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  1. Hi, I will get on to that immediately and seek further help as and when if that's ok. Thank you for showing me the way forward. I have been afraid to pursue this matter in case my reduced payments were compromised or indeed that they would demand the whole amount owed.
  2. Hi ims 21, thank you for replying. I have the agreement for the initial loan but not for the top up loan. As for payments made, I believe I have good record of this side of things.
  3. Hi I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. Took out Egg loan in 2003 with PPI and not long after had a top up loan. Few years later got behind with payments and eventually Egg took me to court resulting in CCJ and Charging Order against my property. Furthermore, Egg sold debt within the last 12 months to another company. Just for the record, I am keeping up with agreed repayment plan and new owners of debt have just offered to take 60% as full and final payment. Taking all of the above history of situation into account, my question is, if I believe PPI was missold to me, do I have any chance of getting it back? Advice greatly appreciated please.
  4. Quote: In all probability they will end your arrangement. I guessed as much. I won't be cancelling the Direct Debit just yet then. Thank you so much for the advice/opinions.
  5. thanks dx please could you tell me how to transfer onto mbna forum? sorry to be a pain
  6. Would very much appreciate some advice please. Have Credit Card debt going back some years. A while ago negotiated with CC Company who agreed reduced payment and they froze the interest. Very nice of them you might think until you consider a chunk of the debt is made up of regular penalty charges and high interest rates. My question is, as the account has been held for more than 6 yrs is it likely the CC Company will have kept the original agreement? If the answer is "probably no", and I take the chance and request a copy CCA and statements to try and claim back charges etc. to reduce the balance owed, I fear they will end our agreement of reduced payments and frozen interest. If I upset the apple cart resulting in them, piling on the interest again I am not sure if it will be a sensible thing to do. Please could anyone offer an opinion on my dilemma?
  7. A Default Notice was issued. The reserve price was drastically reduced as the vehicle was not sold on it's first visit to the auction. It was however sold when the reserve was reduced.Forgive me for asking again but you say I am entitled to claim back all added costs. Does this include Debt Collector Agents fees, Default Notice Fees and added Interest charges? I intend to claim back all charges that should not have been passed onto me so I need to get this right.Thanks
  8. Many thanks Postggj your support is much appreciated
  9. Thanks I will do that in the morning. Meanwhile do you know if my copy of the hire purchase agreement should have been signed by the finance company before it was given to me. Only the witness signed my copy but the copy sent to me by the DCA who bought the debt, has a finance company signature.
  10. Hi Postggj, when I requested CCA from company who bought the debt I asked them for a full breakdown of the account which they sent to me on their own headed paper in spreadsheet form.
  11. Hi, is anyone able to help with my queries I am not sure as to where I stand here with the DCA who bought the debt from the Car Finance Company. Thanks v much
  12. Sorry to keep asking questions but should my Customer Copy of the agreement have been signed by the Finance Company before it was given to me? The copy they sent to me has been witnessed and the name of the Garage is shown as the address and it has a signature and date in the For and Behalf of..... section. I have just compared their copy with my Customer Copy (which was given to me at the time I entered into the agreement in 2002) : it has only a signature in the Witness section and no address of witness or signature or date in the For and Behalf of...... section. Advice on this would be gratefully received as I am a bit confused.
  13. It states at the top right hand side Page 1 of 3. Should they have sent pages 2 & 3 as well?
  14. This took me ages to figure out but have managed to upload cca received. Hope I've done it correctly.
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