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  1. No. Obviously not. Anybody out there a little less "secretive" got any suggestions on how to get a default notice removed. Thanks.
  2. Anybody have any advice on trying to get the default notice removed from my file. Lowells in their letter of discontinuance say they have stopped proceeding on the advice of their client (Vodafone) Vodafone say the default is still active and the contract (Missold) still needs to be paid..... Any suggestions please.
  3. Got a cheecky one here people. Lowells pursued me for 18 months over an alleged Vodafone debt. They issued court proceeding for £336. I defended, they discontinued. ( Waves flag ) My question is, do I have a cheecky right to invoice them for £336 for the hours and costs involved in compiling my defence. Thanks for all your help past and present.
  4. I walked into my local Currys PC World store. I was in between health issues, moving house, and had no other form of Internet, I made it absolutely, categorically clear that I must not be allowed to go over the agreed limit as I was off sick and on benefits. I know this is an option as I have had it with other providers. I was reassured that I would receive a screenshot as I approached my limit, and be offered the chance to purchase more data. This did not happen, and in approx. 3 days they want to charge me approx. £200 for excess data usage. I will fight this tooth and nail, but need to be sure of my rights. Trading standards say I have a case on the basis of being mis sold, but they are not as helpful as you guys on here.
  5. Thanks Andy. Your a star. They keep asking for a copy and all the terms of my complaint with Vodafone. I keep telling them I will swap it for a copy of the agreement. It falls on deaf ears though, and we go back to square one. One thing I struggle with is, if I don't get a copy of the terms and conditions prior to the sim card being inserted by the providing sales rep, how can I know that there are hidden charges even if I specifically stated I wanted to know the terms and charges, before purchasing. I assumed there were trading standard conditions and comsumer rights to protect me from this sort of thing. Thanks again.
  6. Hi Andy. Yes. If years of being on here has taught me one thing, its to keep the evidence...LOL... On trading standards advice, I downloaded their complaints form and sent a copy to Vodafone, and hand delivered a copy to Currys, where I took out the agreement. I don't have a problem with pursuit / defence, that's what they do. I have 2 problems. 1. If you got your new car home from the showroom and a month later they sent you a hidden mileage charge, would you accept it? 2. How can anybody claim a debt if they cant prove it ?
  7. A bit of advice please. I took out a mobile broadband contract with Vodafone through Currys PC World approx. 14 months ago. I took out the agreement on the understanding that, like other providers i had used, I would not be allowed to go over the agreement data usage limited without authority. After about 3 weeks of usage they blocked my account and tried to charge me about £200 for over limit data usage at £26 per gig. I have asked Lowells, who have bought the disputed debt, I never heard back from Vodafone about my complaint, for a copy of the signed agreement that shows the cost of the hidden charges. I would never have signed up if I had known the cost. Lowells say they don't have to provide anything and are going to resume pursuit of this debt. I have no fear of these people. I guess my question is, do they have the right to pursue a debt without proving the debt exists. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. Hello good people. I have a question or two about my EE account that I know nobody can answer better than you. Here goes. Approx this time last year I was invited by EE to take out a contract with them as they had taken over from my then current provider T Mobile. I visited my local store and discussed my needs with them they assured me that the contract they were selling me was more than adequate to cover my UNLIMETED DATA USAGE agreement with T Mobile. Within 2 months of signing up with EE, I was receiving data usage warnings, and was being cut off half way through the month. I revisited their store to discuss my concern and was persuaded to up grade my contract to an extra 1GB of data per month at an additional cost of £3 per month. Immediately afterwards I started receiving data usage warnings and again was cut off mid month. I revisited the store and was persuaded ( yes I wanted one ) to take out a contract on an IPad. and this additional 2 GB of data would eliminate the problem. You guessed it. data usage warnings. 3 visit lucky?? No chance. The store assistant on enquiry commented that my Ipad contract was " crap " and on discussing with the store manager, they offered to give me, free of charge, a 1GB " booster " that would normally cost £19.99 and £10 per month. Data usage warning part 4 I have since found out that they have been charging me £10 +VAT per month since August ( £80 ) for a booster that was provided free of charge. I returned to the store to discuss the situation and was met with such a lack of interest, that I actually asked the store assistant to stop shrugging his shoulders with a couldn't care less attitude. I have recently written to EE customer services in an attempt to resolve the situation, but I wonder if I am doing it in the right manner, and is there anything else I can do. I have gone from a £25 + VAT per month " Unlimited data usage " contract with T Mobile to a 4GB Data usage £30 a month contract with EE on my phone. 2GB Data usage £25 a month contract with EE on my IPAD 1GB Data usage £10 a month contract with EE on a booster that was provided Free of charge. Call me stupid, naïve, or whatever, but I am not putting up with this. I have all the contracts, including the FOC agreement, but am getting nowhere with EE Any suggestions please. Thank You
  9. 1. Rapidly becoming overcrowded. 2. The dumping ground for the rest of Europe. 3. Full of stupid people for putting up with it.
  10. In memory of Rooster-UK 26 July 1947 to 06 June 2010 3 years have flown by but the legacy lives on. How sad that Martin 3030 replied last year. Give them bankers in the sky some stick lads. R.I.P. Bob and Martin Gone but never forgotten.
  11. ผมอยู่ในประเทศไทย Im in Thailand. 100 degrees at the mo. Just watched F1. So now a walk along the beach and then another late night watching Spurs V FUlham. Tough job but somebody has to do it
  12. Stayed up till 5 am here to watch those muppets huff and puff and get their house blown down. 8 years and no trophies. Im still laughing COYS
  13. OK Thank you for that. Im still trying to wrap my head around things.
  14. Oh No... This is very worrying. I am going to Thailand on O1 March. Think i will have to cancel my holiday. Not.
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