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  1. The original debt was for a car loan. Thanks for your help sequenci
  2. Thank you PT2537 I hope someone can advise me. I made a big enough mistake burying my head in the sand and not defending this in court, I really do not want to have to pay more than i need to.
  3. I think I have put this post in the wrong place. Can someone help please.
  4. Hi All Hope someone can help. I have a charging ouder against me on my house for over £8000. I have made an arrangement to pay £10 a month until my financial circumstances improve. I have just found out that they are putting £63 interest every month on this account. Are they allowed to do this????????? At this rate the will own the house soon
  5. Rockwell Debt Collection Agency. For sending all my personal details to someone else including name, address, date of birth and bank details. If it wasnt for the person contacting me to inform me of this i would be none the wiser. Luckly she was an honest person. How many more people has this happened to.
  6. Have also sent a harressment letter to them.
  7. Sent a non compliance letter to Link today as they defaulted on the 1st July.
  8. Still getting harressing phone calls from Link. Not sure what the next step is.
  9. Black Horse who are the OC had sent me my credit agreement
  10. Hi ODC Do you know if there are any complaint letters on the site the job that would do as i am not very good at letter writing.
  11. Hi ODC I have made a complaint to the scumbags and they said sorry it won't happen again. Sorry not good enough.
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