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  1. Well well well Postie brought a nice suprise today. Letter from HSBC basically saying No, we haven't got a CCA and yes you are right, we cannot enforce this debt, so we'll write it off and we'll remove the defaults we entered against you. So there you have it Consumer 1 - HSBC 0 TF x
  2. When I last spoke to Manchester TS they had over 200 complaints (I think) about RW&Co, so get on the case and the more people that complain, the better. Here's hoping they'll get everything revoked so they can't function anymore. Only thing that troubles me with this is WHEN, 200 complains last year and undoubtedly more this year, how long can they carry on for?
  3. They seem to be doing this a lot, I had the same letter back in June 2007, they're still digging by all means!
  4. I came home about an hour ago and a rough looking chap approached me and said ' Hang about love, do you know Mrs XYZ?, does she live 'ere?'. I asked him who he was, he explained he was from Manchester and was a field agent. I asked did he work for a DCA, he grinned, so I took that as a yes. I aksed whether Mrs XYZ had had wish to make an appointment with him, seeing as he was banging on every door in the street. He replied 'Oh no, she don't knows I'm comin' yet, see, she've ad notice like, you know, card through post box but not what time I'm coming' This confirmed it for me so I asked him to remove himself from the property (my allocated parking space), saying that if Mrs XYZ had had wish to make an appointment with him, she would be in, wouldn't she, so there was no reason why, under common law he should be trepassing on anyone's property. Slightly taken aback, he told me I could go to prison for obstructing him in the process of his duties, I enquired as to whether he was a certified bailiff or a police officer, no on both counts there, so politely, I advised him he was merely a trepasser in a suit. Obviously, having been given very little training he grunted at me and walked off muttering under his breath. This is the first time I have ever face to face used the knowledge I have acquired here and I am not particularly confident but it shows that when the time came, I was able to use it. It is obvious that the DCA's don't train their field staff, he had no response to me challenging him, you'd have thought they'd teach them at least to spout some jargon at me, whether it be true or not, alas, they must put that all into their telephone consultants. The consumer fights back! TF xx
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for a little bit of advice really.... I live in Wales and the provision for IVF/ICSI is one fresh cycle and one frozen embryo transfer cycle. Hubby and I had unsuccessful IVF in January 2008 and didn't have any embryos to freeze, so we were unable to utilise the frozen emrbyo transfer treatment that is available on the NHS. I asked the clinic whether the funding was available, it is. I asked then if I undertook a private cycle, could I have the frozen embryo transfer on the NHS at a later date, NO. I asked what happens to the funding, it apparently just sits there and rolls over to next year. We have recently been back and our options have changed, we can go for a treatment now which will cost less than the frozen embryo transfer would (£400 new treatment, £800 frozen embryo transfer). I have asked the Health Commission For Wales if I can utilise my frozen embryo transfer funding for one attempt at the new treatment but my request was at the end of January and I have not had a response. The clinic pointed out to me that it is becoming a two tier system, if you get eggs to freeze, you get 2 attempts, if you don't you get one but the funding is the same for everyone. If HCW say No, what should I do next, appeal or let it go. I spoke to other women at the clinic, 3 out of 4 of them are in the same boat and they hadn't even considered appealling. I just don't think it is fair, some people get 2 attempts, some people get just 1, yet the money is there for everyone to do 2 attempts and then the money sits there. I don't think I am being unreasonable for a provision to be put in place for couples who don't get the frozen trasfer, am I? Considering that the new treatment is half the cost of the frozen transfer? Thanks TF xx
  6. I would have to agree with the above, DON'T remind them and DON'T do their job for them. I had the same trouble. I would suggest you get in touch with Manchester Trading Standards (their Salford address is just a mail drop point) as they have a file on RW&Co and seem to be adding to it by the day. Funnily enough, once TS approached them about my account, they said I was right, no CCA=no enforcable debt, they closed their file. Good Luck TF xx
  7. Not sure if you'd want these, but I have T&C's from HSBC Gold Credit Card circa 2006, been sent to husband, but can photocopy and send, only slight issue you may have is that they are 20-25 pages. Let me know if you want them.
