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  1. Hugh, Whats a DPDR ? thanks Silverdsamosa
  2. Hello, I have a pretty complicated case with regards to bank charges on a business account and the impact it had on the survival of the business. I would like to start this thread with the aim of not just reclaiming charges but the effect of these charges on cashflow etc. on the business (and the associated costs forced upon the business). If anyone has had success with anything like the above then I am keen to communicate with them. Silversamosa.
  3. Hello, I also have a business account and have 2 seperate claims pending for siginificant amounts. My issue is that after the letters were sent to the business manager my business was placed in administration (not really connected to th claims). I also believe that any claim contiuned will benefit the administrators of the company. I also wish to find anyone who has claims against a factoring division of a bank with regards to charges etc. Many thanks Silversamosa.
  4. Hi I am new to all this and wish to send a letter off today but only have 3 years statements, should i wait for the remiang 3 years or ask lloyds to give that back to based on an estimation thanks Kirit
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