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  1. can any one tell me how to move my thread to success at lloyds?? thankyou xx
  2. I HAVE WON!!!! i can't beleive it .... today was the last day for the AQ to be at court mine was already sent off but full offer came this morning in the post from SC&M including 8% interest and court costs i am over the moon so a big thankyou to everyone on this site and will be donating as soon as money arrives they say it will take 7 to 10 days ... not telling the court though untill i have the money.... only conditions was to keep account up to date or will be charged again... they say they have already wrote to the court and told them out of court offer has been made and are asking me to do the same of course i will when i have the money!! BIG THANKYOU TO EVERYONE xx
  3. just an update here really ...after my claim was transferred to stockport on 14th may was told by the court AQ was to be dispensed with and my claim was to go the the judge for further directions... The judge has now asked for both parties to complete the AQ .. N149, i have completed the form with the draft order off this site and sent back to my local court with the £100 fee and another schedule of charges.. i have also sent a copy of AQ and schedule of charges to SC&M... Last day for submitting AQ for both parties is the 4th july no later than 4pm ... i will ring the courts on the 4th and if there AQ submitted then i may send a nudge letter to SC&M but only for the full amount of charges plus 8% interest and court costs, i don't see why i should take anything less.... will keep you posted good luck to every one else fighting for your money .....
  4. hi london 1978... you will receive a copy of the banks defence with further instructions you may get an AQ but i did not... at the moment i am waiting to hear from my local court.. my claim went before the judge last week but i haven't heard anything ...you could always ring the court as i did and they will tell you how your claim is going as they are usually very helpful...if you haven't recieved a copy of your banks defence yet through the post this will be the next step and you will also be informed if you will have to fill out the AQ if you get one just post and lots of people will be willing to help you... keep us posted on how your claim is going and good luck....
  5. firstly i would like to thank you for your reply and apologise for the ramble in my last post and will try to point my questions seperately in my future posts... thankyou again.. ok firstly regarding my POC it was very breif stating how long i have banked with lloyds, i inserted the dates and went on to say that charges had been taken from my account from july 2002 to march 2007 the charges exceed the defendant's losses caused by the breaches, the defendant is aware of all details as a list of charges has already been sent, claimant claims a return of the amounts debited of xxx and interest per s.69 county courts act 1984 of 8% entered total amount and that was basically it .. oh my face is reddening what a fool ... after i filed my claim on MCOL i then found CAG and realised what i had done!!! so i rang the courts northampton at the time and the lady there talked me through what i would have to do for making an amendment ,but she also told me that i would have to serve the new POC to lloyds myself so in my panic i typed out the POC of this site, sent it lloyds with a covering letter and a schedule of charges but the letter was basically offering lloyds to settle out of court as they had not acknowledged or defended my claim at this point ... so this must of been passed on to SC&M by lloyds and maybe this is why it wasn't on there defence... i was suprised to see though that lloyds did acknowledge my claim and then defend it rather quickly!! ok i will let you get your head around this mess untill i move on to further points mentioned... a big thankyou again
  6. lloyds have defended my claim and i received the defence today.... 9 point defence ... also AQ has been dispensed with in this case... my claim has been transferred to my local court ... i would be very greatfull for some help and guidance here as feeling very silly and i wish i had found this site before starting my claim !!! so here goes ... the transfer of proceedings states that "any party affected by this order may under rule 3.3 (5) apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. such a party must apply under rule 23.3 within 14 days of service of this order" what does this mean?? also after finding this site realised my POC was vague as used another template letter from martin lewis web site also i noticed after i filed my claim with MCOL there was a £300 LESS difference in the total i was claiming....as when i first calculated the charges i entered all the account charges for the select account of £5 and then £7 a month so i deleted these from the schedule of charges to get it right which has altered the amount...The origanal schedul of charges has been sent to lloyds three times all with the letters but not to the courts as none has been sent there yet as waiting to see about the amendment... so i rang northampton court and told them about it and asked about an amendment the lady there told me to print off an n244 and blank n1 form re write in black pen what stayed the same and re write in red pen what needed to be added or amended she also told me to wait to see if i received a defence and to see if i was sent an AQ as it could all be done at the same time.... so as i said earlier i have no AQ so rang northhampton this morning and they said to ring stockport (my local court) which i did and they advised me there to wait and see what the judge directs but she said this could take a few weeks as they have a back log of claims.... so what do i do now?? do i wait or make the amendment now whilst i wait for the direction of the court?? and if so will i still have to go through northampton or can i make the amendment from my local court??.... the defence doesn't state anything about the claim being vague by lloyds solicitors... but i have a bad feeling the judge will as my account details aren't even on the POC...i am blushing as i write this and have wanted to get your advice on this for a few days now but feel so embarressed by my whole stupidity any help with this would be fantastic so thankyou to any one who takes the time to help me
  7. received the defence from lloyds this morning and with the notice of transfer of proceedings.... it states the AQ has been dispensed with... my local court is stockport...