  8. What, with all this prison overcrowding, do they really think so?! [EDIT]
  9. Lowells- June 2007 Wescot- June (ish) 2007 Lloyds TSB- May 2007 Wonder if I'll ever get anything out of these?!! They all still have my £1, shall I set a DCA on to them. Out of interest, if you are still waiting, has the DCA/Creditor you CCA'd still got your £1?
  10. Lowells phoned me once, saying if I didn't pay, I'd go to prison. I laughed at the chappie and he got so angry....'You'll go to prison, it's the law. I'll take your house, your car, your everything, you'll regret laughing at me' I simply replied 'what?, you? on your own? without a court order?, I'm kind of thinking, between you and me, you'd go to prision as that is tantamount to theft' Quite abruptly, he hung up, anti harrassment letter sent and not a peep again. Good for you LB x
  11. Unlikely Next will have a CCA, try having a search on here, there are a few threads about Next. Now, also have a look at Diskmandave's threads re Robinson Way, absolute menace's to society but generally buy unenforcable debts anyway. CCA Robinson Way, make sure you clearly spell out to them about not using your £1 fee against the balance, as they generally turn around and say that your payment is insufficient! Also, use a postal order so they cannot get your bank details from your cheque and please don't sign your letter as they will superimpose signatures onto agreements. Keep us posted, likely to be a battle but one you probably will win.
  12. And of course, lack of a CCA is seen as a defence to such proceedings. The amount now is small, he had some £1800 taken off due to charges and is about £400 owing now. He stopped paying via PayPlan some time ago, but they haven't kicked up a fuss whatsoever, which suprised me. The monies stopped after the 12+2 days were up. Trading standards are involved and as this is the 'final response' I'll think we'll go off down the FOS route. Mind you, reading through a few similar threads with HSBC, this isn't an unusual response. Have decided to copy their letter to the clear English campaign though!! TF
  13. I had similar issues with GE Capital 1. You can get the terms listed by speaking to Welcome, they should give you a breakdown of your monies. 2. How far are you into your agreement, at the early stages, it is likely you will have to pay near the full amount back, whether this be by handing the car back to a garage for cash and making up the difference or by paying the full amount in cash form and keeping the car. You are unlikely to get any decent settlement figure unless you are more than half way through, in my experience. 3. Clutch and brakes are likely to be wearable items. You say that when you got the car, the concept car said they would sort it. What, in hinsight would have been better was for you to have had a check done on the car before taking delivery/possession of th car as Spamheed has pointed out, is now a situation of he said she said. However, as the items are consumables, there need replacing anyway regularly, so your insurance is unlikely to cover this. It could be worth asking the garage to take an overal look at it and if there are multiple faults found, you could technicially hold Welcome/Concept jointly and severally liable for some costs, but again, it depends if they see the items as normal wear and tear or mechanical failure. Most will try to get out of it by saying you haven't done something right, when in fact you had done everything by the book. If you do decide this route is right for you, please take relevant legal advice on this, as it can get messy. TF x
  14. Thanks Spamheed, as I thought, but due to so much jargon, I got a tad confused. The debt was 'sold' to Metropolitan and then when the CCA was requested, sent back to HSBC who have been dealing with this since. This is just the latest in a long line of strange letters from them. As I say, the jargon threw me a bit and as I don't have the full Consumer Credit Act 1974 to hand, I wasn't 100% what they were trying to make out. The in's and out's of this were that hubby was sold this card on the phone whilst checking his loan balance, so it is doubtful any paper, signed, CCA existed, though we are willing to be proved incorrect. Cheers for the claritiy Spamheed. TF xx
  15. My husband had the same response Louise. Metropolitan don't have a CCA, debt sent back to HSBC. Just had a letter claiming that as they are HSBC, they are under no obligation to supply a CCA. I'm sending CB's letter on his behalf today!
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