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  1. Thanks all, claim now issued. Regards.
  2. Thanks for all this info....would one suggest writing to Monument at the Barclays address or at the the Rafael address?
  3. Hi Empowered Received letter in June confirming ownership and rights now transferred to Raphael's Bank (www.raphaelsbank.com) so even more confusing I'm afraid. Thanks. Stuart
  4. Thanks Martin If you can shed any light on who to write (new ownwers vs Barclays) that would be fantastic. Thanks again.
  5. Hi. Does anyone know where to write to to claim against Monument Card now that it is owned by R Raphael & Sons plc (investment bankers) and not Barclays Bank? Has anyone any eperience of claiming against them (can't see anything in the forum)? Thanks. Stuart
  6. Hi all Barclays have sold Monument card to a third party and the transfer will be completed on July 2nd. Can you still claim for unfair charges against Monument even though legal ownership will be different? Thanks in advance. Stuart
  7. Can a claim for charges be made on a credit card account that has recently been closed? Thanks.
  8. OK, thanks. Think will have to chase the cheque again as Lloyds have closed the MCard a/c
  9. Thanks. Will do...nice and simple three lines of text. Stuart
  10. Thanks for your response. Legal proceedings were commenced, defence filed, allocation questionnaire completed etc, then offer to settle from Lloyd's solicitor. MCard is now now in credit so hence not wanting the payment to that. Does this help?
  11. Can anyone advise next steps here please? My girlfriend successfully reclaimed (and received prompt payment) Bank Charges from Lloyds TSB, and recently has effected a claim on her Lloyds TSB MasterCard. On Jan 24th 2007 LTSB's solicitor's settle the claim and make payment to her MasterCard. She wrote to their solicitors on Jan 30th (and chased on Feb 14th) asking for the money to be paid into her bank account (the balance of her MCard had been cleared). The solicitors claim that they are awaiting a cheque from LTSB to send out. Over a month has passed since their original letter and no sign of the cheque...is there anything that she can do to expedite matters? Thanks. Stuart
  12. Has anyone experienced similar to this before or can anyone provide the benefit of their knowledge... My girlfriend had a loan with Lloyds TSB and had thought that she had come to the end of the term of the loan only to be told that 5 installments were still outstanding. She has been switched from one loan product to another during the loan term and by Lloyds own admittance is on an "old-style" loan. She sent the CCA letter in April requesting a copy of the original credit agreement and she had heard nothing (no agreement, no chasers for the money, nothing) until Nov 3rd '06 when she received an unrelated letter from the local branch manager (rare, I know) asking what her intentions were to repay the debt. She replied (on Nov 15th) advising of their breach of the CCA and that she did not acknowledge the debt and would not enter into any further correspondence regarding the debt. On Dec 19th Lloyds sent a letter from the local branch stating that were unable to resolve the matter at branch level and that the matter had been forwarded on to their Customer Service Recovery department (CSR). On Dec 20th a letter was sent by the CSR stating that they were hopeful of completing their enquiries within the 'coming 2 weeks'. On Jan 4th '07 they issued a long letter apologising (twice) for inconvenience/stress etc, stating that they cannot find the loan agreement within their filing system, and offering a 'solution agreeable to all parties'. They claim there is over £2000 outstanding but are proposing to reduce that amount to £1380 and offer a new interest-free loan for £1380 repayable over 36 months. Then, with negative affirmation, the letter states "that if I don't hear back from you at all by 1st March 2007, I will take it that matters are resolved between us and close my file." (Apologies should have posted well before now but it had slipped my mind). What, if any, should be my girlfriend's response to this? Is negative affirmation able to be used in a scenario such as this? Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks. Stuart
  13. Hi. Can you explain please? It is legal for Lloyds to charge interest or illegal? Thanks. Stuart
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