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  1. I will check it again when the new report generates in 14 days. I've paid my £2 for the equinox report, it's not on there. Have to wait for the experian one now. But I have checked closed accounts etc it isn't listed at all. But it was.on the last noodle report. It simply isn't there in any form anymore
  2. I am right though aren't I, there is no reason why it would drop off? Even if it gets sold to a DCA the entry should be there but satisfied? I know it was taken out in 2008 because I know what job I was in at the time!!
  3. Just logged onto Noddle at the Welcome finance Loan entry has vanished. Its been ' 6 payments late' for over 4 years and I've been paying £1 a month. Now its not there (was there last week) its also not on equifax but I think it never was on that one. What do I do?Keep paying? Obviously I will keep paying but its rather odd..... I think it was taken out August 2008 so it wouldn't have dropped off my file yet
  4. My other half has just rung me to say he (as owner of car) has received a bus lane fine for when I was driving the car. I am absolutely gobsmacked. I did drive in the bus lane for a short distance and I know there is a camera at the end of it...but....there was a highways agency (or Leeds City Council truck) in the process of blocking my side of the road off. Last time they did this lower down the road we had to drive in the bus lane. It was blocked off for a considerable distance and it is unsafe to drive on the other side of the road as there are a set of traffic lights shortly aft
  5. I've been paying my Capital One card off (defaulted but is back with CO now) for ages at a really slow rate. I'm going to offer a settlement. But I think I should claim my late charges back as I know I will have had a lot and even if that wipes a £100 off or less then thats good isn't it! So what do I need to do....ask for a statement? How do I go about this. Do I literally just ask for a statement of interest and charges
  6. Er I thought I posted it in the correct place?!
  7. I've finally recieved a personal loan statement from welcome finance after months of chasing (defaulted a while back, trying to resolve debts etc etc). Its with "Empingham" although I have a funny feeling thats Welcome Finances own dca. Welcome also say I need a doctors letter as proof of mental illness and also I've got my pregnancy matb1 to send (photocopy obvs). I have been cheeky and asked for the debt to be wiped....BUT if not then : I'd like to get the amount as small as possible so was told that I would want to ask for charges and interest to be refunded. I don't understand the jar
  8. I think the reference number from the email replies from vodafone are (edited) the account number was (edited)
  9. I'll send you an email in a bit, however it was COMPLETELY my fault that the default was registered, I had a mental breakdown basically a couple of months after taking out the contract. I have had a letter from Moorcroft saying that they have sent the debt back to Vodafone, I've then had a letter from Vodafone saying they don't have possession ofthe debt, that it is with Moorcroft. And when I've emailed via the vodafone website they want me to phone collections to find out but as I've replied to the emails, I don't actually have access to a landline. So its a case of me wanting to know wh
  10. I have tried messaging you back but it won't let me SO I'll just write it here. Sorry about delay, I've been moving house with no internet but now back at my parents where I can sit on the sofa and enjoy doing nothing...till the baby comes that is. I sent the IE sheet that was true for that particular month, obviously its changed now I've moved house as I am not sharing so all the costs are burdened by me and then in 2 weeks hopefully there will be a baby so it will change again! I wrote a letter when I sent back the form explaining this, national debtline thinks they mig
  11. I've budgeted £60 for baby costs as initiall I will breastfeed for as long as possible and try to build up some frozen supplies and I also have bambino mio nappies in a variety of sizes given to me so that SHOULD mean I am not spending on nappies. So if I only manage for two months well I will have put aside howevermuch of that £60 and not spent it. I've got clothes till 6 months, mums friend has had lots of baby boys so we think we can clothe him till he is a year old! If not I refuse to spend money on new baby clothes, second hand is just as good, all they do is poo and wee and sick on them
  12. No its more of the fact that I was under the impression it looks better for them to be settled on my credit file. I'm not too bothered if not, I am happy to just pay the CCJ off and then look at the defaults but I just thought it would be nice to have less people chasing me. I mean they will still chase me after the 6 years is up and the defaults aren't on my file won't they? I have never paid PPI on anything, and the charges on the welcome finance and interest has been added on. I know my credit file says the balance is 3805 but the dca wrote saying it was 2166 or something similar. I ha
  13. Ok right..so I can plan this all..... DO I... 1) Pay off CCJ by June 2012. (Even though I won't be moving till June 2013) which means I can save £50 per month but hardly pay any defaults off (ie pay min payments) 2) Take longer to pay off CCJ but have it paid off by May 2013 (ie before graduation) allowing me to settle 14 of 18 defaults AND save £100 per month
  14. its because i will be a single parent, so my income is around 1600 per month from sep and my bills arent too high. I'm probably going to plough £250 into my debts and save £50 per month and then once the CCJ is paid off I'll have a few months to save as much as possible for when I graduate. Having thought about it, I graduate in 2013 so whilst i could try to pay the CCJ off by next year, I could just try to have it settledby feb 2012 which would enable me to also settle some of the defaults and save a little bit more. I kinda need to do everthing in order to prepare for the end of university!
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