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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. That's it, letter is done and will be in the post first thing tomorrow!
  3. You're right nn, I'm going to do the letter this evening. Regards Lynn
  4. Hi Forkandles, Thanks for your reply. I've checked with my local council but they don't offer that service, they just refer people to the CAB, so my partner will persevere with trying to get hold of them. I think we may also start trying to recover some of his charges with the template letters from this site. At the moment he is paying £52 a month which was agreed with them, they then add about £38 interest and also £25 over limit fee. Madness! Lynn
  5. My partner has a BOS credit card, on which he went up to his credit limit some time ago. Due to some money problems he negotiated a monthly payment with them, but they still added interest and he ended up over his credit limit. At the time they agreed not to make extra charges for this. However, a couple of months ago they started charging £25 a month overlimit fee again, which means that with the interest as well his balance is increasing every month even though he makes the agreed payment. He rang them but had no joy, they said they can only freeze interest if it's negotiated via the CAB. Wh
  6. Today I received a letter from Barclays offering me £870 in full and final settlement, which is more or less half of what I am claiming. I'm not sure whether to settle for this or not. On the plus side I would get this fairly quickly, and it is enough to pay off one of my credit cards. On the minus side, they're getting away with another £870 without really admitting that they are in the wrong. Problem is, I would struggle to find the money for a Moneyclaim case at the moment, plus it could take a while to get payment from them even if they did settle out of court. What do other people ad
  7. Sorry if I'm being dim but I want to be absolutely sure on this. I am about to send my letter before action. Am I right in thinking that I cannot claim the 8% interest yet, but I should add it to my court claim should things go that far? Thanks Lynn
  8. Well the deadline set in my preliminary request for payment letter expired yesterday, with no further response from Barclays since their standard reply. So I will send the LBA today, wish me luck! Lynn
  9. I got the exact same letter, except dated 4th May and giving themselves until the 31st to reply. What about our deadlines? I think I am going to write back and reiterate the 14 days from the date of my letter, and if they still don't come back with a favourable answer I will send the letter before action on the 16th May. Otherwise they are succeeding in delaying the process for no good reason. What do you think? Lynn
  10. Ombler, My microfiche copies seemed to be fairly complete; lots of 'unpaid outs' and 'paid referrals'. I don't think they would dare to falsify the statements by omitting any charges. Send in your request for payment letter and see what they say. It will be interesting to see if you get the same reply that I did, saying that they would answer no later than 31st May despite the fact I gave them 14 days from the 2nd May. Lynn
  11. Yesterday I received a standard letter from Barclays saying they were sorry I was unhappy with the level of service etc etc. They then said they would answer as soon as possible and no later than May 31st. My request for repayment letter was dated 2nd May and gave 14 days for acceptance of my request. No mention was made of this. As they have responded am I still within my rights to send the LBA on 16th May, unless of course they write again before then? I am considering sending another letter reinforcing the 14 days deadline. Is this a good idea? Is there something happening in May that
  12. Totalled up all the charges on the account: it came to £1755 which is more than a month's wages for me. I have sent the 'preliminary approach for repayment' letter today, let's see what happens... Lynn
  13. I have recently started a claim for charges from Barclays on an account opened in 2001. I sent a cheque for £10 with a request for copy statements, and it was returned with the statements in less than two weeks, as it is a free service. I am now going to total up the charges and claim them back. I assume that I can't claim for the interest on overdrawn balances because the money was owed at the time, but what about 'paid referrals'? What does that mean and can I claim those too? Thanks LynnD
  14. I requested statements from Barclays going back to the beginning of 2001 and sent a cheque for £10. I received the copies yesterday and my cheque was returned witha letter saying it was a free service. Suspiciously helpful... Does anyone know if can I claim for 'paid referrals'? What does that mean? Thanks LynnD
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