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  1. hi all, and merry xmas, my saga has now come to a close with PCM(south) sending me a cheque. the last few things i did was to write to the estate manager threatening to take her to court, i also wrote to the BPA, IPP which are more or less the same, and also to the SIA who were the most helpful and have promised to investigate, the moral of the story i think is dont give up folks, if you are right dont allow these people to get the better of you Merry Xmas and thankyou to those that encouraged and supported me.......... rob
  2. hi peeps and thankyou for responding. i got a phone call from the director who signed the CC case defence.....it appears that i made an error when sending the case to the courts. i addressed it to PCM(UK) but with PCM(SOUTH)s address, PCM(south) filed and signed the defence. (correcting my error) then when they lost the case phoned me and said they wont pay as its addressed to the wrong company (but the correct address) there are so many links between the two companies that it is pretty crass of them to deny knowledge or responsibility of the matter. i went along to the court yesterday for some advice and based on that i have written to the judge outlining the situation and await his deliberations he is at the courts today (tuesday 22nd nov)
  3. thanx for your reply HH, i had the same idea as you suggested, but in my letter i have given them 14 days to respond, and i have sent it to one of the directors who has been named in their defence of the county court case, and have used the address that is also named in the defence. i have done a little research into the background of this company and there are several addresses they quote. i have also managed to find out that they are members or approved operators of BPA British Parking Association, Institute of Parking Professionals and the Security Industry Authority, the first 2 are pretty toothless in disciplining members but the SIA has the power to remove their authority to clamp. in my letter i have stated that i may correspond with either or all of these if they dont cough up. i think that a warrant of execution may be bit difficult for county court bailiffs to enforce as i would bet money that the office they operate from has nothing in it to take and sell, it will be just a desk, chair phone and maybe a computer which could be tools of the trade. i was thinking my next step should be a third party debt order to freeze their bank account? what would you advise??
  4. hi all i live in a small mews area in a privately owned house, the area has flats which are managed by a property management company. they contracted a company called PARKING MANAGEMENT CONTROL(UK) to wheel clamp in the parking area. my car was clamped despite the property management companies manageress saying that my car was ok to be parked where it was. she even told the clampers on the phone to remove the clamp but they refused so i had to pay and then appeal... the appeal was refused by the clampers, i then took them to the small claims court and won (they didnt turn up) the judgement states they should pay me £313 within 14 days . i have spoken to the clampers to ascertain their intentions and was told that their legal dept would be in touch but would not give name, address or phone number of their legal department. date of CCJ was 18 oct i am considering my next step, any advice from the forum would be appreciated
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