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  1. Congratulations! Did they close your account? Im under the impression they can only do this if you are overdrawn... please correct me if Im wrong? Thanks!
  2. Thanks again guys, I have sent off the preliminary letter and schedule of charges to the swindon address via special delivery today (17th April) claiming a total of £1061.95. I guess it will be a couple of weeks before I recieve the fob off letter and send the LBA. Will keep you posted, if anyone has any suggestions or useful contacts at nationwide in the meantime Id really appreciate it!
  3. Thanks for your help, the business account has never been overdrawn, or had any charges, (in over 10 years!) so hopefully it should have no effect. Its just that it is linked to my personal account... My personal a ccount is not currently overdrawn, (and I dont intend on going overdrawn any time soon) so I guess that means I should go for it!!! Any other advice is much appreciated, Thanks
  4. Hi, I have recently started proceedings to claim back my charges from my nationwide flex account, having read a number of threads in that forum it is apparent that they quite often close the account after settling, which is fine by me as I have another few accounts and would be happy to lose the nationwide one. I also have a load of charges to claim back from my HSBC current account, the problem is I also have a business account with them and dont really want to jeapodise this... I havent come accross any HSBC threads where the accounts have been closed, can anyone shed any light on this please? Many thanks in advance Bob
  5. Cool, thanks will do! I've worked out that presuming nationwide dont pay up (which I gather from reading everyones posts they only do at the last minute) I should be either getting my charges back, or proceeding to court on 13th June... Will be a long slog but should pay for a holiday at the end of it so worth the wait!!! Thanks again to everyone, will let you know when the letters gone off!
  6. wow!!! thanks for the quick replys, Lively lad, thanks for the address! ppman, are you suggesting to not bother with the LBA and go straight to the mcol stage? Im in no hurry for the money and I guess the courts will look more favourably if I have sent an LBA? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, Having spent a couple of days reading the FAqs and Nationwide threads I thought Id better start my own thread! Ill try and keep you updated on my progress. Ill be filling out the spreadsheet and preliminary letter this evening and posting it off tomorrow. I was thinking about sending them to both Nationwide head office and my Branch will this do any harm? My initial calculations look like I should be claiming just over £1000.00 Thanks to all who have provided useful advice and created the FAQs which are an invaluble resource!!! If anyone has any particular suggestions to do with my claim or Nationwide in general Id really appreciate it. Will keep you posted on the progress! Fingers crossed.
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