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  1. Mmm. Thanks Ploddertom. Guess I will bite the bullet and phone the Council. If it was passed to the Bailiff, after 8 years I guess I might be in trouble. Do they keep the case file that long? Charges........? Perhaps I do not want to know the answer! Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi Guys, Wondering if I can find out if I have a Liability order. I left the UK 8 years ago and I am planning to return. I did have a dispute with the Council at the time of departure. As far as I understand it, the LO does not appear on the credit file. Is there another way of finding out. I really to not to get into a phone conversation again with the council after all these years. Thanks
  3. Thats really useful info Andy, and has saved me a court fee. My thanks.
  4. Thanks Andy, I have sent the N252 to SL, but have held fire on sending it to the courts. Hopefully they will see sense and will save me a fee. I was looking at a earlier thread from x20. He claimed for the work and research defending the claim. My claim is for £648. I know I maynot get this, but in truth, I do not really care. I want to put a rocket up them. I will of course settle for much less. If you think its not worth filing a claim with the courts for a strike out then I will let sleeping dogs lie and hope for the best with SL. In the end its not about the money, just want them to have the odd sleepless night.
  5. Andy/anyone is there a cost to this? Do I have to send a cheque etc to HM Courts?
  6. Guys I have filled in N252 form together with Defendants bill of costs. these will be posted today to SL Do I have to send a copy of these to the courts? Thanks,
  7. Thanks 42 man, its been unbelievable. Will have a look at your link.. Anyone else offer any advice as how/what to claim?
  8. Hi guys, I really need your help for a novice. Background is: I had a loan from Speed E Loans, The original amount borrowed was £200. I agreed to a pay the sum of £400 payable in F&F payment to clear this account. 2 days before I was due to make this payment, I received a fake N15 form from SL pretending to be sent from Birmingham County Court. This had Birmingham County Court crest of arms and the court address in Birmingham printed on the bottom. The amount claimed on this fake form was £1108.44 I contacted Birmingham County court who confirmed no such claim had been lodged. I also contacted CAB who told me to report this to the police. (Did not, wish I had) I immediately withdrew my offer due to this blatant attempt at fraud by SL to claim more than the repayment plan agreed. Fast forward……..SL issued a real claim through Northampton County Court for the above sum of £1108.44 The claim was sent to a wrong address in an effort to get judgment by default. I defended citing: Wrong address, in an effort to get judgment by default. Baldness of the claim, Fake N15 form issued Repayment plan agreed but ignored. Ignoring OTF guidelines re: fair and reasonable lending. ( 2334% APR ) (With thanks to Silly Girl) After defending, I sent my AQ to the court, together with the fake N15 form as evidence. SL did not (not surprisingly) return their AQ so the claim has been struck out. But I am angry. How can SL sent the claim to the wrong address in an effort to get judgment by default causing me great embarrassment in the process... Issue a fake N15 in an attempt to obtain monies by deception and put me through all the inconvenience and worry. I have spent a lot of time on the phone to the court checking the status of the claim, indeed I have to phone the court to get the verdict of a strike out. SL have not informed me of the discontinuance of the claim. This is in addition to the time I have spent researching CCA and similar cases. In my opinion SL had no intention of pursing this claim through to its conclusion, (I would of gladly faced them in court) and as such have issued a vexatious claim. Can anyone help me claim costs on this strike out? I do not know how to go about claiming these. The court says that as I did not issue a counter claim at the time I will have to issue a new claim for costs. Could someone guide me through the process to claim costs? What can I actually claim? Do I have to write a LBA to SL before I issue the claim? I really need to do this, as I feel I have been put through hell and back and want costs as a form of closure and justice. Thanks Guys, appreciate your help.
  9. Yeah, maybe I should just ignore from now. Sound advice
  10. Hi Guys, I had an original dispute with Virgin Media who passed the account over to BPO collections back in 2010. They refused to send me the CCA, so I put the account into dispute. Since then I have lost count of the number of DCAs chasing this account. All have backed down when I sent the account in dispute letter. Yet again this account has now been passed to another low life Advantis Credit. AC are now saying I must provide evidence that the account is in dispute with BPO and is still live. I also have numberous other letters from other DCAs chasing the above. Any idea how to proceed? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi Guys, Wonder if anyone could advise me. After losing my job I have been playing catch up with the following ultities: Water ( Severn Trent ) Electric ( N Power ) Virgin Media I have payment plans with all the above but now I wish to move from my rented flat. I do not want to leave my Landlord who has been good to me or the new tenant with any problems. Can I continue these payment plans whilst the new tenant starts afresh with the above or do the bills pass over to the landlord in my absence? I wish to pay what I owe, but cannot clear all the above debts in one payment/s. Thanks
  12. Ok Lostandalone, First things first. Being in debt is not a criminal offence, its a civil offence which means no one is going to put you in prison. Secondly you need to do a priority list. This list must be paid first,... it includes, rent, council tax, food and utlities. Anything left over? then you can spread around your creditors. I have been in your position only a lot lot worse and you need to harden up. I dont mean that in nasty way, but you need to adopt a me first attitude. Everyone it will seem wil want their money and their pound of flesh, but honestly if you havent got it, you havent got it. End of story. Tell them that as well. Put yourself, your health and family first. Few rules to remember that will give you a bit of sainity. No phone calls to any of the Payday Co or their muppet DCAs. You sound vunerable and being pressurised is that last thing you need. Everything in writing, be it a email or letter. Secondly if you can only afford to pay them a £1 a month, then thats what they will get. End of story. No judge on earth would ever make you pay more than you can afford, please remember this. Thirdly. You will because they are nasty pieces of work, they will threaten you will court, bailiffs, door to door callers. It will not happen. Payday Co rarely take people to court and a bailiff can only call if it has been to court and you have defaulted on a CCJ. Yes, of course there have been instances when it happens, but they are rare. Get your sainity back, be a little more in their faces. You can cope trust me you can. For now offer them a £1 a month, get your life back on track, and sort things out with your mum..........mums come first. If you need any help in any of the letters PM me, but stand tall, you have done nothing wrong, believe that.
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