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  1. Has anyone had any dealings with DB Mortgages???????????? Be very aware of these rip off merchants. Charged me 35.00 for a returned DD. The thing was, the money was in the account. The bank paid me back the charge, but DB refused. Great german banking, I think not!!!
  2. Hi, Nationwide have managed to get a ccj against me, and are now in the process of taking it to court again to aquire a charge on my house. I have tried to reason with them to accept payments, but to no avail. I will be going to court to fight my corner but do not know what to say. Del
  3. Have been worrying for months about things. Not knowing what to do or where to go. just found this site. fantastic. DLC, EGG, CITI, got problems with them all. Npw have two ccj's and one charge on my house, another threatening to put a charge on my house, can i do anything to stop these?
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