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  1. It does not say what the hearing is for on the notice but attached to it are the n244 application and the witness statement which says "Dg solicitors itnd to apply for an order (1) the order dated 9th august 2007 (apparently issued on (9th august 2007) requiring that the defence be struck out and judgement entererd for the claimant ( in response to the order dated the 24th july 2007 requiring that unless the defendant files at court an allocation questionaire by 4pm on 6th aug the defence be struck out be set aside and the defence reistated on the basis of CPRr3.3(5) setting aside order made on courts own motion or CPRr3.9( relief from sanctions or CPRr3.1(2)(a)(extension of time )or CPRr3.1(7) (power to revoke or vary order)--------------Because they are saying that they filed their A/q on the 9th because of the volume of cases they are having to deal with and that the court told them to file an AQ on the 24th july and th test case was announced on the 27th july and that the strike out order was made onthe 9th aug and that to the best of teir knowledge they received it on the !6th that they had made the application in the time allowed --7 days

  2. the date the order or judgement was issued was 9th aug on7se07169 and the same date on7se07170 and it is addressed to DG it states ^^Before DISTRICT JUDGE OLDHAM sitting at Sheffield County Court ,The Law Courts West Bar Sheffield S38PH ^^Upon the Courts own motion .The court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing.If you object to the order ,you must make an application to have it set aside,varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it .IT IS ORDERED THAT 1 the defence be struck out 2Judgement for the amount claimed plus interest plus court fee.Dated 9th august /DGs letter to me is dated the 20th August.I spoke to the court this morning and both cases have been referred for direction to the Judge on the 28th so I should get a letter informing me if it is going to court by beginning of next week the other case 7se07171 they have put a stay on and i have received a letter from the court this morning dated the 24th august saying it is stayed pending the the issues raised in the test case.So is it worth me doing anything now before i receive the Judges direction .may not read what you suggest until tomorrow night now got to go out in an hour .thanks for the nickname audaud lol:rolleyes:

  3. I have two cases where the defence has struck out and DG have written to me to say they are to apply for stay with an N244 application notice a copy of which they have included .They are also applying for a stay on one which hasnt been struck out even though they havent complied with their allocation questionaire. I will ring the court in the morning get an update on any further developements or if they have applied yet, then we may have to get the ball rolling back in our direction with your help. I must say what you have said makes sense( after reading it three times) perhaps it could be more condensed and in stages e.g A do this B write this etc we are not all as brainy as you and lattie.Going to watch footie now and not in tomorrow will check and update on thurs pm cheers:)

  4. The next chapter in my ac,s I received a letter from DG on two of my ac,s saying they were going to apply for a set aside order and enclosed a copy of their N244 application this is dated 20th Aug and signed by naomi wharton who has also done the witness statement .they have also included a draft order, but that is not dated or signed ,to get the case stayed.Do i now ring the court and ask them if they have done this or do i wait for the court to contact me? the other ac that was due to be struck out on the 17th aug .DG sent me a letter on the 15th saying the would be applying for a stay, again do i wait or check as i have heard nothing on this one either.Lateralus Lateralus wherefore art thou Lateralus( it does sound a bit Roman dont it)

  5. just read bethcharlie link thats a chunk ,my three a/cs dont come to half of that (well just over) guess we,ll just keep soldiering on and hope that numbers count when it comes to the crunch. cheers dave

  6. ok ,will do, think i will send the letter anyway and ring the court as well.i can do that first because our only collection is 5.30pm .I just assumed they might settle because one is a buiseness ac and the other is a joint a/c dave

  7. only just got home from work have read your link and think i understand .should i do the letter tonight even though not i have not spoken to the court? i can use the template in the link.nice to see you back thought youd gone on hols.lol:D

  8. sorry was offline last night some fault on broadband in my area .yes i have judgement in my favour so who do I contact,bank ,DG or just wait? I must vote on the letter I sent with my aq it seems to have done the trick.Do I also recalculate interest and to when? Cheers Dave

  9. That was weird just sent reply and couldnt find server Anyway try again .just had two acs back dated 9th aug the defence has been struck out.what do I do now ?Why doesnt Lattie like rain she should shes a real duck!!!

  10. You said it ealier in this thread,now i believe .Rang court again this morning and was told all three cases have been referred to the DJ for his direction and I have to wait, if they have been stayed then I have to apply to have the stay lifted as per that link you gave me .Will be near your neck of the woods tomorrow a m ,going to Auction at sandtoft Hope its nice and sunny it usually rains when i go there lol

  11. Thanks Lattie have read the link and will follow your advice first and ring the court, it was a young girl i got last time who was relaying the information from someone else so she may not have had all the info but will let you know. I dont think you are weird!!! lol

  12. I said watch this space? recieved letter from court on just 2 out of three of my a/cs DISTRICT JUDGE OLDHAM "unless the Defendent do File an allocation questionaire by 4pm on the 6th August 2007, the defence will be struck out" Dated 24th July 2007.I rang the court this morning and they have not filed and the odd case i had not heard anything about had been referred to the manager i was then told that all my cases were on hold pending court case, I assume the one referred to the manager is classed as personal but what happens to the other 2 which were business acs and do i do anything now appart from wait for aletter from the courts? COME ON "LATTIE "givus a clue or "JOE"

  13. Tool are an american rock group who have had two albums in the us (thats usa not useless) charts one at 14 and one at 18 and one of their albums is Lateralus which is about seeing different colours !!!which i do most saturday nights By the way i thought you were being cheeky when you said lattie used to be called pinky but its true sorry

  14. thanks for sharing that with me but you didnt say where you came from? Have taken my a/q,s in today along with section G bit typed on a seperate sheet and signed it at the end also ,draft order for directions. watch this space for any development.Didnt know who tool were, but do now. and "brits " could be a strong clue.

  15. I thought youd made a typing error but put "avatar" in google .So much info on one little word ,what was your previous name "perky" I notice you are both platinum ac customers although latties got 4 times the posts sorry nearly 4and1/2 times must go for now :sad:

  16. sorry lateralus meant the link to do the" draft order for directions" it actually says there is a fault and it is not working ,also looked in templates library but couldnt see one. Anyway no worries Ive typed it out now and altered it for each a/c:p By the way how cool to have nick name"lattie"

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