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  1. Hi Garyca, I spoke to the Ombudsman yesterday. The latest is that they have now heard from Pinnacle with regards to the letter the FOS legal department sent. Pinnacle are appealing against the claim. I think I understand correctly, that it seems to be about who was actually responsible for the sale of the PPI. The FOS told me that it is now with the head Ombudsman and their legal team. Unfortunately I never hear anything from the FOS unless I ring them, so I ring them monthly for an update. Its been about 22 months now, but the FOS are still fighting so maybe they think that we have a ca
  2. Another update. The FOS inform me that their solicitors have spoken with Cardiff and are writing to them with their recommendations with regards to claiming back PPI. The FOS tell me the next step if Cardiff refuse is that they (FOS) will take it to court. So think still will have to wait a long time but they are still fighting for me and others in the same position. Just another thing I got sent by Martin Lewis today: Massive new PPI misselling crackdown. 185,000 rejected loan insurance reclaim cases may be reopened. Reclaim £1,000s now If you've got or had a loan in the last
  3. Thank you Bach for you response. I too am sick of this now, I am hoping the FOS can win this for everyone. If anything I would like Cardiff to have to pay out to the hundreds of people because of the dodgy way the policies were sold - especially with no documentation. Yes, please let me know how your case goes and good luck. X Scrapper, they will not admit to anything, have you thought about contacting the FOS for advice.
  4. Just an update. Spoke to the FOS yesterday, case for PPI (Loans.co.uk). They told me that they are trying to claim back from Cardiff Pinnacle who were the insurance company. The case has now been with the FOS for 19 months! they say they have a conference call booked between the FOS lawyers and Cardiff next week to discuss all cases (hundreds of cases). Unfortunately the PPI was taken out before 2005 and I am not sure that it is looking good. The only thing I do have is that someone from Cardiff actually told me that I was never sent any documentation for the policy and that I sh
  5. A DMP is not legally binding either from the creditors or debtors. At anytime the creditors can make things difficult by starting to add interest again or applying for a CCJ and Charging Order. On the other hand people are running DMP's with no problems. I would think if you have a case then you are entitled to claim back PPI but I would think, if you are successful, the creditor would use this to pay off all or part of the debt. This is not a bad thing as it would reduce the debt. The DMP company would need to be informed as the amount then owing would be less and therefore payments to t
  6. Just an update. The FOS are now finally looking at my case (some 18th months on). The say that my claim is against Loans.co.uk but this is out of their jurisdiction - not sure what they mean by this. They are in touch with Cardif Pinnacle who are the insurers for the PPI to try and see who was responsible for the PPI. They say that I am not the only one and they have a large file of people with the same complaint as mine. It is not looking good for me although the FOS seem to be trying to get to the bottom of this. It seems to me that companies involved are blaming each other and
  7. Thanks alanalana, I am just worried that my claim should of been against Cardif Pinacle and not Loans.co.uk, although it was them as far as I am concerned that sold me the loan and PPI. I can remember back in Feb 08 I spoke to someone at Cardif Pinacle and they told me that no insurance documents had ever been sent to me and I should complain to the FOS I have the persons name written down that I spoke to. The thing is the loan and the PPI was sold by Loans.co.uk and this is why the complaint was about them. I never spoke to Cardiff Pinacle, just Loans.co.uk. I am not sure really what the
  8. Hi I filed a complaint about 16 months ago through the FOS. This was for a loan taken out with Loans.co.uk with GE Money. When I wrote to GE money to try and claim this back they told me that Loans.co.uk had sold the insurance policy to me so I wrote to Loans.co.uk and they said that we had agreed the PPI and that was the end of it. Anyway, my complaint form was sent to the FOS some 16 months ago. Today I have received a letter from the FOS saying that "this may be outside their jurisdiction, as the policy was from Cardiff Pinacle not Loans.co.uk. They are writing to Cardiff Pinacle to see who
  9. Hi Varda. I am also trying to claim back PPI with the FOS help, but from Loans.co.uk. I filled in the form online and then printed it out to sent it to them. I used the wording from the Martin Lewis Site. I must say though when I first sent off the form they said cases are taking 3-9months. I have now been waiting 14 months! I spoke to them yesterday and they still haven't allocated my complaint yet and say they are at the moment still looking at claims sent in to them in January 2008 (mine was sent Feb 2008). So be prepared for a very long wait, but hopefully we will be OK in the end.
  10. Thanks Olive, I hope it is worth the wait. I will be so upset if after all this time the answer is no. It seems a long time to wait to be told no! Good luck, let me know when you hear X
  11. Hi as far as I am aware if you go through the courts and fail you cannot go through the FOS. But if you go through the FOS and fail you can go through the courts. I decided to go through the FOS with my claim against Loans.Co.UK, next week the case would have been with the FOS for a year! and has still not been passed to the appropriated department. They say they are extremely busy, so its very frustrating but just hope I get a good outcome. So it maybe how long you are prepared to wait and in my case how brave you are going through the courts (I was too scared, already been throug
  12. Yes we still owe money even if we get charges returned, but obviously it reduces it by a fair amount.
  13. Thank you, just scared to remind them we are still here. We joined experian about 6 months ago for one months free trial and the amount had gone down since we took out the DMP so no interest was added then. But it is expensive to join these Credit reference agencies indefinately as they charge each month. By the way is that your dog on your picture,he looks lovely - very similar to our black GSD ours is long haired though.
