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  1. Hi all. My apologies for not posting for so long. I think my views have been made clear as to why, but other circumstances have also affected my decision. My time is now also extremely limited (up at 5 am, back home at 8 pm) so I hardly have time to do anything at all! I am now employed (at last!) in a job that I've always wanted. Because of that, it is not really possible for me to post on here due to conflicts of interest. All I can say is that the advice I have given in the past, specifically about reporting matters to Consumer Direct or your local Trading Standards office are as important as ever - even if it is just for information. It's amazing how each little complaint contributes to the bigger picture and the general overall wellbeing of consumers. I know there is criticism of that, but trust me - it helps. Equally important to everyone is "forewarned is forearmed". Before buying anything, do your research. What do you want from an item? Size? Colour? Price to pay? Is what you are told in writing? If not, how are you going to prove something? Believe me, I am seeing things on both sides now. I'd love to be able to continue posting, but I simply cannot. I'd just like to wish this site the best wishes. I has helped me and others no end. My special thanks to a few people - you all know who you are I hope, but in particular a certain Bookworm from France. Merci, mon ami - Je suis votre débiteur. Goodbye and God bless. Gyz
  2. Went to the town hall this morning to sort out the mess with council tax. On the way there, the us driver gives me a day ticket with the wrong date on. He didn't unerstand why I was not happy with him simply crossing the date off and writing on today's date. I had to hang around for half an hour whilst another bus of the same company came along so I could get a properly dated ticket. Go to the town hall to hand in the requested forms, only to be told a court summons has already been issued. At this point I started getting stabbing pains in my chest and a tingling in my arm. I have been told that action has been put on hold, but it's only verbal and after all the cockups made, I don't trust them. Anyway, off to Tesco for a bit of much needed shopping only to find: a. No discounts applied, thereby nearly doubling my food bill a. Tried to charge me twice on the card. After half an hour of arguing I then get pulled over by the security staff, whom I soon told where he could stick his search of my bags.] Then off to the HA to get a form for a joint tenancy so I can actually start claiming some housing benefit (which i was wrongly told beforehand I cannot do). The only form they had was to take over a tenancy, but they said it was the same info so it would be OK if I just pointed it out that it was a joint tenancy. But Noooo, handed it in and I got told that they can't process the application because, surprise, it's the wrong form. They have to post me the form (instead of just handing it to me). My argument that I wanted to pick it up in person because the last two requests for the form to be posted seem to have been ignored did not work. So I have spent a whole morning doing nothing but getting stressed - something my doctor has told me I must avoid at all costs for the sake of my health. Just what is it with organisations? Why cant they get the most simple things correct? Or have I just got a sign on my back inviting people to mess me up? Answers on a postcard please.
  3. More incompetence from my HA and council. My flatmate' claim for 2nd person discount was initially rejected because one box was accidentally ticked, even though the rest of the information shows it was a mistake. So we had to fill in another form, along with supplying loads of documents. The info was taken into the HA's office as suggested, but did not seem to reach the council by the deadline, as I got a letter stating as much and that the whole process would have to be started again. After spending an hour on the phone, the forms were located and accepted as being handed in on time (2 weeks early in fact). Now they have wrote again to say that they need proof of ID before they can consider the claim:-x:-x On top of all of that, because I keep receiving council tax bills for different amounts, I have no idea what should be paid, and have now received a final demand for nearly £200. Don't have the money to pay that, but if they got the 2nd discount sorted out then the backdated part of it would probably cover the amount outstanding (it's backdated because we claimed initially for the "wrong" discount - there are apparently three different discounts for the same amount where the effect is the same). The sheer incompetence is staggering.
  4. Makes me wonder why then he allowed it to go to court rather than settle. Another example of corporations making life difficult for the sake of it. Glad it's sorted though.
  5. ? They are different classes of insurance. They may be added together in the same policy book purely for ease, but there is no good reason I can think of why a buildings claim should affect contents insurance.
  6. That's the theory. One of the worst bullies I know is actually the union rep for a local sorting office. And then there is this little man who does tiny, little inconsequential things which by themselves amount to nothing, but together make me want to go round there and give him a good kicking. A manager at a previous job I had was a very effective bully. It's quite easy to make someone's life hell without actually doing anything wrong that can be adequately demonstrated.
  7. Just want to emphasise that point again.
  8. Consumer Direct Make sure you mention that you have spoken to the manager several times. Quite possibly they may state to put it in writing as well
  9. Contents insurance is separate from buildings insurance so one should not affect the other. A "combined" policy of buildings and contents is simply a marketing method of discount, nothing more. You could ask a builder for an estimate - it will obviously cost, but you need to make sure you are properly insured and it will, if nothing else, give peace of mind. Make sure you use a reputable firm
  10. They're not so beautiful if they bite you and give you TB. Just remember that they are not pets but wild animals and see you as the same. For right or wrong, they have set up territory in your garden an dyou need to consider that. If your kids are playing outside and a badger feels threatened, it's not going to think how cute your kids are - it will either run away or attack.
