you with the opportunity to read and cancel the cover should the policy not reach your requirements. By signing the loan agreemment, you were confirming that you had read the policy details and were agreeing to the terms and conditions of the loan and the PPI." Due to the fact that they have already been fined by the FSA for mis-selling PPI's, I am surpi
  13. Hi, I really think we did all we could. We took quite a large folder with us with all our correspondence with payments from Payplan and fact that we were doing our very best to clear our debts, it just wasn't enough for the judge. But saying that I can see why DLC wanted to secure the amount. The one argument that we wanted to put forward was that the loan we took out with Egg was unsecured and I think you pay more because of the risk factor involved. So really they should not be offering unsecured if they then intend to make it secure. We also wanted to mention that it would not be fair to th
  14. I didn't mean to concern you WindmillStew, I think everyone has different experiences and I thought it may help to know what happened to me and my husband with DLC so that you are aware. I truly hope that things will work out for you. Unfortunately the stress of court (I felt like a criminal) was too much for me and made me ill. In the end I increased my hours at work so that we could re-mortgaged and offered full and final payments to all our creditors and paid off the C.O's. The sad thing was the judge was aware our mortage had been accepted and funds would be available the following wee
  15. Hi, yes we were paying regular payments through Payplan. The two Egg debts amounted to quite a large amount and this may be the reason. DLC wrote to us and said that the C.O was purely to secure the debt and they would not force us to sell our house. They also stated that they were happy to accept the payments we were making to them through Payplan. Unfortunately going for the forthwith judgement (for the whole amount) meant that they immediately went for C.O's. Payplan really could not offer us any advice and told us that C.O's are becoming more and more common. When we started the DMP
  16. DLC also contacted me about placing two C.O on two Egg Debts, I had been paying them via Payplan. I had no CCJ in place for insalments, but they immediately went for a forthwith judgement knowing that I couldn't pay the whole amount (that is why I was in a DMP!), no chance to pay in instalments. Anyway, two C.O's were granted. It seems there are two routes a creditor can go (below) and unfortunately DLC went for the first option. Just wanted to make you aware of this, as I knew nothing when all this happened to me and I had not found this site. When can a creditor apply for a chargin
  17. Went for the CO hearing today and it was adjourned. I dont know if thats a good or bad thing! Basically one of my points I raised in the objection letter was not all the creditors had been informed so DLC would be unduly prejudiced. The lawyer from DLC was spluttering in anger. Hi just thought I would let you know that the same happened to us. DLC went for a C.O. for an egg debt. We went to our local court on the day we were informed and Aplins Solictor turned up, we were told the date had been moved by the court clerk and that Aplins should of informed us. The solictor said that he k
  18. Thanks Alan, I will see what they say in their response to my request.
  19. Hi, am at the moment trying to claim back PPI for a joint loan we took out with GE money. This was done through Loans.co.uk. I have received back usual standard letter from Loans.co.uk saying they will respond within a month. I did read that Loans.co.uk were fined by the FSA in 2006 for mis-selling PPI and wonder if anyone has any experience of claiming back from them and would the fact that they have already been fined be in our favour. Thanks X
  20. I have settled with 10 out of 11 creditors with a 65% F&F, Ihad to go this alone as DMP company would only offer creditors 75%which I didn't have. The only creditor not to accept was Egg, this debt has not been sold on and is still with original creditor. I spoke to Egg and they said it is not their policy to accept F&F offers and will only accept full amount. They did say that they may accept an offer if I had a terminal medical condition and could proove it. By the way, their debt is the smallest amount, and after my phone conversation with them, I was so disgusted, I hung up.
  21. Hi, I was in a similar position to you a year ago. Contaced Payplan who suggested a DMP which I did. It took about an hour phone call to go over all debts which was awful when you actually have to give them all. They then worked out an I&E and from this was able to work out a pro-rata monthly payment to all your creditors. CCCS and Payplan are highly regarded by creditors, and most if not all will stop interest and accept payments. You will receive defaults once you stop paying the required amount, but I guess this is the least of your problems. Some people have been on a DMP for year
  22. Your absolutely right, they won't accept my offer of 60% so will carry on making payments as DMP, doesn't make sense to me either.
  23. Could not really believe this, but thought I would share it with you - Have been in DMP for almost a year, but have managed to settle with all but one of our creditors a full and final payment of 60%. EGG are the only ones refusing but account has yet to be passed onto a DCA. Anyway, wrote to them and rang them and explained they are the only creditors not to accept and they are the lowest amount approx 1,000. They refused and said it was 'not their policy to accept anything but the whole amount, unless I had a terminal illness', to which the 'person' said - 'so do have you a termi
  24. Just another point. We said to first credit that we needed a letter from them in writing accepting our full and final offer also stating the the debt wouldn't be sold onto a third party, the balance would be written off, and our credit file would be updated to show this. We got this in writing from them before sending a cheque, I wouldn't think it is a good idea to pay by card over the phone, this certainly would worry me as once they had my details what would be stopping them taking more out, but I may be wrong. After they received our cheque they wrote confirming payment had been received
  25. Hi we were also in a DMP with Payplan. After receiving two charging orders and then First Credit started threatning us with a third, it all became too much for me as when we tried to defend first two charging orders the judge didn't want to listen to us and they were granted. Anyway I was able to double my hours at work and was in a position to remortgage which enabled us to offer all our creditors 60% for F&F which they have all but one accepted and have now been paid - First Credit being one of them. We did get all CCA's before making payments. Payplan could not help us as woul
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