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  1. Opps been busy, but got a 'no chance' letter from them a couple of weeks ago, keep meaning to post it here to get some advice, but what with a couple of kids birthday parties to organise and school hols starting i haven't got round to it! Will try and do it later today!! bbx
  2. Bookworm - Fantastic advice thank you - Now i have a couple of questions for you - or anyone who knows about standing orders.. ... if i organise my mobile phone bill (for example) to be paid by standing order, does that mean each time i get a bill I have to change the amount of the standing order on-line? Also with my council tax (where the payment doesn't change for 10 months of the year) I don't have to change this, until Jan when i stop it for two months? I know you are talking about checking your balance everyday on-line, so you will be completely aware of what is going in and out of the bank, but i need to get my head round how much more organised i will have to be! Thanks bbx
  3. Hello, So far i haven't claimed from my current bank, just closed accounts. However I'm gearing up to, but want to open a new account. Obviously i have read the parachute account thread, BUT if you CAN open any account who would your RECOMMEND? I've been on moneysupermarket and the top personal one they recommend is A&L - any thoughts? Is the internet service easy to use? Are the staff ok? I will need to open a business account and a business Euro account as well (Can you see both on-line - you can't see a euro account on-line with Barclays!) I have been recommended HSBC, but I'm just going through reclaiming on a closed account from First Direct - will I have shot myself in the foot? (at the moment i have one default, but thanks to surlybonds, this should disappear soon because they shouldn't be processing this data to the CRAs anymore - I'm just in the last leg of this, so I want to be ready, so i can move on from Barclays) Thanks for reading. bbx
  4. This is an update of my dealings with NatWest. They still haven't complied with my S.A.R. for the card or the account, but it's still early days! And here's a link for the update with the default notice issue! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/99066-default-nat-west-credit.html bbx
  5. Update: I dated surlybonds letter 18th , but didn't get to post it till 19th so they got it 20th, this morning (22nd) I got a letter from National Westminster Bank Plc ... Dear bb, Thank you for your letter of the 18th June concerning disclosure of personal data. In view of your comments, i have forwarded your correspondence on to the appropriate department who deal with the issues you have raised. I have instructed them to look into this matter and respond to you in due course. For your information, I have enclosed a leaflet which explains the Bank's complaints handling proceedure. Yours sincerely, Noreen King She's obviously very confident that the appropriate department will fulfil their obligations, as she hasn't told me which department this is and how to contact them if I don't hear anything!!! However I am truly shocked I have had a letter so soon, and especially one that doesn't technically say 'bog off'. So this appropriate department have until the 11th July. bbx.
  6. I was just wondering, rather than having a Lost Cases section in each companies thread, should you not have an actual 'lost' thread that then shows a link to the Actual claimants thread - not the one that someone else posts to let us all know. There's no point just moving the thread out of Natwest for example, or setting up a completely new thread cos we all want the history and the threads linked. It'll also bring in to prospective how many claims are lost - not many. AND give you ONE place to look for them initially, without moving them. Just a thought! bbx
  7. Yeah i got it in the end! It was more the letters that they sent in response than anything - making me think i was chancing my arm rather than actually having a right!! So after I'd read surlybonds post and the letter all the way through at least three times i realised it is natwest that are chancing their arm!! Thanks though! So really what every one should do is terminate their contracts with the companies with default notices against them and then get them cleared with surlybonds letter and start again. Slightly rose tinted i know, but I'm hoping the essence is there!! Thanks again. bbx (and if this works I'll be donating again - donated a month ago when the beer garden was closed etc, as a sign of my support for the site, and the good work it's moderators/helpers do)
  8. That must have given you a boost - to go to the High Court and Win!! It looks like you're gonna need a lot of time off work to get this sorted. bbx
  9. There seems to be a whole ID Theft section on this forum, along with information on an id theft book. Try here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/identity-theft/ Have a read, I'm sure you can PM someone who has given someone else some help. bbx
  10. Looks like you need some more help.... BUMP
  11. Wow, i think you need to invest in a cross cut shredder. Good Luck. IMHO - which is very limited - the quickest way to flag something is wrong is to contact the CRAs they will not do much, but they will do more than the actual companies in the short term. Then unfortunately it's down to dealing with each company individually. I think it might be worth contacting your own bank (and maybe other companies credit cards, gas elect etc etc) and telling them that you've been the victim of ID theft and organise to change any passwords - you don't want to do this over the phone, and you don't want to rely on the post getting to you, but don't know what other way to suggest!!! I have to say it would be really easy, i have just applied for a credit card on-line for MY HUSBAND. He has done nothing and we have a 6k card from M&S. (I have a default and no income!) (He doesn't have a default and does have an income!) Actually i lied, i received the letters here while he was at work - he signed the form (but they haven't checked his signature with anything) and then i received the cards and pin here, all in the space of someones 2 week summer holiday!!!!! I have used it in 4 shops, entering the pin and no one has questioned me. The Card is in the name of Mr Bluewater Babe (full names -no initials) no possible way of mistaking I'm the card holder!!! However I am acutally going to write to them (get hubby to sign it!!) and reduce the limit, cos I don't want that much responsibility!!!! Good Luck again and I'm sure someone will be along in a while to blow me out of the water!!!!! - But Ill keep watching. bbx
  12. Kevin, I'm not sure i can help, but i have a question the answer to which may make it easier for others to help! Are the defaults with companies that you've had credit from (card, bank, catalogue etc) and not paid back - or paid late? Or have you NEVER had ANY dealing with these companies? The reason i ask is because i would say you would have to deal with the 2 situations differently, and your original post doesn't make this info clear! Regards, and good luck, bbx
  13. Well, thanks for the help!!! I sent Surlybonds letter anyway - can't hurt, they can't put anymore bad info on my credit file as i don't have an account with them anymore!!! Good luck to anyone else in this situation. bbx. ps. Sorry I posted it in the main Legalities file and not the DP and Defaults part!!
