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  1. Had a rant and then thought better of it!
  2. Hi all, This is my first full post here and I wanted to ask for some advice from the knowledgable folk that are always around here! Essentially, without going into too much detail, I have an impending problem. I have, in the past, used the Moneyshop to obtain 'cash 'til payday' advances on my wages. Essentially you write them a cheque for a hundred pounds and they give you £87 back. They then cash it the next month unless you pay another £14 on each cheque to extend it by a month. I have currently got £500 of debt with them and have been extending the cheques. The problem is that I am soon to be out of work and have no income until the benefits start. I am then going to be unable to extend the cheques as I can't afford it! My bank won't give me an overdraft to cover this as I have a bad credit history. So I am facing a load of cheques going out and nothing there to cover them. I want to ask if anyone can suggest the best course of action. Do you think writing to Moneyshop and explaining the situation will lead to them allowing a repayment plan? Obviously this would be better than bouncing the cheques and ending up with a large, unauthorised overdraft and all the charges that go with it. I'm getting really stressed out by this and any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance! J
  3. Richard, Although I have been lurking on this site for a while I have yet to post. I am currently researching the possibilities open to me in relation to a number of debt related issues. I just wished to say how much I appreciated your last post. Your eloquence and knowledge are incredible and you give, to me at least, a sense of both empowerment and hope. My thanks and regards to you. J
  4. Many thanks for the quick reply Louis. I am a bit daunted by it all but am going to take my time - there's no rush to get this right! Having all this support makes it seem so possible and it would be such a great boost to finally get something back! Thanks again. J
  5. Dear all, Well, following the advice of the moderators I am just writing to introduce myself. I am completely new to this process and am unsure whether or not I will even be able to claim - there is a lot of reading ahead for me!! I am hoping to claim charges against LLoyds although a lot of those did occur when I went over my overdraft limit so am not sure if they are legal charges. Anyway, I look forward to getting involved - this site really is fantastic! Cheers all! J
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