  8. Hi Everyone.. Have Been Waiting For Lloyds To Defend The Claim With Mcol Have Just Checked On Line And It Now Says "defence" It Also Says That I Am Unable To Take Any Further Action Online On This Claim... It Goes On To Say That "the Defendant Disputes The Whole Amount You Have Claimed Your Claim Cannot Proceed Online And Will Be Transferred To The Appropriate Court For Continuation, You Will Receive Confirmation To Where The Claim Has Been Transferred To Shortly"..... Does This Mean I Will Get The Aq Now?? Also I Noticed That The Date Of Defence Is The 17/04/07 But This Is The Issue Date Could This Just Be An Error?? Also Lloyds Had Until The 19/05/07 To Defend As The Served Date Was 22/04/07 ... Any Advice On The Next Stage Would Be Great Thankyou
  9. All The Above Sorted ... Thankyou.. Just Waiting For Lloyds To Defend ... The 28 Days Are Up On The 18th Of May As It Was Served On The 22nd Of April...
  10. thankyou.. will take your advise... letter came this morning stating that ltsb intend to defend all the claim with the solicitors details .. sechiari clark and mitchell... suprise suprise ..
  11. thankyou for your comments,, should i just wait now then ,, do i hear from the courts next to inform me what the next stage will be?? and can anyone advise me on what the next stage will be thankyou
  12. thanks barty, sorry to seem stupid but does that mean from today,, as it was acknowledged today,, or the 21st of april as that would give them 5 days days from being issued as that date was the 17th of april just not sure as to when count the 28 days from sorry to be a pest barty!!!
  13. Hi Everyone I Started The Mcol On The 17th Of April And The Letter From The Courts Says That Lloyds Tsb Had Until The 6th Of May To Defend Today I Noticed That The Claim Now Says Acknowledged..... When I Clicked On This It Says ..."the Defendant Is Allowed A Total Of 28days From The Date When They Are Seved With The Claim To Reply" Does This Mean 28 Days From Today Or 28 Days From When They First Received The Claim When It Was Issued In April ?? Many Thanks And Comments Would Be Great
  14. Could Any One Please Tell Me If When Making An Amendment To Your Claim If You Can Amend More Than One Part Of Your Claim As I Am Currently Ammending My Poc But I Have Noticed That On My Claim With Mcol And My Schedule Of Charges That There Is A £14 Difference Dont Know How This Has Happened But Only Just Noticed It. Also Could Someone Please Tell Me How You Work Out The Daily Interest Rate Again As I Have Read It Somewhere But I Am Sure I Have Worked This Out Wrong And Also Do You Put This On Top Of Your Claim Or Just The 8% Sorry To Be A Pain Just Feel Deflated At The Moment Feel I Am Doing Everything Wrong Just Need Some Guidance Thankyou
  15. i have had 2 letters through today one from the courts saying i havent sent a fee for the £35 amendment fee so i rang the courts to ask about it and the lady said i could send in information fro free regarding the banks address but not the poc she said i need to make an amendment for the poc .... and also i had another letter today from andover lloyds tsb saying that is has now been 4 weeks since they received my complaint and they should of come to a conclusion regarding my complaint in the next 4 weeks !!! but when i got the 2nd letter back from andover they said this was there final response so feeling confused with it all today am going to start on the ammenment and try and get that sorted but can any one tell me if the letter from loyds is standard after they have told you no!!! from mrs.fedup!!
