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  1. i am right at this moment filling out an application on moneyclaim and have hit a bit of a blank what do i put in the particulars box? do i include the fact that i'm on benefits? and will my claim include issues under the humans right act 1988? also is there any info anyone can suggest i look up in reference to bank charges and benefits and the relevance to my claim? thanks
  2. ALL benefits really JSA, income support, sickness, child benefit, disability living allowance. anything from the state
  3. i read that charges taken from benefits are illegal but i'd really like to know exactly what the case is on this topic. could anyone please let me know.. thanks again
  4. its such a nightmare going through all this just to get back money i deserve anyway lol
  5. OK what exactly do you mean?? from the day i sent the letter or the date i assume they recieved the letter or from the day they replied to the letter? thanks
  6. Advice needed.... :confused: Got statements and sent of a letter asking for my money back. Recieved a letter this morning explaining that my claim would be looked into and as there are thousands of applications mine could take a long time. The letter stated that someone would be in contact in 4 weeks to let me know how the investigation was progressing. Do i wait the 4 weeks? Even though in the letter i stated 14 days for a FULL response or do i go to the next step? Confused!! Thank You
  7. thanks so much..... so i do i send the SAR asking for charges on my account then or not? i am a lil worried that me not sending the letter makes it not a full and water tight claim
  8. how come ? what am i covering myself against? i thought getting the statements was the first step.. if i dont send the SAR would my claim not be water tight ?
  9. All you have to do is call Halifax on the usual number. Option 5. Request 6 years of bank statements and they charge you a mere £5 :o and they will arrive within 28 days. Really helpful on the phone ...... glad that i didnt have to start the whole process with a threat. Cant wait to recieve my statements and add up the money i have owing. Summer looks a whole lot more rosy and sunny now. Good luck
  10. right i've decided i am going to do this:) (may need alot more help) please can anyone tell me if its ok to take the letter to my local branch to get the letter sent off or should i get a bankers draft and send it to head office?? :???: i wanna do this properly any advice would be great thanks again
  11. looking into claiming but sooooo scared my account will be shut if i start to claim ... cant afford to transfer to a new account at another bank .... please tell me if you've got any advice thank you char25
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