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  1. I bought an HP Pavilion P6 desktop from Comet just before Xmas. About a month ago it would no longer switch on, it just beeped a few times. After spending a while on the phone with HP it went to them for repair and they had to replace the processor. This took approx 2 weeks. When it came back from them the DVI (digital) output from the PC to the monitor no longer worked, only the VGA connection worked. The DVI was working fine before it went to HP. The monitor and DVI cable work fine with other PC's. I have been back on the phone with HP and they have confirmed it needs repair again and I
  2. That might explain why their phones are no longer working- apparently they are "Temporarily out of order". Oh dear.
  3. I had 2 claims progressing with Emmetts. Once Richard Craven left nothing happened (not much had happened before then!), and now they have passed my cases on to James & Beckett solicitors. I have another 2 claims that have been stuck with RM for about 6 months now with nothing happening - they no longer answer the phone or return any messages. I am not sure what to do now. How should I pursue RM for a refund? Is a complaint to MoJ the best avenue? If so, does anyone have contact details for someone there? thanks
  4. Hi, Yes newbie here! I want to kick off the process for unenforceable credit agreements against 2 credit card companies. I have been going through this site for a couple of hours (what a brilliant site!), but have to admit to now feeling a bit overwhelmed. If someone can let me know the best way to approach this, the basic do's and dont's and where I can find letter templates I will be very grateful. I can't seem to find quite what I want in one place and it is getting confusing. Sorry and thanks.
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