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  1. well I have received all my statements from them now, and looking back I realised that they were taking charges from me when I was on state benefits from 1995-2002, including income support and family allowance, that was my only income at that time.I now know that they are not allowed to do this but I am stuck as I don't know how to approach this matter in my preliminary approach letter or what points of law deal with this.HELP!!!
  2. I did ask for six years worth of statements, from the time I closed the account which was september 2003, which means I should have had statements from 1997 to 2003, but I am not sure if I can claim the charges back to that time, as I know that you can claim six years from now but does that mean you can claim six years from when the account was closed.
  3. Finally received my statements from Halifax this week, but only three years worth.I closed this account in July 2003 so can I claim back six years from the date the account closed, bit confused on this one.
  4. Well had to write another letter to Halifax about my statements and receieved another bad excuse letter about them being snowed under etc etc etc, so have written to them threatening to get a court order to get my information but have heard zilch from them, so what do I do now. I first wrote to them on 30th April so they have had ample time to send me the statements.
  5. Hi all back again after a long abscence.Have waited the full 40 days for all my statements to be sent and guess what, not a dickybird, well thats not strictly true did get a letter fromthe halifax saying that it is taking a wee bit longer to get the information I requested out to me, but they did state that I would have it before the 40 day deadline.So I have now sent another letter threatening them with the information commisioner but I just wanted to know if anyone else was having the same trouble?
  6. Well Natwest should have got my refusal today, so am just waiting to see what happens next.Have also sent my sar to the halifax even though I stopped banking with them in 2003.
  7. Thanks both of you, printed off my letter refusing the offer and sent it first class this morning.Any idea what might happen next?
  8. Hi again, got the post this morning and guess what? there was an offer 'as a gesture of goodwill and without admission of liability or error' a payment of £687.00. Now this is only what they owe me in charges, not the interest or the £80.00 fee for mcol and I don't want to accept this offer. So what do I do now, I know some people have replied and accepted these first offers as part payment but it says that, 'To accept this offer in FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT, so I really don't know how to reply. I am not being greedy but I had to pay that £80 that I couldn't really afford, just because they wouldn't reply to my first 2 requests, HELP!!!
  9. In February this year I changed my supplier from British Gas to powergen for both my fuels.I received my closing statement and it states that I was owed a refund for quite a bit of money.I phoned BG and asked for it back and they told me a cheque would be issued automatically within 28 days.So 28 days go by and still nothing so I phoned once again and was told there was no problem although a lot of people had looked into the account because it was such a high amount, and that the cheque would be with me in about 7 days.So I waited 7 days and nothing! I phoned again and this time was put through to the pre payment department who told me that my meter reading was incorrect, but I'd read it myself and told her that it wasn't, and she then told me that apart from one last June that I hadn't had a meter reading for 3 years!! So I told her that I must have been letting con men into my house to take meter readings and nothing else?Anyway she told me that they would have to start at the beginning of my contract with them to work ou all my readings,Why she couldn't take it from the June one last year I don't know,anyway she said it could take up to 60 days for this to happen.Not happy with that I phoned the customer relations department, who are now looking into it, so I should hear something this week.But I want to know is can I take this further with anyone coz they are certainly dragging their heels, and if this is money they do owe money they are with-holding it from me.And to top it all got my final gas bill this week and I owe them £1.74!!!!!!!!!! Gonna wait for the red bill and tell them to take it off what they owe me.
  10. great thanks for that Michael.
  11. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how to find out my account number and other information from my old halifax account that has been closed since 2003.
  12. No I used this one 1. Between [insert date of first charge eg 15/3/04] and [insert date of last charge eg 9/2/06] the Defendant debited numerous charges from the Claimant’s [This means you because you are the person claiming the money] account. 2. The charges are an unfair penalty under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, because they are a disproportionately high sum in compensation compared to the cost of the purported breach. 3. Under the law of penalties, the charges are an unlawful ‘extravagant’ penalty. 4. Under the County Courts Act, the claimant is entitled to interest of 8% per annum from the date they were deprived of the money. This totals [insert amount of interest as calculated with the bank charges calculator], accruing at the daily rate of 0.021% until judgment or payment. 5. The Claimant asks the court to enter judgment in their favour for [insert total charges] plus interest, totaling [insert total charges plus interest]. Do you think it sounds ok or have I cocked up big time.I used this from the money saving expert site, that its where I heard about you guys.
  13. I am a bit worried that because I used mcol, that my poc is a bit short.Does anyone think this will be a problem and is there anything I can do to rectify it.
  14. Thanks Michael,I've read that much on this site in the last few days that I forget where I saw info that might be useful.
  15. Just received in the post this morning Notice of acknowledgement.Not really surprised that nasty west are putting up a fight, just thought it was a bit quick, the date of service wasn't until today and the noa was signed on the 19th.Is this a good thing or a bad thing?Its a bit of a pain coz have to wait until 19th May now to see if they put in a defence.can anyone give me any ideas about what will happen next?
  16. Anyone there???????????????????
  17. Hi everyone, just need to pick your brains.Have just printed out a schedule of penalty charges to send to the court manager at money claim and I just want to know if there is anything else I need to send at this time.Thanks
  18. Woop woop, I didn't make a mistake in my charges, I've sorted it all out now so feeling a bit more confident.
  19. Got home from work today and the notice of issue was waiting for me,so it will deemed to be served on 21st and then natwest has until 5th may to reply,so I'm on my way!!!!
  20. Yes that what I have done, been doing a lot of reading on this site and feel a lot more confident about what I am doing now.Had a bit of a blip though, added up the figures again yesterday and they come to slightly less than I have claimed for.Don't know how this has happened because I went over the figures lots of times before I filed the claim.Will this now affect my claim? I feel like I have made a major boo boo, but I can't honestly see where I went wrong.The bank will probably realise now that I don't know what I am talking about (even though I am educating myself everyday with the aid of this site), does anyone have any advice/
  21. Hi everyone,I am a newbie in this forum and just thought I'd introduce myself.At the moment I have just completed my moneyclaim form online and started it on monday.I am so glad that I found this site as I am a complete novice at this and will probably need all the help I can get. To be quite honest I am quite scared at the prospect of maybe having to go to court, but I know that I am doing the right thing as the bank has been taking money off me for years, money that I couldn't afford to lose at that time.They have had ample enough time to reply to the letters that I have sent to them but they chose to remain silent, probably in the hope that I would just go away but I don't see why I should. I just want to know what I have to do now and what do I need to gather as a defence just in case I do have to go to court,and given the year I have had so far I will probably be the exception to the rule. Any help at all would be much appreciated and also is there anyone out there who has had to go to court. I have asked for £820.33 back from them, £58.11 of this is the interest that I worked out on The Martin Lewis site using his calculator. Is there anything else that I need to do at this time or is it just a waiting game now. Many thanks:confused: :confused: :confused:
  22. Just wanted to say hi to everyone in the forum, and let you know that I am a newbie here.On friday I filled out my money claim form against Natwest,after sending them 2 letters asking for my money back and receiving no reply.I am rather excited but quite scared, as I have never done anything like this before but am determined to stand my ground.Is there anyone out there who has had to go all the way to court with Natwest, or do they really settle at the 11th hour. I am a bit daunted by the legal jargon that I know I am going to come across so I hope you all wouldn't mind helping me along when I need it. Mant thanks.:o
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