  11. If it costs a lot to rebuild, it can do. At least you have differentiated the rebuild and market value - something many are unable to grasp. If you take my property for example, it's market value is somewhere about the price of a second hand dog kennel. To rebuild it would probably be a lot more than what it's actually worth If you want to be absolutely sure, you could get your own assessor in. If you are underinsured then any payment in the event of a claim is reduced accordingly, which can be very costly.
  12. Call Consumer Direct to report it. And before a certain someone comes along and starts off about it being a waste of time, Comet are under a scheme whereby TS will tell them what to do and Comet have agreed to do it.
  13. And you can put cinnamon in it, vanilla essence and strawberries... oh gawd! Where's the fridge?
  14. Just asked my flatmate whether he wanted a brew. He said "oh that reminds me, I need to check my bank account to see if that payment's gone through". Dunno if he's bought shares in the East India Tea Company or not.
  15. I'm soooooo hungry right now! There is a website where you can type in what food you have in, and it comes up with recipe suggestions based on what you have typed in. 2 problems though: 1. The recipies usually require things that you don't have (usually spices) 2. I can't remember the web address So a pretty pointless post really!
  16. Bookie, trying getting a girlfriend for him. My brother is a lay bone-idle dolt, but his latest girlfriend nags him to death and has him right under her thumb. My mum thinks the world of her!
  17. Following this little row that has brewed up in the US about chaning to a social healthcare system, I've heard a few disparaging things said against the NHS and our healthcare system in general. 1. The healthcare system works fine - it's the government that screws it up by treating it like a private profit making corporation 2. Most of your healthcare providers have been prosecuted or investigated for fraud and other dodgy dealings. 3. Pearly white teeth, though pretty, are unhealthy. Teeth are supposed to be a bit off white. Even your own dentists tell you that. 4. Donald Rumsfeld, I think, said that he would have a better chance of survival with cancer in America compared to the UK. He obviously forgot to mention that it's only if you can afford it in the US. At least everyone in the UK can get some treatment. 5. If you spent less time in wars, weapons development and space exploration, you'd probably find that you have enough money to pay for social healthcare. 6. Maccy Ds. Stop it.
  18. Hmmm. Called GM Police yesterday and spoke to their CRB dept (who didn't sound happy about me being transferred to them). They said that they have not received any info for a check. The local police records stage has been on for about 10 days now and I've only listed my Manchester address since that is the only address I have had in the past several years. The CRB said they "can't" (wont? don't know?) tell me which police force(s) are dealing with this :confused:
  19. The best thing is to keep a diary of events, obtain witnesses if possible and call RMs anti bullying hotline. My flatmate is getting messes about at work. Personally, I'd rather he gave a few personal details away, watch the bullying increase and then he could sue the a*** of RM. But it wont happen.
  20. Omlette: I know this ounds daft but my dad makes the best oes I've ever tasted. Grate a little bit of cheese Chopped mushroom slice or two of onion chopped couple of slices of ham (chopped) or bacon (grilled and chopped) Any combination of the above or anything else you fancy break two eggs in a mixing jug, whisk until it's all yellow and add a little milk until the yellow starts getting more pale. In a frying pan, heat a small bit of oil for a couple of minutes on medium heat and pour in the egg/milk mix (all in one go). Then sprinkle the other ingredients in all over. Add a little pepper is desired. After 30 seconds, use a spatula and go round the whole rim of the omlette to separate it from the pan. After 3 or 4 minutes, slightly lift some of the omlette to see if it is a golden colour. The top of the omlette should not be liquidy, but a bit rubbery and firm enough for it to be flipped over. Flip over and cook the other side for 3 - 4 minutes or until the bottom side is light brown. About a minute before finishing, turn on your grill to a medium to low heat. Remove omlette from frying pan onto a tray and place under grill for no longer than 2 minutes. Serve folded in half with salad. Another easy recipe is to get some skinless chicken breast and thinly slice. Flash heat in a frying pan, squirting some lemon over it. Once cooked (should take 3 - 4 minutes) serve over a salad - try adding lemon, mango or apple along with Greek Yoghurt.
  21. Just to comment, the staff member will probably not be privvy to underwriting information, even though knowing such information or having access to it would probably increase ability to provide customer service. Even so, checking the infomation out would probably mean taking time, making phone calls etc and would probably result in missing targets. The link below gives a fairly basic and rough idea as to how postcodes work with insurers, though I would not vouch for the accuracy of the actual information. Car Insurance Explained - Car Insurance Postcode Groups - Postcode as rated by Car Insurers
  22. I was thinking of the neighbours and their children. Mind you, I'd probably have to pay someone to take them...
  23. I'd love them to complain. At least then the HA will know why I feel that way and that I'm not complaining unreasonably. I played my recordings to the investigator earlier this morning (as you do) and he couldn't believe the noise from downstairs. He confirmed that laminate flooring is probably responsible (something which the HA seems to be ignoring even though it is in the tenancy that it is not allowed) as well as steel plating in the walls. Most modern houses have aluminium because it is cheaper, but it also does not carry sound the way steel does. He also said that egg cartons are very effective (and cheap) as noise insulation which is something I might consider for the adjoining wall to next door (dunno how to do it - glue them on then cover with board?) but cant see it working for floors. And I'm not that keen on eggs.....
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