  14. Hi, I don';t know whether anyone can help. About 2 years ago we started in a DMP which we are running ourselves. At this time we were banking with Barclays, who subsequently closed our account with us owing approx 2,000. We have been paying them a montly amount for 2 years. In this time we have never received any statements, but we have a record of every payment made to them. We are also claiming back charges of approx £600, which is on hold, the bank wrote to tell us this. My question is does this mean the account is on hold until the outcome of the court case and because
  15. Hi, I don';t know whether anyone can help. About 2 years ago we started in a DMP which we are running ourselves. At this time we were banking with Barclays, who subsequently closed our account with us owing approx 2,000. We have been paying them a montly amount for 2 years. In this time we have never received any statements, but we have a record of every payment made to them. We are also claiming back charges of approx £600, which is on hold, the bank wrote to tell us this. My question is does this mean the account is on hold until the outcome of the court case and because
  16. Hi, unfortunately this all came as a great shock to us and we knew nothing about charging orders. Yes we did do to court and it was a farce. The first time we showed up, EGG's solicitor kept trying to talk to us before we went in court and telling us we didn't have a leg to stand on. Then it turned out that the date had been changed for the hearing and we were not informed by the court or the solicitors firm. He rang his company who acknowledged that the date had been changed but they had only just found the letter! So that was that for that day, I must say I was in tears as I had been so
  17. Our creditor went immediately for a forthwith judgement even though we were paying them through Payplan, this meant they were asking for the full amount which obviously we couldn't pay - and they knew that, but because of this they went for a C.O immediately. This seems to be the route creditors are going as they can apply for a C.O
  18. Hi I have just read some things re Pinnel. The circumstances in which you will be bound by a cheque made out in 'full and final settlement' are as follows: The cheque is offered in circumstances where there is a dispute about the amount owed. The offer in 'full and final settlement' of the dispute is made at the time the cheque is presented. (This was done, a covering letter was sent with the cheque saying that it was in full and final settlement as agreed) You present the cheque in payment and it is duly honoured. At the time of presenting the cheque or within a short time th
  19. Thank you PGH7447!, I am a big worrier and it frightened me to get this letter. I think maybe all banks are trying to get hold of as much money as they can. Really P***** of that when I was in trouble the banks etc were not willing to help me and went for charging orders, and all sorts of threats when I was doing my best to pay back everyone fairly through Payplan (DMP). But as a tax payer I am now expected to help bail them out:mad:
  20. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise me. About 18th months ago I was luckily able to offer all my creditors a full and final after being in a dmp. They all accepted my offer of 60% including Blair Oliver and Scott) who had taken over my Halifax credit card account. They accepted my offer and on my terms ie. account will be marked as satisfied, will not pass my debt on to any other agency, account will be closed etc.. I have a letter from them saying payment has been received and account now closed. Anyway, yesterday I got a letter asking for the shortfall. I rang them up and the lady
  21. Hi Lilal, I think we have spoken before. I'm at the moment have a claim for PPI from Loans.co.uk (insurance with Cardif Pinnacle). This is with the FOS and has been for nearly 8 months. I ring the FOS every few weeks and told that there is a back log - so I am just having to be patient. I never received any paperwork for this PPI from Cardif Pinnacle or Loans.co.uk, so am in the same position as you. I am hoping it will be a good outcome. I am claiming for mis-selling especially due to the fact that my medical history would not of allowed for a payout if the need had arised. I know the
  22. Thanks for your really positive reply. I am keeping by fingers crossed just a bit worried because the loan was taken out in 1993. On the other hand surely the FOS would look at the date before putting me in the queue, so my thinking is, if they have made we wait this long then they must be willing to look at it for me. I would hope that the ones that are a definately no, the claimants are informed straight away rather than make them wait for upto a year. Thanks again
  23. Hi, I am still waiting for the ombudsman to look at my case- Loans.Co.UK . They received the paperwork beginning of February. I have spoken to them today and they say could be between 6 and 12 months. It's a long time, but am happy to wait if they can get me my PPI back. What I am worried about is that after waiting all this time the answer will be no. This money would really help us. I wonder if anyone has gone through the ombudsman for a PPI claim and how it went, especially if with Loans.co.uk. I was lucky ennough to get in just in time with my bank charges and the ombudsman got me
  24. Hi, about a year and a half ago we offered all our creditors a full and final (12of them). We had 65% to offer them, we were totally honest as we never wanted this to come back at us later on. If ever they asked they could all see the amount we had to share between them. Anyway they all accepted 65% which we paid once we had received a letter from them accepting our terms, ie. the amount they accept will be a full and final payment and that the account will be closed, not sold on, our credit file will be marked as satisifed etc. If you have say 40% to offer in a full and final, then th
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