  16. Hi i have been reading the comments about lloyds tsb and am currently waiting for lloyds to put in a defence myself they have untill the 6th of may, i too had a couple of concerns regarding the poc although i only claimed with the courts after 2 letters was sent to lloyds by myself with the schedual of charges both times with bog off replies really.... my concerns with the poc was that after reading posts on this site i thought my poc was to breif as i only put in the small version as i had trouble fitting the larger one into the spaces so i thought the small one would be ok !!!! so i rang the courts and spoke to a lady who was very helpfull she told me that if i just wanted to elaborate on the poc and not actually amend anything that i could send a seperate document printed out on paper as long as it was clearly stated what it was about and included claim number etc.. and to title it additional information regarding poc she said it would then be checked over and then put with the claim for free which i have done and also sent a schedual of charges with this as really i didnt want to wait and see if lloyds said it was an embarressment!! i also had a worry over the address for lloyds i put on the claim form with mcol as i couldnt find any address for them at the time so i put the one where i had received the bog off letters from which is andover and not the head office address in london but the lady said this was also fine to send the head office address stating that it was being sent incase the court papers was returned by lloyds and would have to be resent to another address as long as everything was stated clearly what was being sent to the courts and why. i only decided to take lloyds to court after many conversations with them over the phone regarding the charges as they said to me that if we showed good will gestures such as not using the debit cards and cheque books to prevent going over drawn (which we complied with) then they wrote to me and cancelled them any way!! then they asked about starting to pay off the overdraft at £50 per month which we did untill the overdraft was clear that they would then wave some of the charges or refund some of them which we had already paid but then when i rang again to see if they would keep to there word all they did was put in place another overdraft of £1500 which we had to pay back at £56 per month to cover costs of the loan with them which we was in arears with and to pay that months bank charges of over £400 so in all we had an overdraft of nearly £2000 so they never helped us at all we ended up owing them more money as the first overdraft was for £1000 which we paid off. i did state all this in the first letter i wrote to them and they didnt even mention it in the letter just the standard bog off letter!!! i followed this up with a phone call to lloyds before sending the LBA and the lady on the phone asked if i had any written confermation of this aggreement with lloyds and i said no it was all verbal on the phone and she advised me to go ahead with court proceedings so that it was i am doing feel nervous about it all and felt totally alone untill i found this site many thanks
  17. Hi The Only Charges I Put On The Claim Was The Total Amount And About The Interest When Asked And Then It Totalled It For Me But That Was All But Nothing Seperate About The Charges Like Seperate Listings For Each One Or Anything Is That What You Mean? I Sent A Full Copy Of All Charges To The Bank When I First Asked For The Money Back But Not To The Courts I Have Rang The Courts And Asked What I Do If There Was Anything I Have Not Mentioned When I Made The Claim And They Said I Could Send It Seperate And To Include Additional Information That I Was Sending And I Wouldnt Be Charged As Long As It Wasnt An Ammendment For This I Would Be Charged Non Refundable £35 So I Need To Know What Else I Should Of Sent As I Said Earlier On The Martin Lewis Site I Read You Make Your Claim With The Courts Then You Are Asked For A Bundle And Everything Goes In There So Really Not Sure What To Do Now But I Need To Sort This Out And Quick So Anyhelp With This Would Be Great
  18. hi yes only just read about the spread sheets and dont even know what they are !!! so just wanted someone to help me with this as only read about them after wards as when i decided to claim i was following the martin lewis web site and it doesnt say anything about them on there!!! so no spread sheet has been sent to the court !! oh help really worrying now i have done it all wrong!!
  19. does anybody have any advice on the spreadsheets as i dont know what they are and where to get them from, do you have to do them yourself if someone could explain these to me in simple terms i would be really greatfull many thanks
  20. yes and thankyou for your help
  21. hi new to this forum thanks to the help and advice from people already on here, my small claims was issued on the 17th i have read that it can take three to five days for lloyds to get the papers through about my claim is this right and if so do i count 14 days from then or the 17th many thanks
  22. hi i am new to this too but firstly i went into my bank in person with the first letter to save time i also got as much info from online banking also as this let me go back to july 02 when you request statements ask for the listing of bankcahrges not statements as they can charge you for each statement but for the listings of charges is £10 one off payment which they have to provide you with under the data protection act within 40 days, then work out how much money you are owed then send your first letter requesting the money back you can either do your own or use one of the templates either on this site or the martin lewis web site i used my own ... hope this helps you slighty but there are lots of people on here willing to help good luck
  23. hi i have read a couple of replies and have been advised to start my owm thread and then i can ask questions etc... but i dont know how to do this can any one help me !! thankyou sorry for being stupid but new to all this
  24. hi everyone i have just joined the consumer group today after reading on the martin lewis web site i am currently in the process of reclaiming over £4000 from lloyds tsb just started the small claims court papers should be issued tomorrow i have read that the next stage would be for them to put in a defence does anybody know what happens after this as now starting to feel a little nervous, i only started the claims on line after 2 letters back stating no money basically i have 2 sets of statements waiting for the courts and solicitors as i have read these may be needed but apart from that i am totally lost and comments or help regarding the next staep would be great many thanks
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