  14. However - if it's the days holiday that gives you more concern, ask them to do it on a day that something else is happening? My Son starts on the 10th and we have a home visit on the 4th and he has to go in on the 6th to see the school - or could they not make you a first/last appointment?
  15. I have a defualt with Nat West Credit Card from may 05. The debit was passed to Westcott Credit but, it says for 700 quid which was the debt westcott got, but the last payment bounced - for about 250, and then got put through the following week and went ok, so now it says satified. I have asked for a copy of the credit agreement, and for a copy of the default notice, as i didn't receive this. However i am told that because the debt no longer exists neither do the two pieces of paperwork! So are they allowed to have the CRAs hold info that doesn't exist (and in my mind didn't exist in respect of the ACTUAL default notice). I have sent nat west an S.A.R. but have only had a cumulative list of charges over the last 6 years which states that i have only had 130 in LATE fees (2x15 in 2001 and 5x20 in 2003) - no other fees - how come i have a default notice if i only have 7 late payments? Thanks for any help and advice anyone could give. bbx
  16. That's exactly what I thought, but needed to see it in black & white. Now do i have to write my letters to FD again? Thanks Gary bbx
  17. I don't want to interupt this thread too much, but a lot of people who know about CI will be reading this thread, so i have a quesion to ask those in the know. I have sent 3 letters to FD the last being an LBA all asking for CI on the basis of M&R i told them i was filing my N1 last week, but haven't had the chance yet - now i know it was fate! They have sent 2 offers but neither cover the charges let alone the interest they've charged me for borrowing this amount. Do i now need to start the process again from the beginning stating I'm claiming CI on the basis of unjust enrichment, or should i wait at least another week to see how the conversation pans out? OR should i go ahead with the M&R arguement and hope i don't make it to court? - which i think is much more of an uncalulated risk. I'm so close to filing my N1 (to stick with MY timescale) but need some advice. Thanks, bbx.
  18. However thinking again, some benefits are paid on a level of income - which is what i was talking about in post 7. But the money may also affect your level of 'savings'! Which is what stephen may be talking about.
  19. In reply to post 5. The money was ours, we received it as wages. We paid it out as if a bill, to the bank, or credit card company or whomever. We are now getting a refund of the bill, so we have already told HMRC that we have received the money - in our P60 (?) for the year that we DID receive it. The only bit we could be receiving that we haven't already had is CI or Stat Int, or any other compensation, for time, photocopying etc THIS is the amount that i THINK we should be telling HMRC about. You only have to pay CGT on that extra part you have earned - not the original amount that you have invested. Any thoughts? bbx
  20. No, i didn't . Thank you. I was just about to take my N1 to the court for 3.5k inc ci re First Direct, so I'm VERY interested in how this conversation goes!! Thanks again, bb.
  21. Well Done! Can i be rude and ask what was the breakdown of what they paid? Did they pay the satutory interest at 8%? - or did you not ask for it? I'm just interested cos I've just refused their first offer!! Congratulations though! bbx
  22. I'd just like to 'chip' my two pennth in. Isn't it funny how the only companies who aren't using chip and pin are the banks? - Or is it? I went in to my local branch of Barclays to withdraw some cash, for the first time in a VERY long time, and you have to sign for it - there aren't even any of those pin machines on our side of the glass!!!! What's good for the goose is absolutely NOT good for the gander!!!!!! bbx
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