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  1. Thanks 28 I hope they don't - but I have stuck to my timetable 100% and I am not giving up Cheers Z
  2. Well fingers crossed they don't send it Start counting the days! Z
  3. Martin Lewis is a hero! While I agree that he sometimes seems 'overly enthusiastic' - he certainly inspired me to go for it and he has great charisma. I, like others, found this site via MSE. For many, it has been easy and for others not so. I knew my claim would be a long slog because it is for thousands and not hundreds. lastly thanks for those who give up their time to run this site - I, for one, appreciate it and of course, when I win, I will be donating. Z
  4. UPDATE - AQ submitted Took my £100 and AQ into the Court today and yes (thanks Ellie) I did include the request based upon the new strategy for AQs. I typed it and thought it looked rather nice actually - so there! I included a couple of other bits like a copy of my claim form and (yet another) copy of the schedule etc. I also sent a copy of exactly what I submitted to DG by recorded delivery - they will get it as a special gift in the morning. Whatever happens, hopefully I will get a Court date soon. I am glad I have not lost my determination to win. Z
  5. Bringing this up again as can see people asking
  6. Hi everyone, hope things are going well with your claims. UPDATE Got the AQ now and am going to fill it in. I also got a copy of the defence - seems a standard one - nothing unusual - will type out if people want to see it. It basically denies the points I made on the claim form. Why do these people just keep dragging things out? It is going to cost them so much more money now than it would if they had just settled at the start. They seem to use the process in such strange way and waste so much of everyones time. Z
  7. Hi everyone: UPDATE I telephoned my local county court today and spoke a very helpful and pleasant chap there who told me that an Allocation Questionnaire was sent yesterday. He also promised a copy of FD defence as I had not been sent one. The earliest court date I can expect is the end of September. Z
  8. Congratulations Cheeky....yes I think so - what asking for the full amount they took from you? I think you have a nerve - after all they negotiated with you every time they took money from your account. You tell them you want the full amount my friend. Z
  9. Congratulations Nothing more to say other than - it is yours Good for you I hope that I and a good friend I have made on here are able to post our success stories soon! Z
  10. Hi Waxy, There is another friend on here in a similar position - pm me if you want to and we can all support each other. Z
  11. Thanks dar£n - two copies went to the court straight after issue date and I sent another copy to the Solicitor a few days ago. That must be it then Z
  12. What do you mean by both parties? (sorry to butt in on Lulan's thread - we are at the same stage) you mean the bank and the Solicitors? Z
  13. Update FD did the acknowledgement bit and then stated that they were submitting a defence...it is being transferred to local court. I have not heard anything from anyone since - on MCOL it says defence 15/05/07. I sent a copy of my charges/interest to the named solicitor on the form from the court at D & G in last few days - I had submitted 2 x copies to the court as soon as the claim was issued anyway. Do I have to do anything now? Z
  14. PM a moderator directly - there are so many forums that they may not pick it up. Everyone is so lovely here I am sure they won't mind Z
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