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  1. Today I have recieved the reply to my CCA , it is a photocopy of my original application form , copies of my statements up to 2006 and a copy of credit agreement with my address that I moved to 6 months after opening this account shown . The application form has my correct address at the time of opening, My question is should the addresses be matching
  2. I've now found a thread which is almost identical to my situation with Cabot, . The case is a couple of weeks ahead of mine so useful to see how it goes. . Thanks to all for advice so far
  3. Well here's an update, Cabot requested a sist on the action which the sheriff refused, I asked for the case to be dismissed they did not have the paper work, however this was also refused, the sheriff wants to give Cabot more time to find the documents now I have to submit defences by the 16 th November and there will be an options hearing on the 21st of December, Help
  4. I have reported it as I have my credit report from 2010 clearly showing the date of default for this account as 09/2006
  5. My credit file is clear with no defaults showing now as they are all over 6 years. I checked on noddle and a barclaycard loan that was taken out in 2003 And defaulted in 2006 has reappeared in July and August of this year and showing as an active up to date account ? I have informed noddle but have had no reply as yet. Should I be doing anything else?
  6. Have just recieved a letter from Cabot, saying they can't find the documents and the debt is now unenforceable and they are not permitted to obtain a decree against me.
  7. Submitted notice to intend to defend and the date for submitting final defence is 28th October, going to put in an action to sist the claim as no CCA paper work has been received within the prescribed time scale.
  8. Well I went to see a solicitor this morning and she advised waiting to see if they reply to the CCA request, if I get the unenforceable letter then submit a defence other wise do nothing and not return any response to the court and let the decree pass and then offer them £1 a month as I don't earn enough for attachments or arrestment's as they can do nothing else to me. So I just need to hope they don't comply with the CCA request.
  9. It says on the form if you wish to defend this action lodge a notice to defend form 07 . The notice to defend along with the court fee of £90 must be lodged with the sheriff clerk within 21 days of 14th September Oh and there is no hearing date on the form,
  10. Yes it's the local court Forfar I didn't know that anyone at the court could help me. I will fill out the form and hand it back in on the 5th october and then wait further developments. I costs £ 90 doesn't it? At least I have a few weeks to get that together. Thanks again , If it does go Against me how do I arrange the £ 1 a month is that direct with the court , and do I need to actually go to the court? Sorry for the silly questions but my head is spinning
  11. Yes it is page /form 07 , so I write the above and hand it back in on the 6th. Then what will happen, do I need to go to a solicitor? I can't afford it so I would rather do it my self if possible And thank you I have been up all night worrying about this
  12. Yep, lots but all defaulted back in 2006 , I manage to keep up token payment until 2011 , I lost track of it all then I realise I would never pay it off but I do not have any more money to pay it , What can they do to me if they win at court and I can't pay ? I'm terrified I don't earn enough for them to arrest my wages, my bank account never has enough in it to be frozen , I am in rented accommodation, I have a 10 yeAr old car, that's. It. I don't know how to defend this claim, I' will go and see citizens advice see what they say
  13. I have 21 days to reply by the 6 th October, I sent off the CCA letter yesterday, I haven't had a letter before action or any letters regarding this account recently,
  14. Can anyone tell me what will likely happen if I admit the debt and offer £5 per month pay,mets, I am earning 300 per month no property or assets or savings
  15. Today I got a citation from my local court for £8000 credit card debt. It is a form 05 The account was opened in 2001 and was defaulted in August 2006. I was paying token payments of £1 toward this until 2010/11 The original lender was Halifax bank of Scotland. The papers say that the account was assigned to Cabot in 26th January 2015 I have a notice of assignment dated December 2008 along with a welcome to Cabot letter saying they have bought the debt also dated December 2008. I have today requested CCA information I am not sure what to do now, it says I
  16. Littlewoods Finance Company Aintree Innovation Centre, Park Lane, Netherton, Liverpool L72 1LD
  17. Thanks very much that makes very interesting reading, seems MBNA are guilty of sending out this guff supposing I dont know any better. I will just wait and see what happens next then
  18. Hello all, Back at the begining of April I got a letter form Debt Clear Recoveries and Investigations (based in Manchester) re an MBNA debt they said they had bought. After looking aroud this great site I decided to CCA them. The 12 days were up on the 4th of May and today I got a letter from MBNA "thanking me for my request and enclosing the documents requsted" however, what they have sent me is a very poor photcopy of an application form from 1998 which does not even relate to this account and a copy of their uptodate t&cs I havent heard from the dca that bought the debt s
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